so while writing this update I have the Sims 2 movie Shadow Dance by OneJovialSim playing

Fire. Death. Alone.

Fire. Death. Alone.


It absolutely rocks.

A very small and pale Lilith doll hung limply in the middle of a swirling blood red maelstrom. Ghostly figures paraded and pranced around in a macabre dance. Flames flickered and grotesque shadows frolicked. And above it all was that face.

His face.

heh, reusing a pic.


this is taking a while

“What did you do to my mother?!”

I keep scrapping what I have and doing something new

“I can’t get her to wake up! She’s always up by now and so I went to check on her and she won’t wake up and there’s a syringe and Lilith, I know my mother doesn’t do drugs.”

but I think it'll be worth it in the end


At least I hope


I'm sorry these aren't funny anymore


I'm just more focused on the actual story these days


plus I'm in a hurry at the moment because I'm home for lunch and need to leave soon

“Lilith, stop staring off in the distance and talk to me! I know you did something to her. She was fine until you came, and then she took you in and you…you…you hurt her! I’ve already called 911. God, stop looking like that!”

I do rather like this effect, but I forgot to write down the numbers to duplicate it exactly.

Bella. Crumbling angel. Broken pedestal. Angel. Friend.

one more pic and then I've got to go back to work

She didn’t want to do this. Somewhere inside the tiny Lilith doll she knew she didn’t want to do this. But the fire was in control. It was hot and it hurt and he was laughing at her and she just wanted it to stop. The words spilled out on their own.

“So you’re saying that you think that I killed your mother? And you came unprotected and unarmed and alone to tell me that?”

why didn't I remove her makeup?  Sigh.

Cassandra’s eyes widened with fear.

omg vampire tree!!

Everything went red and silent.

yay more textless pictures!

You know, Virigina Woolf was very very right

a woman really does need a room of her own to write

or take and edit pictures, I suppose

this one is taking for freaking ever

The silence ran thick like blood. Lilith wanted to cry, to scream, to let it all out. She wanted to beg forgiveness, to explain that she had no control over herself, that her mind had gone all red and burning. She wanted to run to Bella, her fallen angel. She wanted to hear the voice. Oh God, she wanted the soothing beautiful pleasant voice. She didn’t care now. She didn’t care that Bella hadn’t told anyone about Seth. What did that matter? All that mattered now was peace and quiet and an end to this pain.

But none of it would come out. Her throat was choked by smoke.

it's like I care about making sure it's good or something

The sudden sound of the doorbell interrupted their standoff.

I'm sorry that I don't have it in me to make these amusing anymore

Cassandra turned and ran out of the room. Lilith watched her from far away.

I do like getting updates out on Thursday, though - aka LJ spam day

After a while she followed Cassandra, feeling as though she were moving through a huge cotton ball. She found herself sort of almost hoping that it was the police, that they would take her and put her in a room all by herself.

this picture is metal, dude

I do like this picture

A nice quiet room. With soft white soundproofed walls. And a very secure lock. And all the ice cream she wanted. That would be nice.

I think this is going to end up one picture shorter than Night

Cassandra ran on ahead. She hadn’t said that Bella was dead, had she? She’d said that Lilith had hurt her, not that she was dead.

but as long as it's good, right?

Bella couldn’t be dead.

I'm going to make this pic my new background, I think.

I'm pretty excited about the rest of the story

Please, not Bella.

It's like the creative power I felt back when I started has only gotten stronger

“He doesn’t look like the police. Or the EMTs.”

Lilith heard her own fear echoed in Cassandra’s voice. She’d heard herself say something about killing Bella, but Cassandra had only said that she wouldn’t wake up. They’d stayed up late last night. Maybe Bella was just really really tired.

Please. Without her golden voiced angel Lilith would drown in the flames.

last pic!  And can't you just feel the angst dripping from Jason?

By the time she’d gotten to the kitchen, Cassandra had already opened the door.

And when Lilith saw who it was, Cassandra disappeared. The whole world disappeared.

“Lilith! Come on, we’ve got to get you out of here!”

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87 Responses to Silence

  1. r0b3rto0o says:

    :O Lilith looked possesed!

    The pictures look amazing in this update, i love the red effect you put of some of the images.

    Luuuuuv it!!!!!


  2. Alex says:

    “everything turned red” THAT was the creepiest part of this update


  3. Andrew says:

    Awesome update! As usual. This one WAS THE BEST. and Aw! Jason to the rescue!


    • medleymisty says:

      Thank you. 🙂 I took a lot of time with this one – as we go on and get closer to the end quality is becoming more important to me than seeing the numbers on the stats page go up on an update day.


  4. catherinesims3 says:

    I hope Jason can help her. I dunno, though. I know he’s a tough cop guy and all that, but he has NO idea what he’s about to come up against.

    Loved the statute pic.

    More later.


  5. Sara says:

    The look in Lilith’s eyes is creepy. I bet she’ll refuse to go with him but idk this is full of surprises.


  6. CGB says:

    This is AMAZING. And spooky. And so well-written.

    Also: did you really play the Goths until Cass was a young adult? (I thought she had black hair?)

    Again, this is my new favorite Sims blog. Keep up the great work.


    • medleymisty says:

      Wow, thanks! 🙂 Writing is very important to me, so that means quite a bit.

      Nope – I saved child Bella and child Mortimer to the sim bin, aged them up to adult, and used the make a baby tool to get Cassandra.

      Thank you, and I do hope I can keep up the good work. 🙂 Three day weekend coming up, woot!


  7. yhdyfghfghfghfghfg says:

    Wow, amazing writing!
    This was not what I expected to see this chapter. o:!


    • medleymisty says:

      Aww, thank you! 🙂 I did take my time with this one and tried to make it as good as I could.

      What were you expecting? 😉


      • yhdyfghfghfghfghfg says:

        Well I was suspecting:
        “Oh what did you do to mum? D:”
        “What? I didn’t do anything!”
        “Gaspers! Where is the proof!?”
        “You see theres this random ghost that got super duper angry at your grandma for telling the story.”

        Or something like that.
        …. And as you can see I’m not the best monolog writer.


  8. yhdyfghfghfghfghfg says:

    I bet Lilith is pretty old by now.
    Unless, you know, you just kept making random copies of her and destorying the old one.


  9. Sadie says:

    Hi there – I’ve been following this for a while, and I have to say I’m impressed 🙂 Very well done, and very creepy with it 🙂


  10. DB loves her Mac says:

    I am in awe of the fourth picture. It is all kinds of wonderful!

    I also like the progression of Lilith/Cassandra images, very well done with the internal and external conversations.

    Yipes at the Lilith doll hanging limply! ~gulp~


    • medleymisty says:

      I used the ghostify option on the chaos mod painting and had Bella go sit outside. 🙂 I was looking for angles and I was like “OMG, you can see the waterfall from this angle!” and went for it.

      Heh – I might post pics on my LJ later of what happened after I took those pics. Bella of course has the brave trait and so does this version of Lilith, so they both pulled out fire extinguishers and put Cassandra out.

      I rewrote that bit a few times and considered trying to edit a picture to illustrate it. I might still do that in a later update.


  11. Brigid Keely says:

    This is utterly fantastic.



  12. This just keeps getting better and better!! At first I thought Lilith was a Fire Starter, and that Cassandra was really getting knocked off, the transition from picture to picture was so smooth! The one of Death was quite ominous, and I must say the reddened tree was just as creepy. The way you’ve made it appear, it almost looks like blood about the base of the trunk. Maybe you didn’t mean for that to happen, but it just adds to the mind blowing feel of this chapter! I wonder how Jason knew Lilith was in trouble? And I swear, Seth makes me cringe each time I see him. He certainly has the eyes of a killer!


    • medleymisty says:

      Thank goodness for the magic of exiting without saving so everyone stays in the same place. 🙂 And yes, those pictures did come out pretty well. I made the mausoleum one my new desktop background today. 🙂

      Not sure if it’s going to be the next one, but there is a Jason POV exposition update coming up that will explain what happened with Jason between the end of Dust and the end of this one.

      Personally I love Seth, and when I see him or think about him I shiver in anticipation of writing the climactic updates. Err…that sounded wrong.


  13. Mikayla says:

    AWESOME!! BUT BELLA IS DEAD ISNT SHE!!!!??? AHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOO BELLA!!! I cant wait for the update! Oh my gosh!! 😀


  14. kansine says:

    This chapter is awesome beyond words, once again 😀 By the way, do you use different versions of Lilith to sometimes make her look scarier, or is it just photo editing 😉


    • medleymisty says:

      Thanks. 🙂 I do use different versions of her and different save files, but they’re all straight from the copy in CAS.

      If you mean for the pics of her standing by while Cassandra was on fire, that’s the same Lilith that was used for the whole chapter. I did use an overlay layer on those and the normal pics have screen layers, though. She did the facial expression all on her own.


      • kansine says:

        I was just wondering, ’cause she suddenly had so scarily light eyes 😀 But apparently she has had them all the time, I just didn’t notice until now 😉


  15. Pamela says:

    Eeee excellent. What is going on with Lilith. O.o She’s beginning to get scary. But I’ll wait patiently for the next chapter.


  16. carnaxa says:

    Lilith’s knight in shining armour comes to the rescue; it truly is a shame that she can’t see how good he would be for her. Even that reaction at the end there, I got the sense his presence grounded her in reality, pulled her away from the insanity of Seth’s influence.

    Another great chapter. Very much enjoying the story.


    • medleymisty says:

      Oh yes, Jason loves her very much. And she loves him quite a bit, but she doesn’t realize that.

      Thank you! 🙂 I am also enjoying it very much. Actually on one hand I can’t wait to write the climax but on the other hand I’m scared I’ll be depressed when it’s over. But hey, I can always just get started on the full text version, right?


  17. Kat says:

    Jason!!! Eek!!! Who wants to join my I luv Jason fan club!!!!

    and in other news that was a very neat (for lack of a better word) update I love the red…
    *I love JAson*


    • medleymisty says:

      Jason is pretty cool, but I think I have to join the Seth fan club myself. 😉

      Seriously though, I do like Jason a lot. And you’ll see quite a bit of him being awesome in the next few updates, I think.


      • Kat says:

        Im sorry I fail to see that seth is as hott as Jason…. Lol but Seth is still cool I guess… But Jason is just flat out awsome.


        • medleymisty says:

          You don’t know Seth the way that I do yet. Plus, you may not share my taste for fictional highly stylized artistic evil. 😉

          I will say that Jason is also pretty awesome. Especially in the next update. 🙂


  18. hrootbeer says:

    I think my fav thing in this update, even though it is majorly creepy, is the flashes that Lilith has of Cassandra in engulfed by flames.

    It was such a cool sort of crazy brain moment that someone who’s mad might have without actually doing anything like what they’re imagining.

    (Have you seen the movie The Upside of Anger when she imagines popping some guy’s head with a fork during dinner?)

    Anyway, I loved it.


  19. gayl says:

    Lilith is seriously possessed poor thing. Trapped in her own head. So maybe Bella is not dead after all which I am going to say is a relief.

    Jason to the rescue! Maybe he get her to snap out of it. She really needs to admit she cares about the poor guy.

    Wonderful as usual! I loved that shot of her coming down the staircase! What depth you got there.


  20. celara says:

    I loved the chapter…up until the end. At the point where Jason enters, the chapter lost some strength for me.

    Jason’s been sent there to investigate a murder. Yet, as soon as he sees Lilith there, he’s going to hustle her out of the house?

    I know he loves her, and he wants to protect her. However, it’s not like he gets there and Lilith is the only one there so he can sneak her out. Cassnadra is there. By trying to protect Lilith instead of doing his job, he’s going to be looking at 1) losing his job, 2) possible jail time for obstructing justice.

    Maybe I’m missing something (was Cassandra really there, or is this some part of her daydream still?). Or was his insistance to get her out of there supposed to mean he wants to get her downtown and away from the crime scene for questioniong? Perhaps it’s because it appears he is the only officer present. No partner; no backup; no CSI. I’m sure however in the end it will pull together.

    I did want to point that out though, because if you are going to publish this in book form at some point (which I would love to see), it is a weaker plot point that a publisher might bring up too.

    No matter how weak I felt the ending was on this particular chapter, the pictures as always were stunning! You do an awesome job of creating a mood. The red (dead) silence shots were amazing from the creepy tree and the meanacing shot of the Grim Reaper statue to the shot of the mausoleum.

    The eyes in this chapter were totally amazing! Lilith’s eyes seemed to me almost dead in the first shot. When we see her as the motionless doll, I see the life behind them, but the eyes are like she’s in a trance; dazed.

    The eyes of Lilith right before Cassandra is enveloped in fire are ice cold. I am reminded of the poem “Fire and Ice” by Robert Frost:

    Some say the world will end in fire,
    Some say in ice.
    From what I’ve tasted of desire
    I hold with those who favor fire.
    But if it had to perish twice,
    I think I know enough of hate
    To say that for destruction ice
    Is also great
    And would suffice.

    The eyes seem to tell me that she will kill her twice; once with the fire, and once again with those icy cold eyes shooting daggers at her. The look in Cassandra's eyes turning from fear to terror…all I can say is well done! (applause)

    Long post I know…sorry about that. I'm hoping the critique was constructive enough, and wanted to make sure you know how much I thoroughly enjoy this story. As always, I look forward to your next post. 🙂


    • medleymisty says:

      It’s not a realistic police procedural. I’m sorry if I ever led people to think that it was supposed to be. I will take that into consideration and should I write a non-Sims version Jason won’t be in law enforcement. I don’t know enough about law enforcement IRL to write a realistic police procedural and even if I did I have no desire to. This is based in the Sims game, where the police go through people’s trash and write reports on them and “build independent cases” at work. If you want realism, I think perhaps my story isn’t for you.

      And maybe I should start calling it a non-Sims version instead of a full text version, because obviously it’s not just going to be inserting words where the Sims story has pictures. It’s basically going to be a reworking of the story from the ground up, because the Sims version is very much based in the Sims game. IRL people don’t stand and gawk and do a little panic dance around a fire until the fire burns them up into a pile of ashes, and other people don’t come and passively watch through the door of their house. There’s not death fish or life fruit or ambrosia or lifetime rewards IRL either. So yeah, I’ve pretty much always figured that a non-Sims version of Valley would look very very very different.

      I do appreciate the criticism and get where you’re coming from, and hopefully you get where I’m coming from – I don’t do realism. Creepy surrealism is my niche. And when it comes to writing Sims stories, it’s always been my style to use the game as a framework and set my stories within its universe as opposed to forcing my vision on it. In a universe where people who reach the top of the law enforcement career fly off the lot in a superhero costume to go to work, I don’t think that our rules apply.

      I will think about what I’m doing wrong in not being able to suspend your disbelief and get you to enter into the Sims universe. Maybe future updates will help with that, as they will help explain how things work in this universe. Bella was right – the authorities in Sunset Valley are quite corrupt.


      • celara says:

        I certainly understand what you’re saying about game limitations in careers. What career would you really put Jason in if you had the choice, and is there a way you could fake that career in game if you wanted to?

        If I were expecting realism, I probably would have got lost in the story long ago. I consider this writing to be more suspense/thriller with a touch of the supernatural, and I haven’t been disappointed. Even in the best of those novels though, even when it goes surreal, there are moments of reality that ground us. So when Jason comes in for his investigation and I know he’s a cop, I’m expecting him to act as such (of course, now knowing that you really wouldn’t want him in that field at all had you had other options, I’ll take that into account when reading future chapters).

        I’m usually good about suspending disbelief, so I’ll just have to keep in mind that I need to become a Sim for a few minutes and leave the RW at the door. 😉

        I think that taking a moment to read your “Behind the Valley” blog gave me a moment to see a bit beyond the story (loved the Seth Morrigan poem btw). 🙂

        Trust me, I’m too intrigued by the story to walk out now, and when you do a non-sims reworking of it, if it makes print, I want to buy a copy. 🙂


      • Kansine says:

        I think that even if the story is surrealistic at times, it’s sort of based on a realistic (though simworldly) feeling… at least I got a quite realistic impression of it while reading the beginning of it. It’s getting more surrealistic now, though, but I wouldn’t call it completely surrealistic – there’s still a clear plot in it.
        My point is… well, never mind, I’m not really making any point 😛 But I think that Celara’s critique is friendly and constructive and you get a little upset about it… (unless I’m only imagining the upset tone in your reply) so I simply recommend that you wouldn’t take critique too hard, or the comments too seriously. There’s anyway a lot of people who love this story (like I and Celara), so a tiny bit of critique can’t hurt, right? 🙂


        • medleymisty says:

          I have a friend on Boolprop who offered some criticism about the pictures in Static and Fog, and I saw what she was talking about and took that quite well. And I’m not upset with Celara or anything. If I did sound a bit brusque, I imagine it’s because I’ve become quite attached to this story and don’t want to change what I’m doing with it just to please other people. It’s just a Sims blog for fun. At this point I’m not trying to get it published. I’m just writing a story that gives me butterflies in my stomach because I love it so much, and if I changed the whole plot and feel and atmosphere to try to please others it wouldn’t be mine anymore and those butterflies would die and I would stop updating and let it go the way of all my Sims 2 projects.

          Plus I probably didn’t look at it enough from a reader’s perspective. I know what happened with Jason between the end of Dust and the end of Silence. I know what he’s doing at the Goth house. I know how things work in my Sunset Valley. So I was looking at it from that perspective, where things make sense because I know stuff that the readers don’t yet. And the Jason POV expositional chapter with flashbacks to what he’s been doing is going to have to wait for the update after next, but hopefully it will all make more sense then.

          Speaking of the next update – I’m at 26 pics and I know it’s going to need more than 5 more pics, so it’s looking like the longest update yet. And I need to rewrite some bits. Off to eat breakfast and get started on that, although I have a stupid family thing this afternoon so I don’t know when I’m going to finish it.


          • kansine says:

            I’m really sorry that I misunderstood you and thought that you were upset 😀 Of course you should do exactly what you yourself find funny and inspiring! ^_^ Maybe I thought that you’re upset ’cause I myself was in a bad mood in the morning XD


  21. Laura says:

    I’m glad we’re seeing more of Jason!
    Amazing chapter, as usual.


  22. palesunflower says:

    Fantastic story so far! I’ve subscribed to your feed, can’t wait for the next update!

    Really like how you approached telling this story overall. Very creative! =D


  23. Sara says:

    Jason to the rescue!! I know he loves her and she loves him but she doesn’t realize it. poor Lilith! She doesn’t seem to realize how much Jason cares for her and loves her.


    • medleymisty says:

      No, she doesn’t. And he loves her quite a bit. I do like Jason. He doesn’t have the evil badass quality of Seth, but he’s pretty cool in his own way.

      We’ll see a lot of him in the next few updates. 🙂


  24. stalledinaction says:

    Yes. New update. 🙂

    I really don’t know what else to say besides I am a loyal fan and I await each update. 😀


    • medleymisty says:

      Thank you! 🙂 I appreciate that very much.

      Going to go start on the next update when I finish replying to comments. It should hopefully be out by tomorrow or Monday. Maybe tonight if we don’t go out and it goes quickly.


  25. tipix7 says:

    And the plot thickens (dundunduuunn)!!! Seriously, how you get such amazing expression from your simmies for the shots, I will never know. The fire was beyond amazing.


    • medleymisty says:

      Oh, most of the plot hasn’t been revealed yet. Seth has plenty of secrets to share later. 🙂

      Hmm – looking at it I think the only chaos mod painting animation I used was the fear animation for Cassandra’s face in that one pic after Lilith is all “Umm, you’re pretty stupid.” And of course I used it to set Cassandra on fire.

      The rest of it is natural game stuff. I so wish I could make Lilith trip on command – the stairway shot after the Grim Reaper statute is her recovering from tripping.


  26. S.B. says:

    absolutely incredible! so unique, the writing just rips along! You are one extremely talented writer!


    • medleymisty says:

      Awww, thanks. 🙂 I’ve wanted to be a writer since at least early elementary school, so that means quite a bit.

      I’m happy that you’re enjoying it,and thank you for checking it out and commenting.


  27. -Lulu- says:

    Wow. I came back to check if you posted
    and i couldn’t help but noticing that this has 52 comments!!
    (now 53)
    Anyway, I think this post is the best post so far.
    I love pictures 6-9.

    I adore this blog so much and come here regurlarly.

    thank you.


    • medleymisty says:

      Half of them are my replies, though. And a couple are replies to my replies. 😉

      Thank you! I do think that I am getting better as I go along and get more practice. Plus this is starting the last day of the story so it’s the beginning of the ramp up to the climax. And I’m taking more time and caring more about the quality now.

      I also have to say that I was listening to the Sims 2 video Shadow Dance by OneJovialSim and I really think it pushed me to do my best. I’m starting on the next update here in a few minutes and this time I’m listening to his Eat Me Drink Me video.

      Those are nice pics, yes. 🙂 Yay for the ignite sim option on the chaos mod painting!

      Thank you again, and I’m happy that you enjoy it. 🙂


  28. Alex says:

    To me, this series kind of acts on my greed for quantity AND quality when it comes to these kinds of blogs


    • medleymisty says:

      Heh. Thanks. 🙂 New update should hopefully be out tomorrow – I got 26 pics edited and uploaded and captioned before I got so tired that I was forgetting to resize before uploading and pasting the wrong picture address. I think it’s going to be the longest update yet, though – it’s definitely going to need more than 5 more pics, which would make it longer than Night.


  29. Ning says:

    Omg, Jason came FOR her! X) This chapter and the last was really spooky and mysterious all the while. My favourite has got to be the image of the grim. You made him look so tall and ghastly!

    I like how Lilith looked so detached all the while too. It’s like Seth is controlling her mind. And you’re making me so curious how this will turn out! I don’t know what to expect next! 😀 Too bad that your tomorrow will be later than mine, I’ll probably have to save it for the next weekend again. 8(


    • medleymisty says:

      Yep. I name the folders for the pictures something descriptive of the scene rather than by the name of the update. The next update’s folder is named “Jason manly scene”, lol.

      I’ve heard the possessed theory from other people too. Interesting.

      And heh, yeah – after Night everyone seemed to be guessing what was going to happen pretty well, but now we’re back to all the guesses and theories being entertainingly wrong. 😉 There’s one thing that I’m surprised no one has caught on to yet, with all the hints I’ve dropped in replies to comments. 🙂


  30. Lilac says:

    Your writing is fasinating! It’s so descriptive and I love mystery stories so that makes your story even better! Anyway, I was wondering if you put seth and his family up for downloading? Also, have you put their house up for downloading too? please reply! 🙂 p.s. This chapter was terrific!


    • medleymisty says:

      Heh, funny that you should use the word descriptive. I’ve been bonked on the head at certain Sims 2 story sites for not being descriptive (i.e., purple and not-flowy and awkward use of words that I just randomly picked up from a thesaurus) enough.

      Pretty much everybody except Sam Sekemoto and random police person is on my Sims page – links are on the download the characters page. And the Morrigan house is an EA house in the bin. 🙂

      Thanks. 🙂 I’m pretty far along in the next update but I need to go and rewrite it some. I’m afraid that it’s not as good as Daydream and Silence and I want it to be, so yeah.


  31. Ambree says:

    I am finally caught up with all the chapters thus far, and am eagerly awaiting the next, this is one of my favorite Sims stories. For the past few updates whenever I saw Emma, I couldn’t help being a little freaked out by her, that expression on her face, I thought she was the one that started the fire at first. Seth is very creepy, and scares me, but in a good way.

    This is my favorite chapter so far, I thought Seth had possessed Lilith at the beginning of it, she looked so creepy, and like she was in some sort of trance or something. The picture effects were awesome, and really add to the story, very eerie, love it! Jason to the rescue, can’t wait to see how he handles everything Lilith’s been going through-if she tells him. I can hardly wait to see what happens next, you’re an amazing writer, keep up the great work!


    • medleymisty says:

      Emma is certainly creepy in her own way, yes. But then considering her father and how she grew up, that’s not surprising.

      I find Seth rather..err…dreamy. Is that bad? I listen to my mood music for the story and look at a pic of him playing chess that I took for a competition on Boolprop and my stomach goes all wobbly. I do have a thing for fictional badasses, and I know a lot more about him than you guys do yet.

      Yeah, I’m trying to make the next bit as good as Silence. We’ll see if I succeed in that. And Jason has been having an interesting time between the end of Dust and the end of Silence, which we’ll learn more about in a couple of updates.

      Thank you. 🙂


  32. Sim Goddess says:

    Okay, so I feel REALLY bad that I hadn’t read this before now! I read all the chapters last night (and decided to comment after getting some sleep) and I just have to say – this is phenomenal!

    Your writing style is brilliant, and your pictures are absolutely fantastic.

    I love the fire pictures for this chapter – they were very well done. And Seth’s face above the house, oh that one sent chills down my spine!

    I am totally hooked. 🙂


    • medleymisty says:

      Oh wow, reading it all in one sitting at this point is impressive. I’ve been going back and reading Sunset today because it’s referenced in the update I’m writing now, and man – the pictures have really improved, haven’t they?

      That pic of Seth makes me all happy. 🙂 I used it again in the new update in a new picture, one that’s currently my desktop background. 🙂 I love Seth. A lot.

      Thank you for reading and commenting! I love your story too and should add it to my blogroll now that you’re updating again.

      Next update will probably be out later today – I’m at 36 pics and counting now. It’s the longest update yet.


  33. DebC says:

    Bella is dead! (Of course, you already told me that) but Bella is dead!

    This just keeps getting better!


  34. Valerie says:

    Great imagery in this one! I loved the “Bella. Crumbling angel. Broken pedestal. Angel. Friend.” and the picture.


  35. Queenio says:

    lilith looks creepy with the flames and possesed


  36. Katrea says:

    Here comes her knight and shining armor to save the day! Let’s just hope she doesn’t start verbally abusing him… or physically >.< Lilith is losing control over the images she's getting in her mind. They seem to be taking over and making her lose reality. It's like she's channeling the emotions of those she envision and there's a lot of hate and anger there. I almost feel like she's about to start screaming and slapping herself in the face lol.

    Also, amazing shot with the statue when you were speaking about Bella and her broken pedestal!


    • medleymisty says:

      I miss Jason. Looking forward to writing him again in the new story. 🙂

      And wow, yeah. You got it, with Lilith and Seth imposing his reality on her. You’re like the best reader ever. I’m appreciating your insight as you read the story.

      Someone asked for that shot as a wallpaper just the other day! 🙂


  37. lilac16 says:

    Wow! Incredible photos. I love the internal battle Lilith is having with herself and please let Jason save the day! I love him so much ❤ especially how he is watching out for her even though she so rudely dumped him. It is so sweet!


  38. Whoa! What is going on!? You’re doing a great job of throwing me for a loop. The back and forth. I’m questioning everything. Is Lilith going insane? Is she dreaming everything? Is she having visions? Nightmares? Seeing past, present, future? Is she making it all up? Is she suffering from paranoid delusions? Is she being haunted by Seth? Sarah? Emma? What’s up with Cassandra? Lilith seems so emotionally removed from everything and I mean, I’d be freaking out right now and she seems calm. Thinking about ice cream? Is that her coping mechanism? Gah! I can’t read anymore since I have to get off my computer, but I’m really looking forward to reading more.


    • medleymisty says:

      I am not good at linear concrete things. I am quite good at bouncing back and forth in time and surreal visions. 😉

      The explanation I came up with while writing the story is that it’s Seth’s consciousness pressing in on her. He’s not doing it on purpose, but he’s just so….he’s so overbearing. He’s like a black hole. Everything around him gets sucked in and twisted.

      And the detachment is dissociation, I think. Seth dissociates an awful lot. And Lilith does have a lot in common with him, really. Including coping by dissociating.


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