Joy to the World

this is going to be fun

In his mind he was Seth Morrigan, Destroyer of Worlds. He controlled time and space, life and death. He walked in darkness, and he swallowed the light. The sun would not rise, because he did not wish it. The snow would not melt. No birds would sing. No one would ever turn on the stove and sing softly to themselves while making breakfast again, because he did not want that, because he wanted stillness and silence and darkness, because he wanted everything frozen, unmoving, unchanging. He would never get sick, or grow old, or die. He could stay in his garage forever, reading and doing experiments, and the world would not bother him. Because it would not exist. Because he would not allow it to exist.

Wheee this is fun!

In reality, the sun was rising and Sarah would be expecting him soon. She’d be making her waffles now, stirring the batter. Singing to herself, probably. She always did that. It annoyed him.

get into a loop which goes on forever

The Gotterdamerung would have to wait. He needed a couple of days to prepare the ritual. Everything should be ready by Christmas. That idea amused him. Everyone frozen around their trees, under the mistletoe. Little kids holding Salvation Army bells that would never ring again. An orphan standing in the road, looking into a warm well-lit house with a happy family, frozen in time, the snowflakes above his head never falling on to his dirty hair. Groups of people standing with their mouths open mid-carol. Oh yes. He would be a benevolent god, freezing their tears, or letting them have one moment of frozen joy that would never melt into misery.

haha, Seth making a grumpy face

But waffles came first. Ugh. He hated waffles.

listen to how calmly I can tell you the whole story

Waffles were full of syrup and butter and they didn’t burn very well at all. He’d tried to burn them but they’d just sat there, looking at him, being all “Haha, you can’t burn me!” He’d planned to use the ashes in an alchemical experiment.

haha this is so fun - you guys know this isn't like for real serious, right?

He’d hoped to create a potion that would make her stop, that would make her have nightmares about waffles, the same horrible nightmares that he had. He tossed in his sleep, sweating, dreaming of the syrup glooping and glopping, filling his lungs until he couldn’t breathe, with the yellow butter like the sun beating down on him, pressing him into the syrup. If she had those nightmares she would never want to make waffles again. She’d do something else for breakfast, like pancakes or fruit parfait. Anything but waffles.

dances to Seth music, like the Nirvana cover of The Man Who Sold the World

He opened the back door. He could smell the waffles. He could hear her singing.

tee hee this is all sorts of fun

She stood there in front of the stove. Singing. Making waffles. Killing him.

so guys, note the new link over on the side to my Tumblr?!

One day he’d make those waffles burn.

wooo yay

“Good morning! Don’t these waffles smell lovely? And the snow is so beautiful, and it’s almost Christmas.”

So yeah, you can follow me on Tumblr if you want or whatever

He took a plate of the waffles and followed her to the table. He didn’t say anything. There wasn’t anything to say. She had made her waffles again, and she thought that was enough, that the waffles would make him happy.

haha this is getting all in depth into waffles and their relationship for what I meant to be a short Christmas story

He knew her secret thoughts, the things she never said.

I like Lilith and all, but dang I love writing Seth

He knew that she cried in their bed when he spent all night in the garage. He knew that she read her cookbooks and her romances, talked to her friends from work on the phone, and wished that he would come in and be with her, talk to her, look at her, notice that she existed.

hey, one of the prompts was waffles, okay?

If only she wouldn’t make the waffles.

I'm not going to sleep until this is done!

He smushed the butter down into the waffles. He pressed his fork into the little ridges so that the syrup flowed out and over. He imagined himself in the syrup. Drowning. Gasping for breath. Reaching up, looking for a handhold, but he couldn’t find one because he’d already destroyed all the ridges.

I love writing yay

Sarah ate her waffles quickly, like a nervous little bird. She watched him hungrily, and as soon as he swallowed the last mouthful she spoke.

I'm listening to Star Wars dubstep wooo

“So I was thinking that we could have a Christmas party. I could invite all the girls from the work, and you could see if anyone at your lab wanted to come, and we could get a tree, and I have a mistletoe I could put up, and you already put up the lights.”

I'm listening to some Techno Tetris! It rocks! :)

“I could make fudge, and eggnog, and lobster thermidor, and anything else people wanted, and you could go out and get some wood and start a nice fire in the fireplace, and we could play Christmas music on the stereo, and oh, Seth. Wouldn’t it be wonderful?”

The game has decided that the School of Peace and Love is Seth's alma mater, by the way.

“You want to invite people here? You want to have a big party? You want to make me collect wood, make me be nice to people, make me talk about the snow and the cold and whatever stupid trashy book they just finished reading and the latest celebrity gossip? On Christmas? That’s what you want?”

and when I took these pictures, he was actually talking to Sarah about the School of Peace and Love

“I’ve got something to do already that day. It’s very important. You wouldn’t understand. It’s alchemical. Rainbows, unicorns, ancient legends, all that sort of thing. Nothing you’re interested in. You can have your party if you want, but I can’t be there. Sorry.”

So many comments to reply to in so many places, but I've got to get this done first

She just sat there, looking at him. Not saying anything. Probably thinking about waffles. Damn it.

I think I can almost see the end!

She got up, picked up her plate. He followed suit. She looked at him, again. She spoke, and her voice was very soft.

“Thank you for putting up the lights. Oh, and I thought I should tell you. You might want to know. I’m pregnant.”

hmm, what should I name this one?

She took her plate to the sink. He heard the water rushing, filling up the basin, the tink of the plate against the metal. He heard her sobs.

Haha yeah this story ain't going to be done this month, probably.

In his mind he was in a vast white field and the sky was bright blue above him, and everything was silent and still and he was alone and no one needed him, no one hounded him with parties, with lights, with voices and small talk and trees and fires, and there were no thoughts, no feelings.

No children.

He left her alone in the kitchen, and he went to find somewhere else. Something else. Something that would make sense, that would help him deal, help him understand.

He needed a drink.


Well isn't this familiar? LOL!

Across town, Lilith Parker dreamed.

I don't have Pets, okay?

She dreamed of unicorns.

Hahahahahah omg

She dreamed of rainbows.

I already said to not take this story seriously, you know.

She dreamed of prophecies, of glowing blue potions, of werewolves eating the sun. She dreamed of the twilight of the gods.


She dreamed of death.

Man, it's just like old times. Except her eye color is different. 'Cause the werewolf thing. :)

She woke up terrified.


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15 Responses to Joy to the World

  1. vupii says:

    Wow. That is all I can say now.
    Waffles, obviously an obstacle, quite an issue in their relationship.
    Looking forward how Seth is going to cope with the pregnancy thing.
    awesome writing and text again, Thank you for making my morning 🙂


    • medleymisty says:

      Thank you! 🙂 I hope that’s a good wow.

      LOL! Have you read Valley? It has a chapter titled Waffles. 🙂 And in The Sorrowdark story, there’s mention of Seth and his waffles. And yeah – waffles are a thing. And this story is based on prompts that my friends gave me, and one of the prompts was “I miss the waffles, I want to know more about them.” 🙂

      Oh yes, one of the prompts was also “birth”. And “rainbows” and “unicorns” and “humility”. 😉

      We shall see. Seth is not known for his ability to cope with anything much. 😉

      Yay thanks for reading and commenting and thus making my forever! 😉 *hugs*


      • vupii says:

        Yup, I read all about the waffles after I left my comment. I know more about Seth and the waffles now 😉 I’ll come lurking here with my morning coffee at morning, I have lot of reading to do…


        • medleymisty says:

          YAY! 🙂 And yep – I’ve been writing here since summer of 2009, so there’s a lot to read. *smiles all big and happy* And once this Christmas story is done, I’m going back to Valley 2 – aka Howling at the Moon. I’m getting all excited about it again now. 🙂

          I like the smell of coffee, but not the taste. Oooh I should ask my husband if he’s going to make tea!


  2. vickodo says:

    Hey you! Glad to see you post on the boards 🙂

    Destroyer of worlds… that first paragraph had me thinking of Anne Bishop’s Belladonna. Poor World Eater finally got everything dark only to realize darkness without even a sliver of light was too dark, even for him. I wonder what Seth will discover.

    So, so glad to see Seth et al. still alive and kicking! Am absolutely loving the alchemical references and bits of herbalism. Herbal lore is fascinating – really enjoying those bits. The Great Work! Love it!

    Sarah. Sigh. Her situation is so sad. My heart breaks for her. And she’s pregnant. This isn’t good. I want to scream at her to run, but even if a fictional character could hear me through a computer screen and act on it, I know she wouldn’t. Damn it, Sarah!!

    I’m really glad to hear you are feeling better – this year will be better! I just know it. The last couple of years have been… interesting for me as well so I’m banking on the better year theory. 😉 Can’t tell you how happy I am to have “run into you” today!



    • medleymisty says:

      Well, when I followed the link when it showed up on the referrals and saw you pimping out Valley, I had to say something! 😉

      *googles this Anne Bishop’s Belladona* Oh wow, that sounds like something I’d definitely be interested in! Thanks!

      As for what Seth will discover – I don’t know. This story is just silly for fun with prompts my friends gave me. I am looking forward to getting back to Valley 2 when this story is done though. This story is kind of set in Valley 2’s universe – it’s in Moonlight Falls, Seth is an alchemist and a witch, Lilith is a werewolf, etc. But I think any major character changes and lessons will take place in the real story. Which I’d sort of taken a long hiatus from it, but doing this is getting me excited about it again. 🙂 And it’s exposure therapy, right? Get me more used to putting stuff out in the Sims community again.

      And yeah, I’ve done a bit of research into alchemy, and will do more. 🙂 It’s awesome that alchemy is actually in the game now. The more I research it, the more I see how it’s perfect for Valley, how even before I really got into it I was already using its themes and metaphors in Valley. 🙂

      I don’t know if Christmas story Sarah will run, but umm – well. Just wait until Valley 2 Sarah shows up in that story. 😉 So looking forward to writing that, OMG!

      *hugs* Just so you know, when I have time (gosh, it’s getting to be like Valley’s glory days around here with social obligations) I’m gonna email you! 😉 And yes, this year will be better for both of us! 2012 was really good for me, actually – it was recovering from 2010 and 2011. And now I’m recovered, and good, and back, and 2013 is the Year of Writing! 🙂

      Well, I can’t tell you how happy I am that you pimped Valley out so I could run into you! 🙂 And also see numbers on my stats page that I have not seen since Valley was going strong, lol. 😉

      Talk to you soon!


      • vickodo says:

        You will either love me or hate me for the Anne Bishop referral. I love EVERYTHING I have seen her write. And if you think you’ll like Sebastian and Belladonna, just wait til you get to the Black Jewels books. Oh. My.

        Yes to exposure therapy!! The sims community can go hang – *I* want to read it!!! lol

        You are so right about the alchemy thing fitting right in – I remember you talking about it way back when. EA adding Supernatural is just icing on the cake!! If there is anything I can help with re: herbs or alchemy or whatever, please let me know. Would love to support your efforts. Not an alchemy expert at all, but I have a good background with herbs and I’ve researched witchcraft a bit, which has some cross-overs with alchemy, particularly the “High” magic practitioners.

        It’s so good to be in touch – I kind of disappeared for a while… so my fault. 🙂 No more bad years!!! And yes to write, write, write!!! I’ll hold you to that. I’ll look forward to hearing from you but don’t feel rushed or obligated – you’ll get to it when you can. I’m just really glad to find you still writing and doing your thing.

        HUGZ THIS BIG!!


  3. Megsina says:

    He really hates waffles X)
    I loved the detailed description of him spreading the butter and syrup onto his waffles.
    The Unicorn dream was very creative, can’t wait for the next update.


    • medleymisty says:

      Haha – yes, Seth hates his waffles. 😉 He’s always in the syrup, trying to get out, but he just can’t, man! The butter is keeping him down! 😉

      I don’t have Pets, alas. So I had to scour Tumblr for suitably amusing unicorn pics. 🙂 I have some more that I might use – there will be more detail on the dream later, when Lilith tries to explain it to people.

      I’ll try to have the next update out in at least a week if not sooner! 🙂 Thank you.


  4. Blu Paws says:

    Hey! Did you hear? Sarah’s pregnant ,Seth!
    And in true Seth fashion he must walk away.This woman needs the biggest hug. She was trying to bring some joy and Seth had to get all alchemist on her.
    Uh, oh Lilith’s dream/omen raises my eyebrows. (those pictures of the unicorns made me smile really wide 😉 I’d be terrified too if I was her. Unicorns and rainbows are nice until Seth gets a hold of it. Seth is such a Scrooge, though if you asked Seth, he’d think he was being a “benevolent god.”
    Great update. =)


    • medleymisty says:

      Poor Sarah. When I get back to Howling at the Moon though…;) I don’t want to spoil too much, but Howling Sarah has some surprises in store.

      Oh, Lilith’s Seth-related dreams are always cause for worry, lol. Yeah – I scoured the unicorn tag on Tumblr for amusing pictures. 🙂 And Seth, man – he’s always destroying beautiful things. In a beautiful artistic way though. 😉

      Yay thank you! 🙂 *hugs*


  5. Rad says:

    Good to see more Morrigan action. And winter is sooo pretty! My game has jusy cycled from summer to Autumn. Loving Seasons.


    • medleymisty says:

      Well hello there! *hugs* Good to see you around here! How are you doing? And yes, winter is very pretty. 🙂 I haven’t seen any of the other seasons – this neighborhood is set to all winter all the time for this story. Looking forward to trying out the other seasons when this is done though. 🙂


  6. Hmm think I might take that new waffle iron of mine back to the store.

    Great chapter I’m so intrigued.and feel kinda sorry for his wife. Looking forward to the next installment of rainbows, unicorns…AMD death.


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