Outside Lilith Parker’s window, the sun was rising. The air was filled with the joyous songs of birds greeting the new day and the early morning light glinted off the dew that still lay on the grass. Everything was very pretty and nice for those who had the freedom to enjoy it.

evil clock

But such beauty is not for those who are enslaved to the alarm clock.


Lilith waking up

“Man, that dream was just getting good. I never knew you could take out bad guys with a forest green milkshake.”

Lilith stretched and pushed back the covers, trying to remember what day it was. Wednesday? Wasn’t there something special about Wednesday?

getting out of bed

“Oh man! Today’s the big meeting at work! Please don’t let me get fired. Please don’t let me get fired.”

walking slowly down the hall, faster than a cannonball

She stumbled down the hall, wiping the remnants of sleep from her eyes. Something smelled good. Really good.

Jason with waffles

“Good morning, sleepyhead.”

Lilith looking all pretty

“Oh wow, you made breakfast?”

Jason was so sweet and thoughtful and kind. Lilith often wondered why she couldn’t care for him as much as he obviously did for her.

cool shot

“So are you going back to your place tonight?”, she asked him, not sure what answer she wanted.

“I don’t know. Probably. Work is pretty busy right now -you know they want me to go through people’s trash and write reports on what I find? I’m not too sure about that. It sounds sort of fascist. But hey, I’ve gotta pay the bills somehow. Don’t you have a big important meeting at work today?”

eating waffles and stufff, yay

“Yeah, Shannon said she wanted to talk to me. Didn’t really say more than that.”

“Are you okay? You seem kind of worried. I don’t think it’d be anything bad – you do a good job.”

“Yeah, we’ll see.”

Jason getting up

Jason couldn’t figure Lilith out. She seemed so distant these days. He knew that her job was stressful and took up a lot of her time, but hell – she could at least act happy to be with him. Maybe what they needed was a vacation. A nice weekend in Twikkii Island. He’d start looking at hotels and airfares tonight.

looking off into the distance

“You know, maybe I should redecorate. Put in some bright colors, get some new furniture. Hey, maybe Shannon wants to give me a huge raise.”


Jason just couldn’t shake the feeling that Lilith was just phoning it in. Maybe she was depressed? Maybe she didn’t like him anymore?

soap bubble - how deep and profound

Lilith washed her plate, starting to feel a bit anxious. What time was it? She definitely didn’t want to be late for work, not today of all days.

A single soap bubble floated above the sink. She zoned out for a bit, lost in its prism of colors. It must be nice to be a soap bubble – no cares, no worries, no jobs, no boyfriends. Just a few fleeting moments of perfect beauty, and then gone.

one more dish washing pic

She snapped back into awareness, turning off the faucet and shaking excess water from her hands.

“Focus! You don’t really want to get fired today, do you?”

Jason all concerned

“Hey Lil, are you okay? You just seem sort of far away. Is it the meeting? Like I said, you do a good job. I really don’t think Shannon would fire you.”

Kissy Face

Lilith put her arms around Jason. He really was a good guy. He deserved so much better than someone who couldn’t seem to feel anything real.

“I’m sorry, I guess I am worried. Hey, I’ll call you after work and maybe we can go out tonight.”

She started to lean in for a kiss, and then suddenly she just couldn’t stomach it.

Kissyface Denied!

“I’ve got to go finish getting ready now. But yeah, I’ll call you tonight, ‘k?”

Jason is sort of clueless

“All right.”

Seriously, what was up with her? Maybe it was just jitters about work. Or maybe he needed to rummage through her garbage.

Jason mentally shook his head. That was fascist and wrong, and he was a bad person for having thought it.

last Jason pic

He watched her walk off to the bathroom and hoped that things would turn around when he surprised her with the Twikkii Island trip.

Lilith mirror

Thirty minutes later, Lilith looked at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. She had to admit the hat was cute. How could anyone fire a person wearing a really cute hat?

She heard the honk of the car pool and turned to go.

Run, Lilith, run!

The driver honked again, really leaning on the horn this time.

“God, I’m coming. Just give me a second!”

Lilith gets to work

She breathed deeply as she opened the door to the Doo Peas building. It was going to be okay. It was probably something little. She was being very silly. There was no need for her heart to be racing like it was going for the Triple Crown.

Neat hallway, huh?

But her heart didn’t listen and kept racing as she neared Shannon’s office door. After all, what if it wasn’t something little? What if she was going to be fired? What if she lost her house and had to live in the park and Jason decided he didn’t like smelly dirty girls and left her and what if she had to join a gang to survive and ended up a crack addict and in jail?

gah, no door opening animation

“It’s going to be okay, it’s going to be okay, it’s going to be okay.” she repeated to herself. Would Jason maybe still like her if she joined a gang? Maybe he was into the tough badass type?

yay office set!

She opened the door and the dreaded future became the present.

first Shannon pic

“Good morning, Lilith. Please have a seat and I”ll be with you in a moment.”

Lilith go all sit

Lilith sat and tried her best to calm her nerves. She’d figure something out if she got fired. Maybe she’d end up the boss of the gang? She was smart and strong. She could handle anything. She’d be all right.

Shannon up close, omg!

“Sorry for the wait. I had to finish editing an article about recent local gang activity. Can you believe it? They’re pushing drugs to kids in the park now.”

last picture of update, for srs

“I’m glad you could make it. Now let’s have a talk.”

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33 Responses to Morning

  1. Hrootbeer says:

    Whoa! I love the cinematic quality of this story. I am in awe of your storytelling ability. I can’t wait to read the rest.


  2. Quinton says:

    this is so amazing! keep us updated!


  3. kansine says:

    I’m speechless! You should write a novel or direct a movie :O Your text is pure poetry…


  4. Samantha says:

    Normally I really hate when people write a story using the sims and then have speech in their story…I mean who knows what they’re saying really? and that goes for the stories that are just using the sims for the pics too but the speech in this story doesn’t bother me, that alone deserves kudos…not to mention the unbelievable photography and the fact that every sentence leaves me wanting more.


  5. Alex says:

    This is so getting bookmarked as soon as this comment has been pulished


  6. Great first chapter! I love her thought process. The idea of joining gangs and wondering if Jason would still like her is just too perfect. Especially since she’s unsure of her own feelings towards him. I like it so far! Now I’m off to read more! πŸ™‚


  7. iamberry2 says:

    Wow I am loving this~


  8. kama674 says:

    Wow! This is awsome! I’m going off to read the rest:)


  9. Anonymous says:

    I’m really enjoying your story format. I haven’t read many that narrate the story like this so it is a refreshing change.

    I feel so bad for Jason right now.


    • medleymisty says:

      Awww, thank you. I did switch between viewpoints in the same update there, but later on changes in POV get a whole update to themselves which I think works better.

      And poor Jason – he never does get a break.


  10. Angela says:

    How did you get the pictures of your sim inside her work? It won’t let me inside my work! But other than that… your storie is beautiful and keeps me coming back for more!


  11. Angela says:

    Wow really?! It looks fantastic! It really does look like she went into her work office. You are so very talented. If you don’t mind me asking… I just created a legacy blog and I was wondering how you made the story index? I want people to be able to find all the chapters in one spot, but I don’t know how to create that page.


    • medleymisty says:

      It’s a page as opposed to a post – there’s a page tab over on the side of the control panel. I do everything in the HTML tab. So I just click the link button in the list of buttons across the top of the post area and put in the link to the chapter. Then I type in the name of the chapter and close the link tag. And I can’t type in the way to close the link tag in a way to make it appear in this comment, apparently. But if you’re at all familiar with html tags you should figure it out.


  12. FortA says:

    Loved this chapter, btw. Though I commented earlier, but I guess I forgot. I especially loved the hat thing – it made me laugh πŸ˜€



    • medleymisty says:

      πŸ™‚ Yeah, in the beginning I was thinking that Valley was going to be a legacy and so I went more for laughs and things. Which ends up working out – it provides a nice contrast to the later events in the story.


  13. jenssims says:

    I think you’re the only one whose writing reminds me so much of my own. I had de ja vu reading this ’cause usually Sims 3 stories don’t have actual ‘dialogue’ in them, but mine always has, and I see that yours does as well. πŸ˜€


    • medleymisty says:

      You’ve got a PM waiting on Boolprop – well, okay, so you can just click on the link in the sidebar too, but hey. You can come hang out with us at Valley Sun Sims if you want – you’ll find quite a few more Sims stories with actual dialogue. πŸ™‚

      And yeah – I think we have similar tastes. I use Shakespeare references too. πŸ™‚ And I quite like violence and horror and dark subject matter.


  14. barbie says:

    excuse me where di you buy your graphics card and which type is it?


  15. Emily says:

    Hey, Hrootbeer and Kama674, I just noticed you guys were readers of the Shenston Legacy too! I was a big fan of that legacy as well.
    Anyway, this legacy is awesome and very well written! I will keep reading for sure!


    • medleymisty says:

      Thanks! And yeah – Hrootbeer and Kama were good friends. πŸ™‚ I hope you like the rest of Valley – although it sort of changed its mind later on and decided it didn’t want to be a legacy.


  16. Queenio says:

    could read this all day


  17. Katrea says:

    Oh the dreaded relationship tension. Does he/she still like me? Do I still like him/her?
    Lilith’s thought process is mind-boggling. I wonder if it’s similar to your own? πŸ˜›
    Poor Jason, let’s hope he doesn’t go digging around in Lilith’s trash lol.


    • medleymisty says:

      Oh wow – I just reread these early chapters as you were reading them so I’m laughing at the excellent foresight there with Jason going through Lilith’s trash.

      Hmm, good question. Lilith does have a few similarities to me, but I don’t know.

      Oh, the tension has not even started yet. πŸ˜‰


  18. lilac16 says:

    Once again, Fantabulous! I even made up a word for you and your beautiful writing. I love it! ❀ Can't wait to see what happens next! πŸ™‚


  19. Ooo… you did not disappoint! I mean, I knew you wouldn’t. I love your writing.

    This was such a great introductory chapter. I felt like I really got to know Lilith. That first picture of the waterfall was beautiful. I love that lot in Sunset Valley. I put a coffee shop there in Kass’s story. The dream line about the milkshake and defeating bad guys made me laugh. The soap bubble moment was really cool too. I like how you took an ordinary object (if you can call an ephemeral bubble an object) and made a story moment out of it.

    So is Jason a PI or a cop? I wasn’t sure. I figured you might tell us later. Going through people’s trash does seem a pretty lowdown thing to do. Rebel, Jason! Rebel against the system!

    Their relationship feels very real boyfriend-girlfriend-hit-a-dry-spell. I feel like they’re hiding how they truly feel – she’s talking about decorating and he’s thinking about vacations. I don’t know. He seems sweet to her. I wonder what will happen between the two of them. I’m one to talk though. I have a relationship like this in my own story.

    I laughed a little bit when Lilith overreacted on her way into the office because I would so do that too – worst case scenarios regularly pop into my head and I have to tell myself to chill.

    Great chapter!


    • medleymisty says:

      Yay! πŸ™‚ I’m glad you liked it. πŸ™‚

      I feel pretty embarrassed by Valley now, so it helps to know that people still enjoy it.

      Oh wow, I didn’t even remember that pic! How fitting, for the waterfall to start the story. πŸ™‚ Man though, the pictures look so small now on this bigger monitor.

      LOl, that’s where the coffee shop is? I’ve been reading your story tonight, so I know what you’re talking about now. πŸ™‚ Well – it’s where Seth and Sarah lived in my game.

      I had a dream like that a while before writing this, so that’s where that came from. The soap bubble – well, I called back to it as a sort of joke in the first chapter of Surreal Darkness, in the bit with the fountain that the darkness wanted to pour zombies into.

      Jason’s a cop.

      *sits on her fingers about what happens between Jason and Lilith*

      Lilith has the neurotic trait, and I gave her a bit of my own anxieties.

      Yay! I hope you continue to enjoy Valley. I very much enjoyed writing it, for all that I’m a bit ashamed of it now.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sheesh! I tried to like this post 3 times before it finally worked.

        I really like your writing style. This has a very different feel than Surreal Darkness but I like it just the same.

        Yes, Jade’s Java Jolt is up at the waterfall lot. I wondered when Seth/Sarah would make an appearance. I remember you mentioning they live on the waterfall lot. It’s a beautiful location.

        I remember the bubble scene in Surreal Darkness. Now it makes sense.

        I thought Jason might be a cop since Lilith is the PI, right?

        I’ll read more and find out.

        I totally relate to Lilith’s anxieties.

        You have nothing to be ashamed of – I really like Valley. I’ll definitely keep reading.


        • medleymisty says:

          Aww, thanks! And yeah, it is about actual Sims and not telepathic agender beings, so it does feel different. πŸ™‚

          Seth and Sarah are coming. πŸ˜‰ I think the first mention of Seth is in the next chapter, IIRC?

          Oh, Lilith is a journalist. I wrote this when Sims 3 was new, so well before Ambitions. PI wasn’t a choice yet.

          Awww, thanks! πŸ™‚ I hope you like it all the way through.

          Liked by 1 person

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