so I'm spending a bit more time on the pictures now

The sun was rising over the mountains and Sunset Valley was waking up. Coffee makers were dripping, car engines were starting, toast was being burnt, and the hot air balloon man was already up and making his rounds.

I am getting rather upset

Of course, not everyone was awake yet.

John is at work today and the kitten keeps getting into the computer wires unless I constantly entertain her

Lilith’s eyelids twitched and she muttered a few low soft words.

Fire. Death. Alone.


I finally had to get the water bottle and sprayed her with it once.  I feel awful now.

The waterfall.

I went and cuddled her and told her I was sorry and that I loved her.

For once she couldn’t hear its roar. She couldn’t hear anything. The silence and stillness were absolute. Only the waterfall moved, slow and sluggish under the hot sun.

Don't worry, we'll get an explanation about Bella

The sun was indeed hot. And bright. She could feel the beginnings of a headache.

She knew where she could find shade, didn’t she? She was coming to know this bit of land like she knew the house she’d grown up in. But she would not turn around. No, she’d rather bake to death here by the silent and slow waterfall than turn around.

It's just going to have to wait until the next update

She stared at the waterfall and began to lose all sense of herself as a separate being.

bet you can't guess what the cliffhanger is this time

The silence was broken by a voice. A voice that sounded like a tomb creaking open.

this is a sister chapter to Nightmare, of sorts

“Hello, Lilith.”

so yeah, it's going to end in a similar manner

“Do you want to play with us?”

Us? What did she mean by “us”?

I think it's worth the time to edit the pictures

She really did not want to turn around now.

so I'm posting this on MTS2 now too

“Please come play with us. It’ll be so much fun!”

Hmm. This is turning out slightly different than I pictured it.  Which is good.

“I don’t think she wants to play with us, Bella. She’s mean and she hates us.”

because it seemed like pretty much every other surreal dream/vision ever when I first imagined it


Lilith turned around.

with the whole hot, bright, silent, weird people saying odd things thing

“Won’t you play with us? Please please please.”

The girl before her was not her Bella, her crumbling angel upon a broken pedestal. This girl’s voice was thin and high with a rattle. When she spoke again Lilith was reminded of the dead tree outside of the Goth house.

“Oh, but you must play with us. It’s ever so much fun.”

but then that is still sort of what this is

Lilith couldn’t stand to look at this Bella, with her dead tree voice and her empty eyes. So she looked at the house instead. The silent still house. It did not call to her now. It kept its own counsel, hiding its tragedy and sorrow deep within itself.

She willed herself to speak. She did not want to hear the tree scrape its branches against the window again.

“So what are we playing?”

oh well


so I wonder how people will think this compares to Nightmare


I do believe I am totally enamored of Seth.


hmm, maybe the pictures should go in the other order?


yeah, I think they work best in that order


the ending is similar to Nightmare, but that's cool

“Lilith. What did you do to my mother?!”

because it is sort of a theme, I think

Seth’s laughter was still ringing in her ears and the not-Bella’s voice was still scraping its branches against her. As Cassandra’s words filtered through and arranged themselves in some semblance of order in her mind, she only had one thought.

Not again.

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59 Responses to Daydream

  1. stalledinaction says:

    Oh wow. It just keeps getting better. This was one of my favorite chapters. 🙂


  2. missplumbbob says:

    Oooh! Shivers! This is one of my favorite’s as well, first of all because of the writing, and secondly because of the beatiful photos you have made. But I like the darkness of Nightmare rather than the sunshine of the day.

    Cassandra sounded mad…


    • medleymisty says:

      Thanks! And yeah, Cassandra is feeling a lot of things at the moment since she just found her mother unresponsive.

      We are starting the last day of the story, and the movement of the sun and the time of day is a sort of theme, I think. And hey – Lilith has a very long night coming up so there’s plenty of darkness to come.


  3. Alex says:

    Wow, you really know how to make use of the meaning of “Creepy”


  4. Lily says:

    Wow, that was eerie! Gave me the spooks. Some how that little flashback with Bella and Emma managed to creep me out more than any of the other chapters did.


    • medleymisty says:

      Little children are inherently creepy, methinks. Well – when there’s something slightly off about them, at least.

      I do so like my dream chapters. I can be all surreal and stuff, and I like surreal. 😉


  5. catherinesims3 says:

    Oh frikin frac! Just could not resist peeking to see if you updated and you did and I think this maybe is the BEST EVER! Oh my gumdrops! Simply SPECTACULAR, dah-ling! I will talk to you more about this tomorrow.


    • medleymisty says:

      Yay! It’s bedtime and I spent all day on this and then quality time with the people I live with so I still haven’t gotten around to sending you a proper PM. I will tomorrow at lunch, promise. Looking forward to what you have to say. 😉


  6. gayl says:

    I wish I could find a better descriptive word but the only thing that seems to fit is creepy. This was amazing! Poor Lilith is going to have a pretty angry Cassandra to face isn’t she…


    • medleymisty says:

      Angry, scared, traumatized, grief-stricken – yes. It’s always bothered me how in horror movies no one really seems to care when people who are supposedly close to them die. And err, I’d better stop before I give away the whole next update.

      Thanks. 🙂


  7. discotwitch says:

    Aaaaamazing. As usual!! Pictures were absolutely perfect! Plus, you didn’t leave as big a cliffhanger as you usually do! It’s so beautiful, I almost forget that I’m almost annoyed that I don’t know what other things are happening! I don’t mean for that to sound mean. I’m not annoyed at all. I just love when I know whats going on. But in this story, the pictures are making more of the story than explanations would….that doesn’t make sense. But I understand what I’m saying. I wanted to make this a short comment and it’s super long now, so BYE!!


    • medleymisty says:

      Well, we do already know that Bella is dead so yeah, not much of a cliffhanger. And explanations will come before the end. 🙂

      I’ve always seen Sims stories as a visual medium and thought that the pictures should tell a great deal of the story, yes.


  8. celara says:

    The fact that Bella appears as a child in her dreams the night she dies is interesting. And, of course, the fact that when the word ‘death’ comes up that child Bella crumples to the ground. The appearance of Seth is sinister and I’m sure that the laughter is going to continue to haunt her waking moments for a while.

    Just can’t wait to see why they are saying murder though….


    • medleymisty says:

      Err – why do I feel a sense of deja-vu and like I’ve already read this comment? I’m weirded out. Huh.

      Yeah, I definitely thought it’d make sense for Bella to be the one saying death.

      This isn’t really meant to be super realistic. But I have thought of an explanation that will hopefully suffice. Plus, you know, Bella was telling the truth about the authorities in Sunset Valley. Also, I’m writing this pretty much on the fly and it’s sort of a really rough first draft.


  9. DB loves her Mac says:

    Ohhh, I don’t want to play with them. ~hides~


  10. Oh my God that was incredible! It gets better and better! Did I already tell you that you were the queen of the cliffhanger?


    • medleymisty says:

      Yes, I believe you did. 🙂 Thank you! I was hoping that people would like this one, and I did take more time and put more effort into the pictures so I’m glad you appreciate it.


  11. Great as always! I loved it! The girls were creepy, and I agree with Lilith. Bella was almost…evil! And she was so nice when she was alive. Man, what a great read!


  12. Gabbers says:

    Let me tell you first that I despise sim stories. The few I have ever bothered to read I can’t even read past the first two captions. I hate how things usually look so fake and staged.

    However I find myself actually thinking about Lilith and the house and the haunting and trying to figure what’s going to happen. I actually looked all over LJ ’cause I couldn’t find any new updates and actually ended up digging through my history to find your blog. I’m definitely bookmarking this so I can check more often…do you update weekly? or just whenever you feel like it?

    I was actually creeped out by a lot of the imagery used (but that’s easy really, I’m a total coward XD) and I just want to congratulate you for such a creative and not to mention well executed story. Everything from characters to graphics and not to mention the awesome plot .>


    • medleymisty says:

      I do a bit of staging, yeah, but my style has always been more using what the game gives me more than trying to force my vision on the game.

      I usually update about twice a week, but I don’t try for any certain days.

      I am very happy that you found it again and commented. And such a wonderful comment. Thank you so much. 🙂


  13. hrootbeer says:

    What DID Lilith do to Bella?

    I wonder if Cassandra is a nice girl?

    Dream Bella and Emma were very very goose-bump inducing! Totally spooky.


  14. kansine says:

    Wow, what a feeling… O_O I’d still like to know more about what really is going on XD I’m just impatient…


  15. tipix7 says:

    The story is getting crazy!! I loved the waterfall scenes, moremoremore 😛


  16. wildchild453 says:

    This fic is so intense. I always get excited for updates and I love the effects you do to the pictures


  17. Christian says:

    Looooooooved it! Its been awhile since I’ve read the work of a simmer with talent 😉


  18. carnaxa says:

    I love the contrast between the “normal” life and this strange ‘other’ world that lives inside of lilith’s head.

    The dream sequence was particularly creepy; I have to wonder if they were actually Bella and her friend or if it was Seth weaving his own twisted version of the world inside Lilith’s dreams.

    He’s one very disturbed dude, that Seth.


  19. Andrew says:

    So AMAZING. This keeps getting better and better! Your pictures are PERFECT. I LOVE your graphics too. Can’t wait for the next chapter.


  20. Mikayla says:

    Eeeeeeeek woah!! Poor Cassandra! 😦
    Now she’s probably going to think its Lillith and report her into the police or something!


  21. yhdyfghfghfghfghfg says:

    I have a feeling Cassandra is displeased.
    It just keeps getting better and better! ^_^
    Although, it’s going to be a hassle seeing Lilith being blamed for the incident, when I know she really isn’t the one who did it. D:

    Eeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk O: I think you have killed me with enough cliffhangers already! T_T.


  22. TheLunarFox says:

    Oh wow! This was SO creepy! I’m trying not to comment on every entry I read as I catch up, but this one was so good. I loved the atmosphere. Even in day light, you manage to creep me out. Course, TS3 kids are already pretty creepy, aren’t they? XD


  23. Valerie says:

    Very nice! The blending of pictures is put to good use here. I love the creepiness of the childrens’ games, “Fire”, “Death”. Lovely.


  24. Anonymous says:

    “So what are we playing?”
    cool 🙂


  25. Katrea says:

    I can understand why Cassandra is demanding answers from Lilith. For all she knows, Lilith could have given her mother a heart attack or worse. I’ll have to read on to see how this places out 🙂
    I’ll be back later today to read more! Time for a bit of rest even though I’m tempted to stay reading! 😛


  26. lilac16 says:

    This story really builds on itself…I love all the different layers of the plot. Very well thought out and beautifully written! ❤


    • medleymisty says:

      Awww thank you! 🙂 *happy dance* That really means a lot.

      I actually wrote it pretty much on the fly without any sort of real plan though. 😉 Although by this point, I’d figured some things out and had a general direction in mind.


      • lilac16 says:

        That’s how a lot of my stories go too. 🙂 My problem is I love to restart ❤ but I'm trying to restrain myself since I've got a few really good plots going on right now.


  27. violincat says:

    Seems like Seth is very determined when he wants to mess things up.


  28. Creepy daydream/nightmare! Seth just gets creepier… and so does Emma. No one wants Lilith to know the truth.


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