Hey, Where is Everybody?

At this point, work is the very last thing on your mind. Perhaps you’ll stop by the hospital later to grab an admittance bracelet to show work tomorrow as an excuse, though how this day is going, you may end up using that “excuse” for REAL.

Curiosity overcomes you, and you pick up the green glowing figurine. Maybe something will happen if you rub it?

You kneel down to get a closer look at the cow plant. Cow plant figurine, you mean. Actual cow plants are extinct. Right? You know you read something about that back in high school, how Sims back in the day harvested all the wild cow plants and kept them around as pets and then eventually, after eating many thousands of Sims, the cow plants all died and Sims had to find other ways of dispatching their enemies and consuming the left over essence in order to prolong their lives.

Such a pretty green glow. So soft and comforting.

You reach out and touch the little statue. It’s warm and maybe a bit softer than it should be.

Lick the glowing cow figurine to find out what it tastes like. Isn’t it lunch time yet?

Your stomach grumbles. You’re so hungry. So very very hungry. It’s been a long time since the roasted wieners at the beach party.

For a brief moment, you wonder what eyes would taste like.

You shake the sound of the old woman’s skin tearing apart out of your ears, lift up the cow plant statue, and give it a good lick.

It seems slightly affronted by this and gives you a Look. With its non-existent eyes. That probably taste like cake. Mmm, cake.

I think he should call the police and tell them some lady tried to eat his eyes! Oh, on second thought, maybe not. They might think he’s crazy.

Wait, what are you doing? Kneeling in the middle of the road licking strangely glowing figurines? You’re not going to get Girlfriend #6 like this!

In a brief moment of sanity, you take your cellphone out and dial 91. Your finger hovers over the 1.

A car soaked in blood and disembodied ears and an old lady ripping her face off and talking about eating eyeballs.

You call the SVPD with that story, you’re likely to find yourself in Sunset Valley Sanatorium.

You put your cellphone back in your MIP.

That figurine is creepy…mail it to Abu Dhabi! Then get yourself a one way trip to Australia and take up a more relaxing past time…like crocodile wrestling.

There is a mailbox nearby. You could drop the cow plant figurine into it. Maybe use some paper from the easel to address it to your old friend in Abu Dhabi. The old friend who told Girlfriend #3 about Girlfriend #4 and could probably use a green glowing seemingly sentient cow plant figurine in his life.

Then you’d catch a flight to the other side of the world. Maybe Australia. They don’t have cowplants there. Don’t need them, with all their crocodiles and spiders and snakes.

Eye-eating zombies? Dead corpses in cars? Late child support payments? Sounds like this isn’t your day. You’re probably late for work, calling in with some excuse about traffic might buy you some extra time to see to the developing sand problem. Wonder if that cow figurine is worth any money, might help the current situation.

You’re already digging around your MIP for the easel when you think, hey, wait – the cow plant figurine might be worth something. It might be worth a lot. Especially with that green glow. That’s probably pretty rare. Maybe you should sell it.

Take the figurine to the science lab and find out if something’s wrong with it. It could be radioactive and ruin your insanely good looks. Or give you superpowers. One or the other.

Actually, you could take it to the science lab and get it appraised. Yes! Excellent idea! Best one you’ve had yet today!

You put the cow plant figurine in your MIP and get out your cellphone to call in late to work. Best to at least let them know that you’re alive and that you haven’t just skipped out on them.

You dial the office number.

It rings. Then it rings again. Then it rings some more. No one picks up.

Maybe everyone else is late too? Maybe they all have some variation of weird faceless old ladies to deal with?

You breathe a sigh of relief and head off to the science lab.

The only sound you hear as you jog along the streets is the slap of your sandals against the pavement. No one is stirring. There are no more cars, no paperboys or papergirls, no friendly eye eating zombie neighbors. You’re extremely grateful for that last one.

science lab oh noes!

You finally get to the science lab. It’s as silent and still as the rest of the town.

The door is unlocked. You push it open.

The smell hits you like a punch to the nether regions. It’s the smell from the Vaguester, times a million.

You slam the door shut and sag to the pavement, gasping for breath. And then you hear it.

Sccruh. Sccruh.

Something is shambling towards you.

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25 Responses to Hey, Where is Everybody?

  1. defined3x says:

    You turn around and every direction looking for the source of the “sccruch” but can’t find it. Bewildered, you drop the cow plant figurine on the ground on a hasty retreat out of the lab, but end up lost.

    Sandy pants? Bloody cars? Eye eating old ladies that look like Aunt Matilda? Licking a glowing figurine? Maybe you should head out to Sunset Valley Sanitorium, but you quickly shake that idea out of your head. You realize the sounds are coming closer and louder. You look into your MIP and get out your newspaper. If anything trys to attack, you should at least have a weapon.

    (I hope I did it right. If I did, don’t include this part 😀 Thank you.)


    • defined3x says:

      If I did my addition correctly you won’t include the stuff in parathensis right? Lol.


      • medleymisty says:

        I won’t. 🙂 I do try to remember to take out the unnecessary stuff.

        I am awake now – got home way too late to update last night. Will update at some point this afternoon – err, it’s Arath Basin’s weekend and my level 53 hunter can actually do that BG.


        • defined3x says:

          Ha ha, remember to go to sleep on time. Can’t wait for the next update, this is really fun. 😀


          • medleymisty says:

            Thanks. 🙂 I’m a bit stuck but I’m trying to get it going now – I think we’ve reached the point where stuff just got real, yo. So perhaps not an update every other day anymore. I will try to have this one out by tomorrow night if not tonight.

            Off to work.


  2. Jessie says:

    Use the cow plant as a weapon.


  3. DB loves her Mac says:

    Run out the back door to the little experimental garden behind the science center. Kneel to catch your breath, and notice a little sign by one of the plants: “Hi! I’m an omni plant. Feed me.” Consider whether glowing green cowplant figurines make good plant food.


  4. tipix7 says:

    Running would probably be a good idea about now. There’s a garden behind the facility, and engineered-apples probably make good amo (as well as a snack perhaps).


  5. EmilyH says:

    Go home! Maybe at your house there won’t be any scary things to get you!


  6. mountainshade1 says:

    It can’t be… Iliana?


  7. Connor says:

    Lead the zombie into the room where the scientists were doing brain reasearch. That should satisfy it 😛


  8. Anonymous says:

    Run home, barricade yourself in your house, and get out the shotgun and the canned beans. IT’S THE ZOMBIEPOCALYPSE!


  9. sims3rocks says:

    You turn around to find a pretty looking girl, who looks about 21, but turns out she’s not and trying to tell you that there’s a gigantic ugly plant hanging from your butt.
    You didn’t realize the cowplant had attached to your hiney while you ran like a maniac. The girl has a starange glint in her eye. ‘I turn 18 on Thursday, wanna go out sometime?’ You look closer, she’s the adopted daughter of the Landgraabs, she’s young, hot, and rich. Plan Girlfriend Number 6 comence!


  10. sims3rocks says:

    Did i do my part right?


    • medleymisty says:

      Ooh, should add some spice to the story. 🙂

      There is no right or wrong here, really. It’s a personal goal to take whatever you guys throw at me and do my best to find a place for it in the story, even if it does sometimes have to be something like Gunky just thinking about doing something that’s not really possible. I figure, hey, that adds characterization and backstory so it’s still important and helpful. 🙂


  11. raquelaroden says:

    ARgh! I keep missing the deadline for these things.

    I’ll throw something out there anyway, and try to be better!

    Whoever or whatever it is says, “Goopy?”


  12. thememorieslegacy says:

    You see four more zombies stagger towards you chanting, “eyes, brains, blood!”. You get up, plug your nose, run into the science lab, and slam the door into one of the zombies faces.


  13. medleymisty says:

    Going to dinner and a movie – will probably update in the wee hours of the morning.

    I’ll try to get the two from the previous chapter that posted just as I finished this chapter in as well.

    I try to not look at the comments too much beforehand, but I am seeing the word zombie a lot as I scroll by. Hmm, I wonder why? 😉


  14. helenpaige1 says:

    I just like to say this is an amazing idea. Yay!


  15. helenpaige1 says:

    You turn and see two zombies.
    You run inside the science lab, looking for help and hoping some one would be inside.


  16. Abby says:

    You turn around and Girlfriend #2 is behind you! You should never hook up with desperate women! They always come back, even after they’re six feet under!


  17. kaldresh says:

    Hope you did well in Arathi Basin. 🙂 My son’s account got hacked and we’ve spent the last two days on the phone with Blizzard (read: on hold) trying to fix it. They hacked the account, then set up an authenticator, then transferred two toons to different realms, deleted a toon (who hacks an account and deletes a level 80?) and sold everything worth anything. It’s been interesting…. Still waiting to see if everything gets replaced/set right. Sigh.


    • medleymisty says:

      Oh yeah – we lost a few and won a few. Had one game that was really close, but we ended up losing.

      I was in one AB where the Alliance got the achievement for winning by 10 points, grr. 🙂

      My original account got hacked – I’m playing on my husband’s account now and he got himself a new account. I think we’ve pretty much decided to just let Allerane, my old main, go.

      That is weird about deleting the 80, but who knows what people who hack accounts are thinking in the first place. Last I saw Allerane on the Armory, she was two levels higher than I’d played her to and had different professions (there went two years worth of work on enchanting down the drain) and most of her gear was gone.

      I hope things work out and your son gets everything back.


  18. kaldresh says:

    Haha – that’s funny about the Alliance… on my realm they have a hard time winning anything, it seems.

    I’m sure he’ll get everything back – at least they’ve assured me of this…? The level 80 thing… I think he has 3 or 4 level 80s on his account – yes, he has no life – so it’s not like he’s dying. But my 54 undead mage is NAKED! lol They took everything *except* the heirloom shoulderpads. lolz


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