Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

i am a sad panda sometimes

In Lilith’s mind, unicorns neighed, high and scared, and rainbows melted into small colorful puddles on the muddy ground.

and sometimes I have to force myself to work on updates

Her bedroom faded in and out of focus. For a few seconds it was real and she was alive and breathing and moving the covers off her and feeling cold, and then she was numb again, in a frozen still silent world where only unicorns moved, stumbling in a panic, and rainbows died glorious glittering deaths.

I think because it's Lilith

She wanted to stay in bed, where it was nice and warm and comfy, and if she took sleeping pills maybe she wouldn’t have the dreams.

I really want to write Seth, of course, lol.

The unicorns kept neighing at her. They wouldn’t shut up. Stupid unicorns, with their horns and their manes and their affinity for virgins.

I love Seth a lot yay!

She didn’t like people who had affinities for virgins. Or people who gave her scary weird dreams that were probably an omen or something. Man, she hated that shit. Sometimes it was freaky transparent little girls, showing her pictures of their mothers dying in a fire, or sometimes it was still unmoving waterfalls in a hot flat dreamscape, and now it was melty rainbows and screaming unicorns, and she was just really tired of it all, and she just wanted to sleep for once. Maybe have a nice dream about some hot dude. But noooooo. It was always with the weird surreal things and the metaphors and all.

seriously - I hope you guys know not to take this story seriously

Lilith stretched, and the real world came more into focus. She willed the dream world away. Back, back, damn unicorns.

haha omg once I decide to have fun with this and parody my own stuff it's like I want to do it

tee hee omg

They didn’t listen.

haha omg I just read the draft and this is hilarious so far

The windows were all frosted up and it was so cold, and maybe she should have gotten out her winter pajamas, but she didn’t. And anyway the bed was all warm once she’d been in it for a while. It was just that getting up was like being yanked out of a nice warm soft dark place into harsh light and cold open space, and now she knew why babies cried when they were born.

wheee I take pictures of EVERYTHING and then just think of silly captions for it - MM's tips for Sims storytelling!

She smoothed out the covers on her bed and thought about babies and whinnying unicorns and dying rainbows.

yay omg this is so fun and I love it yay yay yay

She’d have to tell Elizabeth.

wondering if I can finish with the pics I have or if I'll have to take new ones

It was so dark all the time, with the constant snowing and the low gray clouds, and she would have killed to see a bit of sun. But the sun wasn’t coming out today. It was possible that the sun would never come out again, that the sun would be eaten by evil werewolves, and then they’d all be frozen and dead. Except for the unicorns.

because of course if possible I'd like to finish this tonight

The unicorns would be all right, the cheeky little virgin loving buggers.

hahaha this is so fun

Elizabeth and Preston were training, just like she knew they would be. They were disciplined. They believed in hard work and sweat and blood and all those sorts of things, things that she just wasn’t into. But they let her hang with them, because she was pretty good at hunting, because she could eat a shark whole and they thought that was pretty cool, because she’d once ripped out an evil fairy’s throat all on her own, and the fairy hadn’t even had time to turn into one of those blobby little things with wings. Man, she hated when they did that, because then the fairies would use her instincts against her and she’d feel like she’d have to chase the blobby little thing and she’d get distracted and then the fairies would laugh at her.

It's like a cross between Valley and Gunky style writing, lol

She hated fairy laughter.

Yes I think I can maybe do this and wrap it up in the next three pics and hit publish wooo

“Hey guys. Thought I should come tell you that these screaming unicorns have invaded my mind, and I dreamed about them running around neighing mournfully while rainbows slowly and majestically collapsed into many colored puddles, and the world stopped moving and everyone stopped breathing and it was frozen and cold forever and ever. Thought you might want to know.”

I don't know, man. Seth and his angst are fun, but man, this version of Lilith is pretty fun too.

Lilith heard the thwack of Elizabeth’s kicks on the training dummy, the crash of the stone block as Preston chopped it in half.

“Yeah? Screaming unicorns? What were they screaming about?”

Elizabeth didn’t stop kicking. Kick kick kick slam. Elizabeth didn’t have to worry about fairies turning into the little blobby things with wings, because even if they did, she’d still kick the crap out of them.

Booo yah, ninja werewolves!

“I’m pretty sure they were screaming about the Gotterdamerung. The twilight of the gods. You know. The end of the world. Evil werewolves eating the sun, all that sort of thing. I think it was a message. I think the unicorns want us to stop it.”

Elizabeth stopped kicking.


Seth had never been to the swanky high class bar in town before, but there’s a first time for everything. For now. In a few days it’d be the last time for everything. Last time to have to listen to Sarah nagging him. Last time to have to explain his work to the administrators at the lab. Last time to have to eat waffles.

OMG he's so beautiful

“So what’ll you have, mister?”

omg last pic of the update!

“I’ll take a Four Horsemen. And Hell Follows.”

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17 Responses to Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

  1. Jessie says:

    …Holy crap. Lilith is loosing her mind and Seth is about to set the world aflame. I love it.


    • Darn it I should’ve just put ditto under here if I’d seen this comment before I made mine!! 😛


    • medleymisty says:

      Haha, that sounds like old times, eh? 😉 Actually Lilith is pretty sane here, I think. She’s definitely not the wilting flower of Valley, what with being a ninja werewolf who can eat sharks whole and rip out the throats of evil fairies and all. 😉 And she always has been a sort of conduit for Seth – did you like the reference to Nightmare and Daydream? 😉 In the next chapter or two there’ll be more revealed about the ninja werewolves and how Lilith knows what’s up from her dreams.


  2. Screaming Unicorns, evil faries, eating a shark whole….all I can say right now is… Woah!


    • medleymisty says:

      LOL! 🙂 Supernatural is awesome, and I love Lilith as a werewolf. 😉 And I don’t have Pets, but that’s okay – I think the random unicorn pics add a little extra zaniness and absurdity to the story. 🙂 Which this is definitely meant to be absurd and isn’t even high art like text-only Seth or anything. This is purely for fun. 🙂


  3. vupii says:

    Woo…I enjoyed this so much:) All the unicorns , nasty werewolves and ripping fairy’s throat. And Seth in a bar? where? I want to go there too;) I get the creeps when I look at Seth but then I find myself sighing in awe.He is creepy but handsome ♥


    • medleymisty says:

      Yay I’m glad you liked it! 🙂 The bar is the club in Moonlight Falls – not the supernatural hangout, but the nice one, the lounge. And yes, creepy but handsome is a good description of Seth. 🙂


  4. inujade says:

    So I’ve recently noticed that Lilith no longer has blue eyes, like she did in Valley. Here and in Howling. Any significance to that, or just a slight design change?

    I’m enjoying this story so far. 🙂


    • medleymisty says:

      Yay! I’m glad you like it. 🙂 It isn’t meant to be a grand sweeping masterpiece thing – for that, I plan to get back to Howling after I finish this. This has gotten me all excited about it again. 🙂 This is just for silly fun with the prompts my friends gave me.

      Yes, there is significance to it. Her eyes changed color when I made her a werewolf. 🙂 So those are her werewolf eyes.


  5. Poor Lilith, but it’s just like her to hate the dream and then try to make it come back. She seems less frightened by the prospect of the end of the world than annoyed by it. Elizabeth’s reaction is interesting. Does she take this seriously? Or does she have some reason to worry about her friend?

    Seth and his waffles….my god. That’s a perfect setting for him, polished and a bit banal, while he contemplates an apocalypse he apparently intends to engineer.

    Wonderful writing!


    • medleymisty says:

      You know Lilith well, eh? 😉 And yeah, I think Lilith would be more “God, more weird dreams.” than anything else at this point. This is Werewolf!Lilith, so she’s already been through the fire, and she’s not as excitable as Valley!Lilith.

      Oh, Elizabeth takes it seriously, but that’ll be in a future chapter.

      Hey, this is all based on prompts from friends, and one person said she missed the waffles and wanted to know more about them, so waffles it is! 🙂 And that’s just an EA bar in Moonlight Falls – it’s where the duel and subsequent fireblasting, all with guitar accompaniment, went down. 😉

      Yay thank you! I’m just having fun with this story and not really trying for major literary high art writing, so that means a lot. 🙂 *hugs*


  6. Blu Paws says:

    Hm, training your ass off seems like a good idea when shit is about to hit the fan. Lilith better take a lesson of kick-kick-slam from her friends – though if she devoured a shark whole I’m sure she could hold her own. That was a pretty vivid description I might add! That and ripping an evil fairy’s throat apart. I couldn’t help but think of Lilith doing that to Glitterface as benevolent as she is.
    Four Horsemen and Hell Follows – what else could you possibly drink at a time like this? Cheers.=D


    • medleymisty says:

      Shit may just be about to hit the fan at some point soon, yes. 😉 That holiday party has to go wrong, you know. And yeah, Werewolf!Lilith can indeed hold her own. 🙂 Aww, she wouldn’t do it to Glitterface! But not all fairies are nice, and not all werewolves are good. Oh, and also I need to work vampires in at some point, lol.

      It’s an actual drink and everything! I looked up drink names, and it seemed the most appropriate for Seth to be drinking, definitely. 🙂


  7. inujade says:

    In the name of struggle, would you like some constructive criticism? I promise to be kind, and you can take it or leave it as you please. The writer always gets last say, after all. 😉

    I also promise to be honest.


    • medleymisty says:


      Maybe not on this story, because I know I haven’t been trying here and anyway it’s just for fun and silliness, like Gunky and Starla and the legacies of Sims 2 days.

      But if you’re feeling generous enough to do it for 10 *ugh I’ve been trying to link to the story index but it’s all messed up – https://medleymisty.wordpress.com/10inde/, if that works*, I’d appreciate that. I know it’s old, but I do mean to go back to it, and it’s very much the story where I try to do the best I can and to improve, the story where I spent (and will spend again) eight hours on getting one paragraph right.

      Thank you for being awesome and nice and stuff.


      • inujade says:

        I posted here because I thought it might be easier to hear criticism on a story that wasn’t as dear to your heart. You’re very brave to invite it on your most serious work. 🙂

        Sure, I’ll look over 10. 🙂 I might need some time, though. I read it quite awhile ago, and it’s very stylized, so I’d want to be extra sure that my thoughts are applicable.


        • medleymisty says:

          Haha – whereas I’m all “NO, I know there’s tons of things wrong with this one because I haven’t been thinking at all, I’ve just been writing, and I know it’s stupid and wrong and also it’s just for funsies, but hey – 10 is all serious and for real and I’ve put effort into it and I want to go back to it but rereading it while posting it on Tumblr I can see that there are things wrong with it, that it could be better, so hey.”

          I know that some people in the community may have gotten the idea that I don’t respond well to criticism from my reaction to the secrets. And it’s true, I don’t respond well to hateful anonymous public criticism. But honest and thoughtful and kind criticism from a person with a name and an email, posted as a direct response to what you’re criticizing? I respect that.


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