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Parmenides in Love

Hello, Anya. I am always glad to hear from you, however your letters arrive. They show up on my computer, but I’m not sure how they get there. Especially if your computer is no longer working. But even when it … Continue reading

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Ghost Walk

Sometimes I am sitting on a bench, and the darkness sits next to me. It is wearing a skin of ash and embers. The darkness says, “I am sorry.” The darkness says, “I did not want to lose your universes.” … Continue reading

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Glitterface and The Three T’s

Glitterface was an angry fairy. The Fairy Queen had taken all her friends. She climbed up out of the grave she’d been hiding in. The queen’s goons had come that afternoon, looking for beauty. All the beauty in the world … Continue reading

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The air feels different here. It’s light. Springy. Like I could take a big breath of it, hold it in my lungs, and float up to the clouds. But the weight of the dim green clouds seems to forbid such frivolity. … Continue reading

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I had never pegged Marigold as being into unicorns on velvet under blacklight. But maybe this is what she thought people expected when they came to the wagon to have their fortune told. Maybe I should dye my hair pink. … Continue reading

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