oh this is going to be fun

She follows me.

Seth is the most beautiful collection of pixels in existence

She follows me through the fire.

and I can't stand to edit him all up

The fire cleanses. The fire purifies.

so his memory effect

The fire kills.

is no effect

I did not panic. I did not scream.

because his memories are vivid and real to him

For I am stronger than death.

and he sees them

She follows me.

all the time

She did not.

thank you Sarah for this facial expression

She left me alone.

yay for invert value!

Alone in the silence.

yay dead tree!

yay awesomeness!

Alone in the emptiness.

yay cats!

I like cats

Alone in the dark.

exact same editing as the previous pic

maybe the end?

She follows me.

slept on it

She follows me through the dark.

had an awesome inspiration when I woke up

Oh dear - does Valley only want one Seth POV update?

She follows me through the emptiness.

hmm - with Seth superimposed or not?

I like my cats

She follows me through the silence.

I don't think these are in the right order.

oh dear - I do think maybe Valley wants just one Seth POV update

boo yah!

She is mine.

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94 Responses to Dark

  1. helenpaige1 says:

    Woah he’s so creepy!!!!


  2. quanta1000 says:

    Amazing and really creepy. Something is wrong in Seth’s mind…
    I love the repetition of those three words -She follows me-


  3. gayl says:

    I think Seth has found someone in Lilith that he did not expect. She isn’t quite the victim. It is almost a respect that he has for her, like he wants to share with her instead of kill her and make life fruit out of her.

    I am completely blown away with your shots. Those effects are stunning.

    Note to Lilith…snap out of it!!! lol


    • medleymisty says:

      Oh yes, Seth has…err…yeah, he feels differently about Lilith than he does about other people. We’ll put it like that. Although that may not stop him really from wanting to make life fruit out of her. We’ll see.

      Thank you! πŸ™‚ The Seth pics are the red effect from Silence and Suspect with the invert from Alone plus a value invert. πŸ™‚


  4. TheLunarFox says:

    Oh Seth Seth Seth… Says so much with so little.

    Loved Sarah’s facial expression when walking past the bed. Great catch!


    • medleymisty says:

      That’s Seth’s style, definitely. πŸ™‚ Which I had planned for three Seth POV updates, but I don’t know – he just doesn’t go on the way Bella and Sarah did. One might be enough for him. Which makes me sad, but the story has to go before my feelings about not wanting it to end.

      Oh yes. Giving Sarah the coward trait was one of my better ideas. πŸ™‚

      Thank you!


  5. Mackenzie says:

    xD that was scary and romantic(?) at the same time.
    good job


  6. Mariia says:

    picture 11 rocks lol


  7. raquelaroden says:

    The images really do set the mood so well! Seth seems to thinks that Lilith is actually right there with him through all of this–that’s she’s on board with whatever he wants to do. I’m not convinced of that just yet….

    The images of him when he feels alone are especially telling–he feels alone and maybe even scared. He says that he wasn’t scared when he faced the fire, but he IS scared of dying. He’s not dying, but his life has been consumed. And it sounds like he was a little scared of being alone.


    • medleymisty says:

      Oh yes. Seth does indeed see a lot of himself in Lilith and thinks that she would understand him.

      Wow, yes. Very insightful. Seth is pretty much in denial. He doth protest too much, methinks. πŸ˜‰

      Thank you. πŸ™‚


  8. rose says:

    This makes me think of the song “I Will Follow You into the Dark”. Not really the song itself, but the title, at least. Nicely done! πŸ™‚


  9. Anna says:

    Whoa!! Whoa!! Didn’t Jason JUST die?! Like, y’know… the day before or something? And then Seth and – noooo.


  10. Connor says:

    (stunned silence)
    It just keeps getting better. Great photo editing.


    • medleymisty says:

      Thank you! πŸ™‚ And yes, I feel like I’ve learned a lot in the four months (exactly four months today, actually) that I’ve been writing this. Actually went back last night and heavily edited Daydream and plan to go back and edit all of the older updates.

      Glad you enjoyed it.


      • Mariia says:

        That is a long time to write a Sims story!!!!!! I wrote one and the and I got bored of it after about 2 weeks, it’s amazing to me how some people can keep a story going for so long and stay interested in it and keep the quality the same.


  11. celara says:


    I am catching up on my reading, and I am just amazed with how intriguing this is.


  12. SuziMae says:

    Amazing and creepy at the same time.


  13. Seth is very mystrious. Is it just me or does it seem he thinks Lillith as his wife, just better natured. I think Seth wanted his wife to be there for him in his time of depression, but she did not. So he killed her and the kid. Who knows! You’re making me anxious for more story.


    • medleymisty says:

      We don’t know what happened to Emma yet. Last time we saw her she was alive and not on fire. πŸ˜‰

      That is good insight, though – Sarah was there for him really, but he didn’t see it.

      Thank you! Haven’t quite figured out what to do with the next update yet but I will try to have it out in a week.


  14. Carla says:

    Very creepy, especially when he said Lilith is “his”. *shudders*


  15. glee111 says:

    Wow. That’s great. It’s wierd, everybody’s saying that Seth’s all creepy, but to me it seems sortof like he’s falling for her. What with the “She did not” thing. Is it just me?


  16. carnaxa says:

    The images you’ve used in this chapter are extremely powerful on their own but the added narrative just brings it up that extra level of creepy.

    Well done! Great screencaps and post processing of the images. I love the red that washes over most of these shots – really brings home Seth’s madness but also emphasis the symbolic colour of fire and death.


    • medleymisty says:

      The words came first and took the most effort, actually. πŸ™‚

      Oh yes, the blood red maelstrom that is Seth’s psyche. And of course his obsession with fire and death.

      Thank you!


  17. Okay, I just had to resist the urge to scream like a B-movie Bimbo…Love it!


  18. Christian says:

    I feel like Seth and Lilith are connected to each other in some twisted way. Like Seth is somehow a part of Lilith, or Lilith a part of Seth. I dunno *ponders*


  19. quanta1000 says:

    Is it me or is Seth in love with Lilith? His words sound like they have undertones that make it sound like he is over Sarah but not for someone else…Lilith.


  20. moondaisy101 says:

    Dear Misty,

    Congratulations on yet another amazing chapter! πŸ™‚

    I stripped the pictures – which are stunning – away from the words and was left with a marvellous poem.
    Two six line verses and one five line verse which technically could be a six liner as well if you allow for ‘…’ i.e. a charged silence before the ultimate line.
    It is beautiful and also very clever!

    I immediately recalled the last line of your very first chapter: “… very, very occasionaly, maybe once in a century, someone manages to come back…”
    What a fantastic build-up! It puts in perspective just how skilfully you have taken us to this point in the story. I am in awe.

    Seth is reminscent of Hannibal Lecter to me. He certainly fits a serial killers’ profile. He has no social conscience. He is egotistical to the point of narcism. He believes he ‘rules’ over life and death and gets a power kick out of every single murder. His garden is his signature and in the weirdest way also the place where he keeps his ‘memorablia’ of the victims…



    • medleymisty says:

      Thank you!

      And yes, Seth is far more poetry than prose. Which is why I think this may be the only update he had in him and it’s back to Lilith POV in the next update.

      You know, originally that referred to Lilith because I had this foggy idea that she was going to go to Seth’s house and he was going to kill her and then I was going to do a funky edited pic update of her time as a ghost and then she was going to find some ambrosia and come back to life and find that Jason had moved on and gotten married and had kids and died of old age and so the legacy would eventually start when she found a new guy. But yeah, it’s changed since then. LOL.

      And yeah, Seth is very very very self-centered. And I admit that his voice sounds a bit Hannibal-esque in my head. πŸ˜‰

      Thank you ever so much, yay!


  21. catherinesims3 says:

    LOL. I was just reading some of the comments and thinking of the PM I sent you the other day. The one that mentioned comments people left on the Alice & Kev blog.

    Anyway, some top notch pictures here. I enjoyed the lab fire pictures very much.

    Oh, I found a t-shirt for Seth to wear when he’s relaxing off camera.


    The one I like best is the one that says “Stand Back”, but I think Seth might prefer the one that says “It works”.


  22. CrazyPurpleBt says:

    I really love this story but one quick question is it a legacy or will it be because it was posted in the legacy area on boolprop i was just wondering and will read it anyway even if it is not. I usually only read legacies and this means that i really like your story keep writing can’t wait for the next chapter!


    • medleymisty says:

      Yeah, I reckon it’s about time to ask the mods to move it to the Other Stories forum. I really did mean it as a legacy prologue when I started it, but then it sort of grew into this whole big thing.

      Thank you! πŸ™‚ I am quite touched that you would read it even though it’s not a legacy. Goal for the next chapter is the weekend again – we’re quite close to the end and I want these updates to be the best work I am capable of now.


  23. dulcelovee says:

    maybe they will fall in love and run off makin life fruit together. they bonnie & clyde…only different. lol


  24. Cptnindecision says:

    By the end of this update I just kept singing to myself “she’s a super freak, super freak.” Except, you know, it was he instead of she… yeah, wierd, I get that a lot.

    I think Seth is going to get all possesive of Lillith. More so than just the “she is mine” comment. I think he is going to try an warp her mind but get really pissed off when he relizes that she won’t be turned….

    Will Jason somehow miraculously come back from the dead? Pretty please, I’ll do puppy dog eyes if I have to.


    • medleymisty says:

      If it helps any Jason is still very much alive in the game and will probably be appearing in future picspams or other little projects in the Valley universe.

      Actually he was standing in the hall outside the bedroom Seth was in and was giggling to himself while I was taking those pics.

      Nice theory about Seth – I do like the possessiveness of “She is mine.” which is why I should have known better than to try and change it to “She is with me.” even if the me bit might fit into the rhythm better.



  25. DB loves her Mac says:

    Wow, Moondaisy’s right. Seth’s quite the poet! The rhythm of the words and the lurid swirl of red in his mental pictures kind of makes me feel like I’m on a lurching boat in 40-ft. waves.

    I love the eerie glow in the second picture.

    Wake up, Lilith! He’s hot for you, and it’s not the kind of hot you want!


    • medleymisty says:

      Awww, thank you. πŸ™‚ And yeah – red is definitely Seth’s color, what with the blood red maelstrom and all.

      The second picture is right after I set the lot on fire, I think. So it’s the light of the fire as it was just starting.


      • DB loves her Mac says:

        Now that I’ve read it again, I’m fascinated with the sixth picture. Are there skulls dancing in the flames? It looks like it, just at the tops of the flames.


  26. HeredonCove says:

    Wow that was crazy creepy and your shots are nuts, especially with the fire


  27. Ning says:

    So Seth thinks that his wife betrayed him or something? :S He’s pyschotic! Lilith, run!!

    Anyway, I love all the fire pictures, especially the one with Seth standing right in the middle of the fire.


    • medleymisty says:

      He never saw that she was always there for him. Like this scene is after they moved to Sunset Valley and he was pretty much physically healed from the fire but still in a really bad place mentally and she stayed with him and only left to eat and go to the bathroom – but he only saw her leaving. Years later he didn’t see that she was trying her best to save him – he only saw her not giving him the recipe for ambrosia. He interpreted all of her actions through his crazy little self-absorbed lens and his view of things was quite distorted.

      As for Lilith not running – I looked up Stockholm syndrome and countertransference the other day and I think they both apply here.

      And thanks! I like fire pictures too. Heh, fire. πŸ˜‰


  28. tipix7 says:

    Very well done! I loved the Seth-view and the pictures (as always). Looking forwards to the next chapter and Lilith’s return to consciousness!


    • medleymisty says:

      Thank you! πŸ™‚ Next chapter will probably be out on the weekend again. With Strings – something changed. It’s taking longer now than it used to. But I think that’s a good thing.

      Yes, I am also interested in the path Lilith will take here in the last few updates.


  29. amyjobee says:

    Wow, ok I just wanted to stop by and confess something! I kind of always wondered why it took so long to make each post. Like I know you have a personal life, and it takes a while to think of things and then the editing process after. But boy was I understating things! I tried capturing good images of my sims tonight just messing around and it’s a lot of work getting the right angle and shot that you want. So I guess I just needed to get that off my chest and let you know I totally admire your work! =]


    • medleymisty says:

      Yeah – before Strings when I did two updates a week each one took about six to eight hours. Now they’re taking longer.

      It certainly does help that my job for the last four years has been taking pics of rental properties for the company website.

      Thank you!! πŸ™‚ I very much appreciate that. πŸ™‚


  30. I have to admit…I kind of have a little school girl crush on Seth now. Maybe not the murdering part (still grumbling about Jason over here), but you know…he’s like a lost puppy that plays with fire. Is that weird?

    Anyways, amazing pictures and writing, as always. I think I’m starting to figure some things out a little…but I’ll shush.


    • medleymisty says:

      Thank you! πŸ™‚ And yeah – we’re fairly close to the end so I hope some things are able to be figured out now.

      I’ve had a crush on Seth for quite some time myself. πŸ˜‰


  31. Ambree says:

    Wow, brilliant! Just when I think the story’s going one way, you manage to throw in another twist or turn and it’s an awesome ride! During the last chapter I kept thinking he was going to kill her, and now I’m thinking he’s falling for her, in a way. The words, and the pictures were very well done, I’m on the edge of my seat, I can’t wait to find out what happens next.


    • medleymisty says:

      Thanks again! πŸ™‚ And yeah – the Seth/Lilith dynamic is….complicated. I certainly do think that he feels a connection with her. A Seth-style demented totally self-absorbed connection, but still.

      I looked up some stuff on the mythical figure of Lilith, and I liked the painting of her with a snake wrapped around her. Godsmack’s Voodoo is really a good Lilith/Seth song. The snake rattles are definitely Seth noises, and the chorus goes:

      I’m not the one who’s so far away
      when I feel the snakebite enter my veins
      never did I want to be here again
      and I don’t remember why I came

      Certainly sounds like how Lilith feels about Seth.

      Next update will probably be out Saturday or Sunday – like I said, they’re taking longer now.

      Thanks again! πŸ™‚


  32. amyjobee says:

    Hey, just wanted to let you know I am starting a Sim story blog now. I have a small character preview up so far and will hopefully have the first chapter up before the weekend. The link is: http://amyjobee.blogspot.com/

    Sorry for advertising on your page LOL! Just wanted to let you know.


  33. amyjobee says:

    Ugh ok so I decided on WordPress instead because blogger makes myimages look terrible so this is the new link: http://amyjobee.wordpress.com/


  34. Liz says:

    That was amazing. I love the poetry. I heard soft 1940’s music in my head while reading this.


  35. Pamela says:

    I’m all caught up… I don’t know why but this story is just so much fun to read a few chapters at a time. πŸ˜€ Maybe because I want each chapter to be longer. LOL.

    It’s still so creepy and fantastic. And I love the small sense of dark humour you throw in once in a while.


    • medleymisty says:

      I do like to think of it as a whole and often borrow from and reference past chapters, so I think reading multiple chapters at once is a good idea.

      Thank you! πŸ™‚ And yay for dark humor! πŸ˜‰


  36. Wow. So that was sort of Seth’s point of view? That’s so creepy! Now what is Lillith going to do?! Run Lillith Run!!
    *is anxious for next update and cant stop bouncing*
    Awesome post like always!


  37. missplumbbob says:

    I absoloutely cannot wait for the next chapter! I check this site every day of every week and drool over it. Sometimes I even read the entire thing over again.
    This is my secret obsession. But now it’s no secret…


    • medleymisty says:

      Thank you! πŸ™‚ I’m working on it and it’s coming along pretty well. Should definitely be done and up later today.

      It’s also my not so secret obsession, lol.

      But really, thank you. Your comments have always meant a lot to me and are truly inspiring.


  38. Andrew says:

    Awesome chapter. I think Seth sees something in Lillith that he did not see in Sarah. Even though he might be evil, there’s something about him, something hidden inside him….


    • medleymisty says:

      Thank you!

      He does certainly see something in Lilith, yes. And he is evil, but I think he’s still very human. He’s not evil on purpose per se – he just got twisted along the way.


  39. kama674 says:

    Wow, an amazing update! Seth is really creepy. I wonder what he will do with Lilith……. off to read the next chapter πŸ™‚


  40. Short, but to the point!

    Has he always loved her? Or maybe it’s life inside of her he craves? Gah, I have so much reading to do! I love it!


  41. Katrea says:

    “Yes, come to my garden of death… I mean life.”
    lol it would be awesome if Lilith was Sarah reincarnate.


  42. I’m so confused. But I love it. Why on earth is Lilith following him? Why is she continuing on with this madness?


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