I Am Not Goopy!!!

How This Works

This is an interactive story, sort of a Sims 3 text based RPG. You can comment with commands for the main character and I will incorporate the commands into the next update. You have some freedom and they don’t have to always be actions that are available in the game, but I’d like to keep a Sims 3 feel.

There’s a link to the thread that I totally ripped this idea from in this post, if you want to see an example.

And yes, it’s set in Sunset Valley. I considered Riverview for something different, but the blog is still named In the Valley of the Sun after all. 😉


You are a Sim. Your name, unfortunately, is Gunky GilsCarbo. You could really go the rest of your life without ever hearing that other name again. That other GilsCarbo. Oh, how you hate him.

You recently broke up with Girlfriend #5. Woot, halfway to your lifetime wish! You threw a party on the beach last night to celebrate, hoping to find #6. The last thing you remember is Xander Clavell asking if you were related to that other GilsCarbo. You punched him, he punched you, and then you woke up on the beach.

You wouldn’t have thought Xander could hit that hard.

You just started a job as a Coffee Courier at Doo Peas Corporate Towers. You suddenly realize that you are late for work, and you’ve heard that Iliana, your new boss, gets really cranky if she doesn’t have her morning coffee.

You also realize that you have, like, a ton of sand in your clothes. Which, actually…they don’t appear to be your clothes. They’re too clean, for one thing. Well, except for the sand, which is getting really itchy. And although you would certainly wear socks with sandals if you felt the occasion called for it, you would never ever wear plaid shorts. NEVER.

That other GilsCarbo wore plaid shorts.

You shudder. You would punch Xander again if he was here, but…he’s not. No one is. The beach is empty and silent. There’s not even any seagulls. The only sound you hear is the gentle lapping of the waves.

To the west is your house, 72 Water Lily Lane. To the southwest is Doo Peas.

The black long sleeved shirt that isn’t yours is getting rather hot.

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9 Responses to I Am Not Goopy!!!

  1. BB says:

    Go home. Don’t be the *other* GilsCarbo.



  2. Spyro says:

    Take off your shirt. Then go strutting to your job like you own the damn place. That will definitely make a great first impression on Iliana. 😀


  3. TheLunarFox says:

    Gunky, lol!

    I second the go home. Get dressed in sandless non-plaid shorts, Gunky. You’re already late.


  4. Go shower and change into workout clothes at the gym, then go to work. If your boss comments on your clothes or your lateness, tell her you’re working out so you can bring her coffee faster. 🙂

    I LOVE this idea! I used to devour those CYOA books.


  5. medleymisty says:

    Yay thanks for the comments guys!

    I have copied and pasted them into a draft and will write the next update tonight. 🙂 I am using my uber leet I have horrible social anxiety even on the internet skills to not look at who posted them while I’m copying and pasting, so I’m not influenced by who suggested what.

    Looking at them so far – ooh. They are somewhat contradictory but I think I can work with that. Already have some ideas. 🙂

    See you tonight! 🙂 We’ll say the game is paused at 6 p.m. EST and no more commands can be put in after that.


  6. kaldresh says:

    Hmmm. Depends. What’s his haste rating? rofl

    Definitely, as DB said – to the gym then off to work.


  7. palesunflower says:

    Stop by the diner to pick up a slice of coffee cake to go with the coffee.


  8. raquelaroden says:

    I’m with DB on this one…to the gym, then to work. 🙂


  9. medleymisty says:

    All right. 🙂 A bit later than I thought, but I’m off to write the next update. So no more commands can be entered for this update.

    See you before bedtime, hopefully. 🙂


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