almost bedtime

Jason’s voice would not be waking her from this nightmare.

She thought she should feel something about that. But Jason seemed very far away. Everything seemed far away.

I am tired.

Except him.

“You see, Lilith, when a person dies…”

I led her down that bank of sand

“Why do you keep saying my name?”

She felt a little glow of triumph. She had spoken. She had broken his seal of silence.

I plunged her in where she would drown

He did not move. He did not speak. Her voice had frozen him.

I really think I need

more of these pics

to get across the feeling I want

guess we'll see

“It’s a nice name.”

I don't remember why I came

Her glow of triumph dimmed before the fire in his eyes. He never had been and never would be ice.

She shivered.

omg omg omg

He turned and bent down towards the plant again.

“Now, Lilith, when a person dies…”

He paused.

“Did you have any other questions?”

Hoopty moved my simself and Seth into the same house in his game

Why wasn’t she on fire? Why wasn’t she running away before he set her on fire? Why did she feel so empty and clear and cold?

Maybe she was the ice. Maybe she was the one who was frozen.

and it's awesome omg

She did not answer him. The ice clung to her lungs.

So my husband made me a CD


He continued with his lecture. It sounded as if he’d rehearsed it. She found herself entranced with a vision of him standing before a mirror, practicing this speech for her.

and we named it The Seth Experience

“When a person dies, they leave many things behind.”

and it rocks so much omg

“Hopes, loves, dreams. Debts, wills, that bone china set you’ve had your eye on for years and if your cousin takes it you’ll never talk to him again.”

let's just get this all on here and then see how to edit it

“They also leave behind something else.”

seriously, you haven't lived until you've had....


The Seth Experience

“The seeds of tomorrows that will never be. Or at least…”


“will never be for them.”

it's always so fun seeing where the update leads me

He was doing it again this morning. Going on and on about fire and death and life. And life fruit.

I wish he wouldn’t talk about the life fruit.

I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now

He’s started a garden. It gets him out in the sun. But I’m scared…what if he realizes…and Emma works in the garden with him. Surely he wouldn’t…

He’s stopped talking about the life fruit. I’m afraid that’s because he’s figured it out.

yay happiness is writing Valley!

What it was that made him willing to kill others in order to live.

I have a cat in my lap

Three plants.

Three seeds.

twisted firestarter


need this pic I think


in my pipe and slippers


do I look like Jack the RIpper?

check the flavor of the rhythm

“Do you know the old alchemy motto? Separate, and join together?”

I wrote

What little was left of her glow flickered and went out.

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86 Responses to Seeds

  1. gayl says:

    This was chilling. To the bone.

    Seth was certainly surprised at the fact that Lilith spoke to him. It seemed as if he was looking on her with reverence at that moment, respect, something like that. Or did I get that wrong?

    Her glow of triumph dimmed before the fire in his eyes. He never had been and never would be ice.

    She shivered.

    That line had to be the most striking one to me. His fire so apparent to Lilith and yet she shivered. I gasped at that.


    • medleymisty says:

      Thank you!! πŸ™‚

      You know – my beta reader type person had the same two reactions.

      We decided that Seth is indeed nervous about Lilith speaking to him. He’s been pretty isolated for decades now. He’s not used to social interaction. He’s thinking “Oh man, what do I do? I haven’t talked to a girl in 40 years and I burned that one.”

      He’s so sweet and cute underneath the psycho killer exterior.

      Thank you so much! I always appreciate your comments and they really mean a lot to me and you’re an awesome person.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I looove the update.
    And I love that it’s out for Halloween.
    Thank you so much for putting it up. πŸ™‚


    • medleymisty says:

      You’re welcome. πŸ™‚ I do think that from here on out Saturday might become the regular update day. I’ve been starting on Thursday, making progress on Friday, and finishing on Saturday for the last three weeks.

      And I was also happy to get it out on Halloween. Seemed appropriate. πŸ™‚ Thank you.


  3. spyrothedragon from boolprop says:

    First comment ever! -> I knew he killed Jason, but when the picture of his ashes and stuff showed I was like “nooooo!”. o.O
    Anyways… um… keep up the good work!
    Have a nice Halloween, too. :3


    • medleymisty says:

      Awww, thanks. πŸ™‚ I’m glad you liked it and happy that you commented. And yes – it did seem appropriate to have the Jason dirt pile pic there. πŸ˜‰

      I hope you have a great Halloween.


  4. missplumbbob says:

    That was bone-chillingly great! Thank you so much!


  5. quanta1000 says:

    THAT WAS PERFECT! Absoulutley, amazingly, outstandingly, incredibaly PERFECT. Seth is kind of like a nervous high-schooler talking to his crush.
    -It’s a nice name.-
    I wonder what Lilith is feeling…Could she be falling for him too? I wouldn’t be surprised. In her state mind, in shock, the human response would be to hold on to something. She needs something tangeble that she knows will be there for her and Seth IS right there…and her mind isn’t working very well…Can’t wait to see where you take this!


    • medleymisty says:

      Thank you!! πŸ™‚

      And you got it, exactly. Seth is indeed nervous and may perhaps have a bit of a crush on Lilith. πŸ˜‰

      I don’t think Lilith quite knows what she feels, but she is drawn to him. What with all the stuff about sitting in his chair and being surrounded by his presence and now she’s not running away. And like you say, it is a fairly normal reaction – Stockholm syndrome and all.

      Again, thank you so very much! πŸ™‚


  6. SuziMae says:

    Amazing! It totally makes my Halloween today.


    • medleymisty says:

      Awww, thank you. πŸ™‚ I am glad that I got it out on Halloween, lol.

      This one was different than the last two. It came easier. I think that with Strings and Dark I sort of moved up an incline on the elliptical, so to speak, and now I’m getting more used to it.


  7. TheLunarFox says:

    I loved this part:

    β€œNow, Lilith, when a person dies…”

    He paused.

    β€œDid you have any other questions?”

    Here he is about to go into one heck of a lesson, and he’s so calm and patient about it. I could almost hear him calmly asking before he carries on. And only a moment before she felt triumph and he was the hesitant one.


    • medleymisty says:

      Thank you!

      Yeah – I think that maybe he had prepared all this beforehand but then she threw him off. But he looked away from her and started in on his memorized little speech and felt more sure of himself.

      Poor guy. He hasn’t really interacted with other humans in quite some time. That’s #10 on the list of how to not burn people as an INTJ, you know – “don’t get isolated!”.

      For any people out there who are into MBTI and don’t read the Valley Babble thread at Valley Sun Sims, Seth is a total INTJ who failed at pretty much every rule on this list – scroll down to the bottom.


  8. Carla says:

    Very creepy and appropriate for this Halloween weekend (it’s already November 1st here in Australia)!

    Seth seemed quite taken aback for a second that Lilith had spoken. It makes me wonder if she might be able to trick Seth using the element of surprise.


    • medleymisty says:

      Thank you! I did so want to get it out today. πŸ™‚

      Oh yes, he wasn’t really expecting it. It wasn’t part of his plan.

      And we will see if she has any more surprises in store for him. πŸ˜‰


  9. raquelaroden says:

    This is one amazing update….not that your others aren’t amazing too, but for some reason, this one is really standing out. I love having access to what Lilith is thinking–she’s freezing up in the face of a roaring fire. Seth may melt her a bit, but then she can be water, and douse him out.

    I still think she’s going to snap out of it….she was able to muster up enough gumption to ask him a question once…maybe she can do it again.


    • medleymisty says:

      This one – okay, like Strings and Dark were hard. Pretty much everything before Strings – okay, like, I put effort into it and stuff but the words were basically finger vomit. Like I didn’t have to think or anything and my fingers just hit the right keys and I was like lol, would you look at that.

      But with Strings, I challenged myself to make it good and right and perfect because it was Seth. And I had to start working for the words. And with Dark – I spent hours looking for “emptiness”.

      This one, though – it’s on the way back to finger vomit. Like I pushed it up to a new level and now I’m getting used to that level.

      I mean, this one was hard earlier this week – I spent quite a few hours with the first 10 pics. But then last night and today it just flowed.

      Can’t wait for it to get hard again. I like this working and getting better and stuff.

      And you know, the whole ice being frozen water thing didn’t hit me until well after I’d written it. It’s so very appropriate though.

      Thank you so much! πŸ™‚ I really really truly appreciate it.


  10. mrphoebe says:

    I love this, i love Seth, i love Lilith, i love it all. I love how precisely you compose your pictures – even where the moon is and how much it shows. If this isn’t intentional it’s still amazing. And i love how sometimes you just don’t say anything and let the pictures do the talking.

    It’s incredible.

    No seriously, it’s incredible.



    • medleymisty says:

      Oh wow, thank you! πŸ™‚ And I do mean to reply to your PM and comment on your story and stuff – it’s just that I get really focused in when I’m working on an update. And now they’re taking three days to do, so that’s three days of Ultimate Valley Focus.

      The moon pictures in Strings and this one were definitely intentional – well, to the extent that I noticed the moon was there and took advantage of it.

      And yeah, the pictures can indeed handle some of the talking. It was very intentional in this one but in the past I’ve just gone on the principle of “If the words aren’t coming that’s a sign that this pic shouldn’t have words.” Seems to have worked.

      Thank you so much! πŸ™‚ I am all humbled and grateful and stuff.


  11. natrox14 says:

    Amazing update.
    I. want. the. Seth. Experience!
    Maybe you could make a psychopatic-smelling perfume called the Essence of Seth. Just a thought πŸ˜‰


    • medleymisty says:

      You can have it. πŸ™‚

      Here’s the LJ entry with Seth’s playlist. It has three extra songs that aren’t on the CD, even. Couldn’t find the Momus song on iTunes and added O Death and Comfortably Numb later.

      Of course, the true Seth Experience is listening to the CD while driving and turning it up so loud that your sternum vibrates. My job is driving around taking pics of rental properties and my truck has a CD player, so I look forward to work now.

      There are subtle plot hints in some of the songs. πŸ˜‰

      I love the idea about the perfume! It would smell like smoke and dirt, of course.

      Thank you so much! πŸ™‚

      ETA: I am adding Closer by Nine Inch Nails to Seth’s list. It is so very much a Seth song. “Help me, I’m broke upon my insides”, etc. Not linking it on LJ for obvious reasons though. πŸ˜‰


  12. Eli says:

    I must confess that I lauhed at the Bone China Set part, but the rest was like…… scary pretty catchy style of writing and ‘photos’ . I’ve been reading the story since the begginning, but i HAD to comment on this one! Keep up the awesome work! Will be waiting for the sequel!



    • medleymisty says:

      I like putting in bits of humor every now and then to relieve the tension a bit. πŸ˜‰

      Thank you! πŸ™‚ I’m all happy that you commented and I will endeavor to keep up the awesome work.

      Yay I’m all happy!


  13. amyjobee says:

    This chapter somehow changed my perspective of Seth. I don’t think I can explain it. But for some reason I like him now. Like I always like his character, but not him because he was evil. He still is, but for some reason I like him.

    I also enjoy how you wrote Liliths reactions.

    Great chapter. Totally no clue where this is going and I can’t wait to find out!


    • medleymisty says:

      Thank you!

      I don’t think that Seth is a total psychopath. He wasn’t born a killer. Like I said in a reply to an earlier comment – he totally failed at the list of how to not burn people for his personality type.

      I mean, yeah, I imagine he was always a little off in some manner and never had perfect brain chemistry, but I think that facing death and the mental/emotional aftermath of that and totally isolating himself from others drove him to where he is.

      I love him, myself. πŸ™‚ I’ve taken too many pictures of him now to get as excited as I used to, but when I first started shooting Diary I may have been shaking a bit and squeeing like a fangirl every time I took a pic of him.

      We’re going to find out where it’s going fairly soon – I see maybe about a month and a half’s worth of updates left to go. We’ll see.

      Thank you so much!


  14. Ning says:

    Yikes! Incredibly creepy! My heart nearly stopped when Seth said “It’s a nice name.” I don’t know why, but it sounded extremely creepy, like those stalker-murderer type. Don’t stop here, give us the rest of the story! >:)


  15. DB loves her Mac says:

    The shot of Seth holding that seed is perfect.

    The precarious teeter totter of power between them is electrifying. Their surroundings are so calm, but storm clouds are building in both Seth and Lilith. Her speaking to him seemed like a pebble thrown into a stagnant pond, and the pond doesn’t know what to do with all the ripples.

    I would have thought Comfortably Numb would be more a post-Jason Lilith song than a Seth song. Hmmm.

    In summary, wonderfully delicious chapter!


    • medleymisty says:

      It’s hard for me to think of Lilith songs. She’s so intertwined with Seth, really. All of her songs are Lilith/Seth songs.

      She really only exists in relation to Seth. She’s like…the innocent Seth. I used to think that Seth was her shadow, but I don’t know – I’ve realized that if anyone is anyone else’s thing Lilith is Seth’s whatever. (Err, it’s late and I’m tired.)

      The seed pic is from Alive – I think when Seth actually said seeds he was still just kneeling by the plant but I wanted to recall that moment from Alive.

      I love the pond/ripple thing! That’s great. Sigh – your comments are always so great. I suck at commenting.

      And yeah – power is very definitely a thing in their relationship. Obviously Seth likes to be the one in control. The one being followed, as it were. There are weak points in his armor though.

      I go bed now.

      Thank you!! πŸ™‚


  16. berrybetty says:

    Perfect for Halloween πŸ™‚
    Awwww Jason 😦


  17. catherinesims3 says:

    Ah, there it is. Creepy and well-done, as I knew it would be. Loved the part where Seth was all like: “Duuuuurr, uuhhhh, it’s a nice name?” I know you’ve been talking about The Softer Side of Seth for a while now, and I understand it with my brain, but that was the first time I really FELT it – so well done with that.

    (Me not feeling it before is not a reflection on your skills. It’s just a manifestation of my stubborn streak.)


  18. Rad says:

    Great update: the nighttime setting really makes it. “Shannon. Bella. Jason.” – great moment, helps link everything together. Have just reread the whole of Valley this week and I love how everything really does flow from one chapter to the next.


    • medleymisty says:

      Oh wow. I am certainly very touched that you reread all of it, and yeah – there are bits that I think may be missed if you don’t remember past chapters well.

      And I had already pretty much spoiled the life fruit is people thing in replies to comments, but I felt that it did need to be shown in the story as well and that Lilith needed to really realize it for herself.

      Thank you so very very much for rereading it and for commenting.


  19. catherinesims3 says:

    OR is he just saying her name in order to cast his spell on her? Tapping into the power of knowing her name and that sort of thing?


    • medleymisty says:

      That thought did cross my mind, yes. And I can see it being a subconscious motivation for him – like it’s part of his technique of imposing himself on her and shutting her down.

      Consciously though – consciously he kind of likes her and does think that it’s a nice name. πŸ˜‰


  20. moondaisy101 says:

    Dear Misty,

    I love this update. I love the whole story point other line!

    I have a few observations, however, and find it difficult to voice them. You are such an accomplished writer and illustrator that every word, every nuance in the text may be intentional… yet, I’m not sure and I just have to ask you.

    “She had spoken. She had broken ‘his’ seal of silence…”
    But Seth is already speaking… did you mean ‘this’ seal of silence or is there a hidden meaning?

    Hooray! It’s great when she finds her voice at long last. She hasn’t spoken since Jason died. Her eyes are wide and innocent, yet calm and calculated. She sounds genuinely interested, but there is something set in the line of her jaw.

    He is handsome, winsome almost when he finally locks eyes with her. I bet you wish you were in her place when he looked at her like that.

    “Did you have any other questions?”
    You may think I’m paranoid, but why does he use the past tense? Lilith reels her possible questions of in her head and does it in the present tense… Is he asking about her past questions only – not about what goes through her mind in the here and now?

    I absolutely love “… but the ice clung to her lungs.”

    One more question about intention, if I may.
    He says: “When a person dies… ‘they’ leave… at least not for ‘them’…”
    He could have chosen when ‘people’ die since he talks about them in plural afterwards, but he doesn’t and he has rehearsed this speech… Does he believe every person is a duality, more than one person… Maybe because he has a double personality himself?

    I do agree with the other readers that he is lecturing her. The way he brings the ‘bone china’ up is almost patronizing. A very long string of words for Seth. I hope he doesn’t underestimate Lilith’s intelligence.

    I really love the ‘alchemy’ comment. How fitting for a scientist. How fitting for some one who turns a given matter into a different matter altogether. And life is so much more valuable than gold!

    I wish next weekend was already here! πŸ™‚


    • medleymisty says:

      Very good questions.

      The first one – she hasn’t spoken since he walked in and they met. It’s the effect that he has on her – he transfers his psychosis on to her and obliterates her sense of self. Thus why it’s so hard to find Lilith songs and why they’re all Lilith/Seth songs, lol. I did remember one Lilith song this morning and it’s very telling actually, why and how it sticks out as an actual Lilith song. But that would be a major major spoiler.

      So I would say that “his seal of silence” refers to how he presses his personality on to her and negates her, and breaking it means that she exerted her selfhood a bit and got a bit of Lilith through. Only a bit though – thus the word “little” in her little glow of triumph and why it’s one adjective that survived the Editing Scissors of Doom.

      And yes, Seth is indeed beautiful. My sister-in-law, who doesn’t read the story, once asked if he’s so frightening he’s beautiful or so beautiful he’s frightening. I said “Yes.”

      I’d run the heck away from him IRL, though.

      I did actually go back and forth on the tense of that question while I was writing it. I went with “Did” as opposed to “Do” because it just sounded more Seth-like, really. Seth plays fast and loose with tenses – like his internal monologue in Dark is the only one in present tense. And his memories don’t have the memory effect like everyone else’s because they are very real and present to him and he sees them all the time in his mind. His sense of time and tense is all messed up. And I thought that in this situation the past tense sounded more formal and he is nervous and unsure and not used to social interaction so it seems natural for him to sound a little formal and stilted.

      Hmm. On the bit about person/people and them – I may just have to admit that I went with how I talk and think there. He or she just seems so unwieldy. Found a thread about it here.

      The last two posts say that it’s widely used and commonly accepted.

      I don’t think that he underestimates Lilith’s intelligence. He feels a connection with her. A very self-absorbed Seth style connection where it’s all “I will turn you into me.” but still, it’s a connection. I do think that he might come off as patronizing though. Like it’s not intentional and it’s not how he really feels, but it’s just the way that he interacts with people and it looks that way from the outside.

      I think that he was exerting the same forces on Emma, actually. OMG. I just realized that. Oh wow. Err – talking about would also be horribly spoiler-y so I’ll shut up now.

      Actually a while ago I thought that alchemy would be the backbone of the non-Sims version and that Seth would use a scientific/magical system based on alchemy to do the whole life extending thing in a non-Sims universe. Thus how I found the motto – doing a bit of light research on alchemy.

      So – given that can you guess what the last two captions mean? πŸ˜‰

      Thank you so much! You know how much I adore the comments that you give everyone on their stories. You’re such a thoughtful and caring person, and I really appreciate that.


      • moondaisy101 says:

        Thank you so much for answering. I wish I had checked back earlier – my mind is at peace now! πŸ™‚

        It’s like 01.24am here so I’m going to catch some sleep.
        Thanks for the thread, I’ll look at it tomorrow. I also plan to refresh my knowledge of alchemy, just so I can be sure I understand the last two captions right.

        Thank you again, Misty! πŸ™‚


        • medleymisty says:

          Well – actually alchemy itself doesn’t have much to do with the last two captions. But…actually explaining it would be a giant spoiler. It’ll be very clear in the next update though.


  21. Nicole says:

    Uh scary… πŸ™‚ But I really do enjoy it. I’ll wait in anticipation for the next update! Great story!


  22. tipix7 says:

    Ice and fire, now there’s an interesting match. As ever, looking forwards to see where this is leading…


  23. carnaxa says:

    That cap of Seth holding that seed is still my favourite. There’s just something both dangerous and sad about his expression in that scene.

    That little dirt pile that symbolises Jason was quite sad. Reduced to a simple pile of dirt …

    I do like the way you incorporate the life fruit into your story.

    The word ‘bewitched’ comes to mind when I see Lilith’s face in this chapter and how she isn’t doing anything to get away from Seth, like she’s mesmerized and she can’t help being mesmerized even though she knows it’s wrong and that she should be making an attempt at an escape but she can’t, kinda like Seth has trapped her soul in his machinations.


    • medleymisty says:

      I do like that pic, yes. πŸ™‚

      Yeah, Valley is very organic to the game. Translating it into a new universe is going to be interesting.

      And that’s pretty much exactly it with the Lilith thing, yes. And like I realized while replying to Moondaisy – he was doing the same thing to Emma. Transferring his psychosis on to her and erasing her in the process.

      Last we saw Emma she was alive and not on fire, you know. πŸ˜‰


  24. Hellycat says:

    I’m keeping this page as a favourite so i can wait 4 the next chapter!


  25. Poph says:

    WOO! goosebumps…been away and come back to TWO updates. This is now my favourite, I love the subtley of your lines…and the gradual growth of the plants representing the time when they were killed.

    Love it…You should use all the pics and captions at the very end of your story and create a movie out of them. With all of Seth’s music….HOW chilling and cool would that be!?!


    • medleymisty says:

      That’s an awesome idea! And I could use like Lilith/Jason music and Jason music in other bits and I’ve always thought Bella would be a Beethoven fan.

      Thank you so much! πŸ™‚ And yeah, I definitely wanted the plants to be at different stages. Glad you noticed it.


  26. CGB says:

    That was certainly an interesting way to look at life fruit.
    Seth has a very odd way of speaking. Not odd as in weird, odd as in unique. Everything is pleasant on the surface, but that makes it even more threatening. Like a true serial killer πŸ˜€
    Hm. Maybe Lilith reminds Seth of Sarah?


    • medleymisty says:


      Glad to know it comes off that way, since I must admit I don’t think of him as a true serial killer. But oh yes, he is quite pleasant on the surface. Thus why Murderers, the Hope of Women by Momus is such a great Seth song.

      in my pipe and slippers
      do I look like Jack the Ripper?

      Hmm. As for her reminding him of Sarah – perhaps so, in a way. Like obviously in Dark he contrasts them and finds Lilith more favorable.

      She follows me.

      She did not.

      Thank you, as always, for reading and commenting. πŸ™‚ Makes me all happy and glowy inside.


  27. CGB says:

    D’oh! Once again I fail to read the other comments before making mine!!
    I wonder what alchemy has to do with it…


  28. CGB says:

    And I mean I’m intrigued to see how alchemy ties in. That statement could be interpreted any number of ways.


    • medleymisty says:

      I don’t think it’s alchemy quite so much as it’s the words of the motto. I mean, at the moment I’m thinking alchemy will be the backbone of the non-Sims version so I did want to bring it into the Sims version a bit, but really – yeah, it’s the statement. It’s the idea of separating some things and then joining them together. πŸ˜‰


  29. Each update gets scarier and scarier! I wouldn’t reply either, but I would have already ran as fast as I could away!! At first, I thought the three seeds were Sarah, Emma and him, but then when I thought that, I also remembered that he is right there-duh-unless something happened, when he’s some ghost-I don’t know! I love this story!β™₯Great post and looking forward to the next! πŸ˜€


    • medleymisty says:

      Thank you!

      Last we saw Emma she was alive. πŸ˜‰ And I don’t think he’d quite worked out life fruit yet when he killed Sarah.

      I have this whole history in my mind of how he got life fruit in the intervening years and how he learned about life fruit and ambrosia, but I suppose that’s source material for short one-offs after the main story is done and for the writing contest I’m using him for at Boolprop and to help flesh out the non-Sims version.


  30. loved this πŸ™‚ it made me shiver when she shivered, and i was really surprised at this because i dont usually shiver while reading πŸ˜› so id just like to say: bravo!!! Love your whole story, and I just love that youre so dedicated to it!!!


  31. kama674 says:

    Wow, this is such a creepy update! He planted them in his garden! I hope she will bring them back. I loved this update and I’m looking forward to the next one:)


  32. missplumbbob says:

    Lalala… Looking forward to the next update…

    LaLaLa… Not RUSHING anyone for anything…



    Sorry. That was completely unecessary.


  33. ikichi says:

    You know, I’m really enjoying your story. I like how you’re playing around with sentence and image rhythms and am looking forward to the next installment.


    • medleymisty says:

      Thank you! I am furiously working on the next update at the moment. Should hopefully have it out before going to bed tomorrow. πŸ™‚

      And yay for noticing the rhythms and things! πŸ™‚


  34. SuziMae says:

    I was freaking out when I got home tonight because I thought I had missed the release of the update… is that weird? lol


  35. Tony says:

    You’re so inspiring. D:
    My goal was to keep reading this story till I finish it today (or until I get a headache). BUT I have to shower && I want something to read for tomorrow. I love your characters. xD Seth is such a sweet nerdy man. 8D He’s like those kids that get picked on in high school, then they bring a gun to school. EXCEPT he’s cooler. :]
    I’m just sad that he killed Jason. :[ Poor Lilith, she has regrets. ; o ; andand I should have kept Mortimer in my town because in your story, he grew up to be incredibly handsome. ;o Your story is just so freaking amazing and dark, and it makes me wish I could write something like this! It’s so good! I wish I could embrace this story, it makes me want to hug it amorously. DX


    • medleymisty says:

      Thank you! πŸ™‚

      I took this week off. It hasn’t been easy or fun or enjoyable, but it’s been a break. Looking forward to getting back into it this weekend. The beat goes on.

      Seth is very interesting, yeah. I’ve seen him compared to a high school nerd before. I didn’t think of him that way myself but I can see it. He obviously never really had friends and has been isolated and alone most of his life.

      I was actually fairly upset with him myself when I wrote Jason’s death, but I’m over Jason now. Heh.

      Yep, lots of people think that Mortimer grows into a hottie.

      Thank you so much! And yes, it is dark. I’m generally a happy joyful bright person myself but my creative efforts do tend to turn out rather dark. I think that I’m just comfortable with my shadow and express it through art. I’ve read that the whole point of art is to safely express our dark sides.

      You can write whatever you want, and based on your comment I’m going to guess that you’re a great writer. πŸ™‚ One thing that I’ve learned – I’ll read something by someone else that I really like and I’ll start to feel down because I can’t write like that, but then I remember – I write like me. We all have our own styles, and different does not mean less than or better than. It just means different.


  36. Ah, I can kind of see where this is going-not completely, but I have my ideas. Especially if Lilith is the Ice, Seth the Fire. Yin and Yang.

    I do like how you tied in the three deaths of Bella, Shannon, and Jason. Jason’s plant being the least grown. Great symbolism in that.

    Awesome work! Off to read more!


  37. roumoocarter says:

    It’s bone-chilling. He seems like he wants her, like wants her wants her. For some reason that I’m not sure of yet.

    You’re a great writer. Keep it up!


  38. Valerie says:

    The three stages of plants are so perfect. Perfectly creepy! I also love the picture of Lilith where the moon is peeking out from around the tree.


  39. Katrea says:

    I’m not sure if my previous post went through so I’m reposting. If I repeat myself, you know why lol.
    It was so creepy to see the three different plants. They were basically the remains of people she knew. I also liked seeing how Lilith seemed to throw Seth off with her voice alone. He definitely wasn’t expecting her to speak when she did.


    • medleymisty says:

      I am glad that I achieved the creepy! πŸ™‚ And yeah – I think he had it all planned out, that he’d rehearsed it, and then she was all “I’m all in your plans, wrecking them and stuff.” πŸ˜‰


  40. Seeds? Oh yeah… he’s genuinely a total creep. I hope we figure out why.


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