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Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

In Lilith’s mind, unicorns neighed, high and scared, and rainbows melted into small colorful puddles on the muddy ground.

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Joy to the World

In his mind he was Seth Morrigan, Destroyer of Worlds. He controlled time and space, life and death. He walked in darkness, and he swallowed the light. The sun would not rise, because he did not wish it. The snow … Continue reading

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Ol’ Knocky

I think they call it an imprint.  When something real tragic happens, they say it leaves an imprint on the air and that sometimes when folks come by it replays itself.  Like a moving picture. I reckon maybe the people … Continue reading

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Some Assembly Required

Dr. Morrigan was a mad scientist. Everyone knew that. His castle sat atop a hill overlooking the village. Tattered pink banners fluttered from gray turrets topped by crumbling crenellations. The drawbridge hadn’t been drawn up in centuries. Its chains hung … Continue reading

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Olivia wiggled her toes. The sun’s touch was light on her skin and the grass was green and good under her feet.

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One swims in the syrup. One breathes it in through all the minutes and the hours and the days. The days turn into weeks and the weeks turn into years and the syrup turns to death.

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I thought I would do another Seth short before finishing Valley. This one was inspired by a writing contest at a forum. The due date for the contest was the day that I started plotting the story out, so oh … Continue reading

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The fire raged.

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She followed him.

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The truth, Lilith…

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