To You Everything I Bestow

Have some Jason/Lilith picspam! 🙂 Set to this song: To You Everything I Bestow, by Mundy.

The Sims community on Tumblr is awesome, ya'll!

well you may not see me when you come back

It's weird because on Tumblr you have to think of how the pictures are presented, like if you have three in a set which one is the big one?

I am feeling better now

I could be sharing someone else’s pillow

I just found Lana Del Rey! I think that's how you spell it? Not sure

anyway, someone had her song Blue Jeans auto-playing on their Tumblr and I really like it

and my love for you is better than diamonds


lookit the little virtual people hugging!

to you everything I bestow

I was like no please, stay here

and tomorrow I’ll be dancing on my own

I'll love you 'til the end of the time

and I’ll need a kiss for my head that’s aching

oops! It's late, okay

and I’ll be a hungry dog without a bone


hello I am a bear!

hoping my place with you’s not taken

I like to eat Sims!

kiss me and tell me it’s not broken

I am also a zombie bear! I hide in the mausoleum! It is a good place for a zombie bear!

kiss me and kiss me ‘til I’m dead

There are lots of bodies to eat and sometimes there are even alive ones who come and I breathe fire at them!

see I’ll give you the stars, from the bruised evenin’ sky

because I am a zombie bear who can breathe fire

and a crown of jewels for your head now

phear me!

for your head now

one time this dude came down in the mausoleum, right, talking about how he controls the fire and shit

and for your head now, and for your head

one last night in bed for a time

he weren't scared or nothing though, he kept talking about fire and how it purifies and cleanses and burns and burns, and how we're all alone, and stuff.

two more wishes and both are for thine

he had this weird glassy look in his eye, I don't even. Anyway so he kept going on about the fire, and I thought he might like a little demonstration, you know? So I breathed fire at him.

and three guesses you’re the angel’s child

He just stood there and took it, man! He just stood there in the fire. Glaring at me. Glare glare glare.

four hopes that this love’s not spoiled

So I reared up on what's left of my back legs. Zombie bear, remember? Motherfucking fire breathing zombie bear. The dude looked at me, but I don't think he was looking at me, really. He was looking through me.

kiss me and tell me it’s not broken

So then I roared at him, right, and you should hear my roar. It sounds like a shark riding a dinosaur and firing a RPG and screaming defiance to the whole world, plus fire and also death. Like, my roar is pretty badass, you know?

kiss me and kiss me ‘till I’m dead

It didn't do anything to him! He just stood there, looking all intense and quiet. I got scared. Me, a motherfucking zombie bear! But yeah, I was real scared.

see, I give you the stars from the bruised evenin’ sky

He was mumbling something to himself. It sounded like, like - fire death alone fire death alone fire death alone. I thought about that a bit.

and a crown of jewels for your head now

for your head now

for your head now

for your head


I thought that made sense. I could breathe fire, he was down in the mausoleum caverns alone with me, and he was gonna die.

and if you come back I’ll take you to the garden

But I was wrong. You know what he did? You know what that crazy motherfucker did?!

we’ll dance to an orchestra on the lawn

He pulled a flamethrower out of his ass and just went to town, man! Flames! Flames everywhere!

and we roll in the foggy dew

I may be dead and decaying but man, fire still hurts. Plus I don't want to lose what bits I still have, you know?

and dance with the ghosts upon

the dawn and on the dawn and on the dawn

then you’ll kiss me and tell me it’s not broken

But he just kept going with the flamethrower, and all my bits were melting, man! Oh, the bearmanity! I didn't know what to do, so I just roared and danced and melted all up in his face, but it didn't do nothin'.

kiss me and kiss me ‘til I’m dead

But then he just stopped. It was eerie, man. He just stopped and stood there, the flamethrower hanging on his side, and he stared out with those empty green eyes, and I don't know what. I was all melting and it was pretty painful and I couldn't see too clear, what with my eyeballs on fire.

see, I give you the stars from the bruised evenin’ sky

and a crown of jewels for your head now

for your head now

Yeah so then he left, and eventually my bits stopped melting, and now I'm like way more badass and scarier than before, even! You oughta see those Sims run when they come up on me and I breathe fire at them, like step off bitches! I'll always remember that one though, man. The one who didn't run, who burnt me all up. I wonder what his deal was, man? And what the fuck was up with that Sarah girl, 'cause she must have been pretty bad to get a dude like that to cry over her. Man. Anyway, gotta go eat some Sims now. Catch you later!

and for your head now, for your head


for your head now


Happy friendship fun time dance! 🙂

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6 Responses to To You Everything I Bestow

  1. Anonymous says:

    are you going to put another part?


  2. Blu Paws says:

    D’aaw. These two are loverly together… even if they had their moments where it didn’t feel like a love song. =/ That gif made me smile.


    • medleymisty says:

      🙂 I like making gifs! It was fun once I learned how to do it. And yeah – it’ll be interesting to see how it goes with them in Howling at the Moon. 😉 Moonlight Falls Jason is like Sunset Valley Jason in essence, but he has had different experiences and so he is his own individual Jason as well.


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