Character Mosaics

I’ve had a long drought, I know. I was blocked, and then the new WoW expansion came out, and then the day before my birthday I sprained my right wrist and couldn’t type.

It’s getting better. It’s not perfect but it’s been a week and I’m typing this two-handed with just a little pain. And not being able to write has made me want to write so much. My goal is to have 10.08 out by Sunday night, but we’ll see. It is Christmas and all.

I spent tonight being fairly productive and doing character mosaics for Seth and Caitlyn. This is very much 10 Seth, Seth at 15, btw. Valley Seth’s would probably be darker. And have more fire. LOL.

Mosaics under the cut. 🙂

The idea is to answer questions about your character and then go look up pics on Flickr related to the answers and use the mosaic tool at Big Huge Labs. Credit for the idea goes to Beth and Gayl, of Sessions. Link is under Stories to the side, and you should definitely check their stuff out. 🙂

I’ve put the mosaic first, then the questions and answers. Had to resize Seth’s mosaic but it looks like Caitlyn’s works at the original size, being below the sidebar links.

Seth’s Mosaic


1. First Name: Seth (Egyptian god of chaos and the desert)

2. Favorite Food: apple sandwiches

3. Favorite Color: forest green

4. Favorite Weather: deep snow under a white/gray sky

5. Favorite Drink: water with lemon

6. Favorite thing to do on a Saturday night: read

7. One of the things I love most in the world: books

8. One of my hobbies: gardening

9. Currently reading: obscure alchemical texts

10. Worst thing that ever happened to me: being left alone

11. One word that describes me: nebulous

12. Something Else: loves beauty

Caitlyn’s Mosaic


1. First Name: Caitlyn (pure)

2. Favorite Food: spaghetti parmesan

3. Favorite Color: bright purple

4. Favorite Weather: soft warm rain

5. Favorite Drink: Jack Daniels

6. Favorite thing to do on a Saturday night: dance

7. One of the things I love most in the world: Joan Jett’s music

8. One of my hobbies: urban exploration

9. Currently reading: Like the Red Panda, by Andrea Seigel

10. Worst thing that ever happened to me: violation

11. One word that describes me: masked

12. Something Else: loves beauty

Yes, #12 is the same as Seth’s. But I thought it would be interesting to see the difference in what they consider beautiful. Though I should make the point that although I think Seth’s beauty picture sort of fits him, I really wanted to find something like the images from this video.

Rest My Chemistry – Interpol

Here are the other possibilities for questions in Seth’s mosaic.

Favorite play: Hamlet (rejected for being too easy and obvious, but now I’m interested in Caitlyn’s answer.)

Favorite fictional character: Grendel

Favorite pick up line: “My, you’re looking very flammable tonight.”

Favorite way to flirt: Kill everyone around the girl you like.

Favorite element: fire (obviously old school alchemical elements and not the periodic table of elements, although I’m sure he has a favorite on there too – probably sodium. I can see him digging Na, lol.)

Favorite My Little Pony: Princess Misty 😉

Hmm – tomorrow I will answer those questions for Caitlyn, and then try to start 10.08. Current plan is a paragraph or two, and then a break to rest the wrist (which is doing much much better – managed to pin my hair up all by myself today, yay!), rinse, repeat.

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7 Responses to Character Mosaics

  1. sundancer16 says:

    How creative! Now I want to do one.


  2. tipix7 says:

    Oh, your mosaics are so beautiful! Hope your wrist is feeling better and lets you write out some 10!


    • medleymisty says:

      Thank you! And err – I sort of fell on it again during Christmas. And I’ve found that one handed pecking is not conducive to flowy lyrical writing. And that sprained wrists can take two to TEN weeks to heal.

      It’s going to be a while. 😦


      • tipix7 says:

        Oh my. Ten weeks without 10? Or typing. Or writing? That sounds terminal to me – I really, really hope your wrist decides to heal within two weeks instead! Best wishes and gentle hugs! 😦


  3. lepifera says:

    While roaming the internet aimlessly, I stumbled upon this quote:

    “What is to give light must endure burning.”

    — Victor Frankl


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