Syrup: The Waffling

I feel kind of sick

I did love you, once.

I meant to write this yesterday

I dream, sometimes.

But I spent the evening throwing up instead

I dream that I am walking above the waterfall. I walk above it on a thin straight line, a black wire strung across the abyss.

So I called out sick from work today

In the morning, I wake. I smell your waffles.

You and your waffles.

And I did this.

I imagine a man walking along the ridges, precariously balanced between the little squares. The little squares are filled with syrup. I do not want the little man to fall into the syrup. But still, driven by some terrible urge, I press my fork down into the squares. I destroy the ridges. I take away the little man’s support. He tumbles down into the syrup. He cannot breathe, but he cannot die. He can only hang in the void of the syrup, the void where time slows down and a second takes days to pass and there is no meaning.

it's legs!

I remember the first time I heard your voice.

“So, what are you reading?”

Normally I would not have answered. I had learned. I had learned that other humans were treacherous, that they were dangerous, that if you trusted them with anything precious to you they would break it into pieces right in front of you.

But that had been years ago, and I liked your shoes.

blah blah blah it's not like anyone reads this, eh?

You still wear the same sort of bracelet, though its colors are different now. Now, when I see it, I imagine a little man walking across the top ring. Smelling your waffles. Balancing carefully above the syrup.

It was interesting writing Seth like this, though

Because of your shoes, because of your bracelet, because of the years spent alone in the syrup, I answered you.


I've never done him first person like this before.

Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I remember.

He's still not very verbose.

You forced me to leave my books and to go outside. You asked me questions I did not want to answer. You were supposed to be a lifeline, a way out of the syrup. You weren’t supposed to push me down into it.

So I stayed silent. I considered just walking away. Going back to my books. To my words.

But then I saw the plants.

This has half the words of Sarah's version.

Plants make sense. They are green and alive and growing, and they are silent. They do not hurt me.

I could not help myself. I told you about the plants. The bushes in the park were mostly Manhattans, also known as Euonymus kiautschovicus. They would flower in midsummer, small white flowers with a green tint to them. Later they would bear fruit, round pink bulbs that carried the seeds of the next generation.

But it was spring then, and the Manhattan’s leaves were new.

I don't know if this is really his voice or not though.

You really seemed interested. You weren’t bored. You didn’t laugh. You didn’t say I was weird. I looked up from the Manhattan bush, and I saw light in your eyes.

Your light lifted me out of the syrup. Your light put me on this wire, this thin line above the waterfall, above the abyss, above the syrup.

But I guess it is, at this point in his life.

Sometimes I get up at night, and I wonder when your light went out.

He's still sane, but he's tottering on the edge.

I remember the night you brought a flashlight to the park. Why did you do that?

But then you did not know. Like the leaves of the Manhattan bush, you were fresh and new. So I pushed the old dead memories out of my mind. You were not there. You could not know about the flashlight, about how she took it from me, how she broke it.

This is before Emma was born.

You told me your tale of zombies, lumbering beings who could not think or feel, who only wanted to eat brains.

It's awesome writing Seth throughout his lifespan.

But your zombies had standards. They would only eat brains that had been cooked to perfection in a raging fire.

seeing how he changes, and everything

I did love you, once.

I'm using this as my Second Chance Idol entry for this week

I leave you asleep and I go out to stare at the waterfall. I look up at the top, where the water first slips over the edge. I imagine walking across the edge. One foot in front of the other, on a wire so thin and so black that I cannot see it in the night. I feel it under my feet, slick with the spray of the water.

It's a writing competition on LJ.

You were beautiful. Your hair so blonde that it looked white in the light of the streetlamp. Your arms so thin and small, so fragile, that I could break them easily, without even trying.

I don't expect a Sims story to do very well.

Your hands are still as soft as they were then. I always made sure you had oven mitts to protect them. All these years of baking, of making your waffles, of abandoning me and letting your light go out and leaving me to the syrup.

But hopefully I won't get voted out.

You tasted of fire.

So I'm thinking of doing a new big real serial Sims story, set in Lunar Lakes.

I imagine myself walking on the wire. The roar of the water fills my brain. I think of you, with your light that has gone out and your waffles and your brain connoisseur zombies. I lose my balance.

Starring the Specter descendant who lives in the town. So - watch this space. Although I'll probably make a new blog, but I'll link it here.

I loved you not.

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11 Responses to Syrup: The Waffling

  1. Jessie says:

    This is like Wuthering Heights kind of romantic tragedy. So good and yet so very painful…Time for some serious happy romance. *pulls out Jane Eyre*.
    Stil following in silent shadows…


    • medleymisty says:

      Woot Jane Eyre! It’s my most favorite book ever! 🙂

      I think I’m the only person I know who also likes Wuthering Heights though.

      Yay I missed you! How are you doing? Thank you for dropping by and commenting! 🙂

      I am tossing around the idea of another serial Sims story, actually. Set in Lunar Lakes. Possibly using Noela Spector as a protagonist. We’ll see.


      • Jessie says:

        Hwo can you not be swept away by the romance of Jane and Edward? Its what all Romances should be. 🙂

        I’m doing okay. For the first time working on a bit of a story with my Sims instead of trying to complete a legacy only. (still havent succeeded in my Legacy…) It would be easier if I wasnt fighting with the game on my Desktop. So now I just work on it on weekends when I have my laptop at home rather than at work. Any advice for the newbie sims writer?

        Yay! I’m all for another serial. I havent picked up Lunar Lakes yet. Or any of the custom content i want. Why when I’m still trying to get EA to help me figure out why I cant run my game on my desktop for more than half a loading bar. *grumps* 2 months. Sorry I’m bitching.


        • medleymisty says:

          Awww, it sucks that the game isn’t working well for you well on the desktop.

          No need to apologize! 🙂 Bitch away.

          Oh man, any advice. LOL. Umm – people’s styles are so different. I could say to just let it go and let the game inspire you and see what happens, but I know that a lot of people need more structure and outlines and plans.

          I guess, really – I’d just say to not be afraid, and to be open. I remember seeing that back when I was more into the Sims community – people apologizing for what they had written, people talking about being scared of writing something. If you really want to write something meaningful and good, you have to just do it and not be afraid and not apologize for it. Just go wherever the game and your imagination takes you, and if it does scare you then that means you’re on to something, and you should push through the fear and do it, because it’ll be great. 🙂


  2. Gah, you have done it again!! I shall never look at waffles the same, will always imagine the wire and the little man. :O
    I love the doomed romance between these two, so sad. In game, every time I see the waterfall lot, I think of these two.


    • medleymisty says:

      Me too. Thus why the new story, should I ever get around to it, is in Lunar Lakes. Sunset Valley is forever tied to Valley, so I need a whole new town to work with for a new story. But I will always love Valley, and will continue to write in that universe whenever I want. 🙂

      This was also for Second Chance Idol, and the prompt was “high wire act”. 🙂 It went over surprisingly well, considering it was the first Sims story a lot of the people voting had ever read. 🙂


  3. RipuAncestor says:

    And here we have Seth’s poetic, sad and gently creepy voice! Yay! Seeing this side of the story and knowing that he too loved Sarah, in his own ways, makes things EVEN sadder and more complex. This was haunting and heart-wrenching. So I liked it a lot!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love Seth’s poetic voice and how he narrates. He once loved Sarah in his own way and that makes this story so tragically beautiful.
    I loved the use of similar pictures as Sarah’s version, but with the difference in tonality and word choice. His words have a haunting presence.
    I liked the use of Latin in there. 🙂 I took Latin in high school and while I can’t remember a lot, it makes me happy to see it.
    I also thought it was interesting the different colors reflecting in Seth’s glasses, almost symbolically – the purple in his glasses when he looks up at Sarah for the first time (the innocence of Sarah then and the potential for love), the green in his glasses when they are in the park (and his love of plants and his comfort with their silent growth), the white in his glasses when Sarah tells her ghost story (the haunting presence or fear of light or purity of their early relationship) and finally the black in his glasses as he leaves the house at night (the darkness overcome). Maybe I’m totally reading into things, but it seriously stuck out to me in the images.

    Liked by 1 person

    • medleymisty says:

      Yeah, I wanted to show how they saw the same things but interpreted them differently. 🙂

      I thought I would take something cool like Latin or German or Italian in high school, only to get there and find out that Spanish and French were the only options. I don’t know much Latin at all beyond the famous quotes.

      Oh wow, I’ll have to look for the glasses color thing! Once I wanted to do a pic with a fire reflected in Seth’s glasses but I couldn’t figure out how to get it to work.


      • We offered Spanish, French, American Sign Language at my school, and for those in advanced music classes, we had to take Latin. Catholic school. I enjoyed it. I took ASL too.

        I don’t know… the glasses thing just stood out to me. 🙂


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