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Tiny Knife Elephants

Unzipping a canvas tent flap is not quite the same thing as opening stiff hotel curtains, but it’ll do. Hello, Jasper. I got your last letter just before Sarah and I left San Myshuno for three days in Granite Falls.

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Caramel Centers

Hello, Anya. Today I went out to the tracks. I waited for a while, but no door ever appeared. Sometimes a train would come clanking down the tracks. I did not try to go through the trains, though. I don’t … Continue reading

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Black Hole

I opened the door. I am in the lobby. Taking out the trash. Waiting to see if everything is going to go wrong. I hope that if it does, the vase with the fake orchids gets smashed first.

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Inside the Walls

I am safe inside the walls, and the sun cannot get to me. Hello, Anya. Earlier today the computer chair was in shadow for a time, and I read your letter. I had to read it quickly and then get … Continue reading

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Some days the sun is less hungry than others. Hello again, Jasper. I read your reply to my letter last night. The therapist’s office is in Magnolia Promenade. The sunlight here is different from the sunlight in San Myshuno. The … Continue reading

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Cardboard City

Sarah said I needed exercise. She said that if I thought the sun was trying to eat me, then okay, I could go out at night if that would help, but that I needed exercise. She said endorphins would be … Continue reading

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The Swallowing Sun

The sun is trying to eat me. I go outside sometimes, and I walk in its light. It shines in my eyes. It gives me headaches. This morning I am safely inside, protected from its rays by layers of glass … Continue reading

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