Surreal Darkness

I am totally going to update Moonfall soon

Usually the darkness comes in the mail.

Sometimes it comes through the chimney, or through a window open to catch the yellow afternoon sun. Once it came up through the toilet. That was a bad day.

Mostly, though, it’s the mail.

I have the intro to the next chapter written

Sometimes the darkness and I go for a walk.

They are not very pleasant, these walks.

I just got stalled because of things, and also not having any motivation to go in game and take new pics

Sometimes the darkness and I go for a swim.

The water is very cold. The wind whistles through the reeds.

The darkness tries to drown me. I beat against it with my fists.

It says that it was joking, that I need to lighten up.

Lighten up.


Pics are hard, bro

Sometimes the darkness and I go to the graveyard.

The darkness says I will be like the names on the stones one day. Bones and dust, under the ground. It says that it will never die, that it will flow always through the world, covering all things. Even my bones.

I tell it that its life is sad.

It tries to choke me, but I hide behind the statue.

While it stalks around the graveyard, angrily yelling my name, I read the tombstones. Beloved mother, infant son, gone home to rest. I would like to rest.

The darkness finally looks behind the statue.

I am dusty bones.

but I have been writing this little thing on my Tumblr

Sometimes the darkness and I go into town.

It gives me money. I buy dolls for it. The shopkeeper looks at me funny. I escape back into the street.

The darkness calls the dolls “creepy”, tears their heads off, and throws them to the ground. Small children watching nearby begin crying.

I stand with my back against a brick wall, in the shadows. I watch the children. Their mouths are open, terrible tiny teeth glowing in the sun.

The darkness eats them, one by one.

easy and low effort - and also no editing of the writing

Sometimes the darkness and I go to the movies.

I want to watch a black and white classic love story. It wants to watch the latest 3D slasher flick.

I tell it that it shouldn’t put such images in its mind, that violence rots the soul. It says that its soul is blood and guts and dismemberment.

Time passes. Tick tock. Tick tock.

We buy our tickets.

I am dismembered.

plus, okay, I went back to WoW

Sometimes the darkness and I go exploring early in the morning, when the buildings of the town are empty.

It says that we should break all the windows, destroy the order of the world for the people who are still asleep, so that when they wake up and come here they will be unsure and afraid.

While it is looking for rocks of suitable size, I watch the shadows of the tree branches. They are still. There is no wind.

The building is beautiful in the early sun, and I do not want to defile it. The darkness comes back with a big rock. I take the rock out of its hands and run.

It finds another rock.

The last thing I see is a branch above me, moving slightly in the breeze that just sprang up.

although my raid team died a couple of weeks ago through drama that I didn't see and don't know about

Sometimes the darkness and I go to the beach.

I wonder about the people who live in these tiny houses. Are they tiny people? Do they have tiny lives with tiny spouses and tiny children and tiny food that they eat with tiny utensils? Do they have tiny pets? Do they watch tiny TVs? Do they go to their tiny jobs and swear tiny swears at their tiny boss?

The darkness says that the people who live in the houses are of average size. It also says that the brush around their fire pit is very dry, and that all it would take is one tiny spark.

I stand back and watch, my face reddening in the heat, as a giant fire rips through the tiny houses and renders all the tiny people’s tiny hopes and tiny dreams into tiny ashes.

The darkness dances.

also also you guys!!! you guys!!!!

Sometimes the darkness and I go dancing in the rain.

I feel the rain on my skin. I think about it seeping into me and nourishing new growth. The water splashes as I dance on the wet grass, and I am green and shiny and new.

The darkness says that it’s acid rain, that it is the gods pissing on us because we have disappointed them. It says that the rain is corroding my skin, that soon I will be a skeleton.

I say that at least I will be a skeleton who is dancing in the rain.

The darkness sheds its skin and wanders off, its bones dark gray and dripping. It says it has small children to scare and then eat, and that it will be home late.

I pick up its skin when it is gone. I slide the skin on, to protect my bones from the godpiss.

I continue dancing.

haha Chrome doesn't recognize godpiss as a word

Sometimes the darkness and I play in the fountain.

I want to pour soap in the fountain and make pretty bubbles. I like to watch them rise in the air, so fragile, and then…pop! No more bubble. The bubble is dead. Gone. I like how it’s a symbol of the brief beauty of life.

The darkness says no, we should pour zombies into the water.

I ask it where we could get zombies at this time of day.

The light from the rising sun is soft, and by the fountain, in the shadow of the tall buildings, it is cool. I draw the shadowskin I took from the darkness closer.

The darkness looks at its old skin. I think it wants it back.

It says that we are on an ancient burial mound, that it can just call up zombies from the ground right now.

I ask how we can pour the zombies into the fountain once they are up and out and walking around. The darkness does not answer, but it looks at the shadowskin again. Its eyes turn red.

I hear the scrabbling of bony fingers under my feet. The pavement cracks.

Five of the bony fingers reach up and grab the shadowskin. I let the fingers take it. The fingers become wavy, wet.

The darkness splashes in the fountain.

anyway what I wanted to say is.....

Sometimes the darkness and I go riding on the rainbows.

I wonder what lies at the end of the rainbow. Would it be a pot of gold? Could I slide down the rainbow, going faster and faster, until I slammed into the pot of gold? Would it hurt? Would the gold still be valuable if it had my blood on it? Could I use the gold to pay my hospital bill?

The darkness says that rainbows are unnatural, that color is a fraud played on humans by fickle extraterrestrial beings, that they are watching us and one day they will come down and suck all the color from the world, and then they will enslave us and eat those of us who cannot work. The darkness says that they are called Lovesys. Lovesys No Color.

I ask the darkness if the Lovesys No Colors could be paid off with the gold from the pot at the end of the rainbow.

The darkness says perhaps.

Then it eats the rainbow.


Sometimes the darkness and I sit on the benches in the middle of town and chill for a bit.

The darkness watches the people go by. I wonder what it is thinking.

I am thinking that these people must go home to warm well-lighted rooms, where they eat good dinners with loved ones, and there is much laughter and love. I am thinking of my home, of its shadows and its cold and its bare cupboards.

Does anyone even use the word cupboards now? When I look in the realty advertisements it’s all about 42 inch cabinets.

The darkness turns to me. It says, “The life of a human for your thoughts.” This is its little joke, its way of telling me that my life is worth no more than a penny.

I take a penny from my pocket. I turn it around, looking at the little pictures on either side of it. I throw it into the water fountain.

“Let’s go home,” I say to the darkness.

The darkness fishes my penny out of the fountain and swallows it. It laughs. Then it swallows the fountain, the benches, the people, and their warm well-lighted places.

The darkness opens its mouth. The love and laughter it consumed spills out, transformed into chilling giggleshapes and decaying heartcloth.

I go home and close myself up in one of my bare cupboards.

It is full of good nice people who are actually good and nice

Sometimes the darkness and I go riding at night.

The darkness drives. I look out the window, thinking of curves and wrong ways and speed.

The trees are dark and dreary, and they whisper of men swinging from their branches, of young maidens wandering into their forest and being swallowed, of cars wrapped around their trunks.

The darkness says “There is no surcease of sorrow.”

I sigh. Out there, in the forest, there are red glowing eyes among the trees. One of the eyes winks at me.

I look ahead, at the white fluorescent lights shining on the empty road.

and they are understanding and they get things and they are nice to me and they aren't mean and finally, finally

Sometimes the darkness and I go on vacation.

We walk through green fields, the sun warm on our backs. I stop and sit on a low stone wall near a tree.

The darkness says “Isn’t this land lovely, with the green grass and the tall trees with the soft breeze ruffling through their leaves?”

Its eyes grow round and red, and when it opens its mouth I see a dark red glow down its throat.

“I like the light and the yellow sun and the pretty fluttering butterflies,” it says.

The darkness laughs. I look away, at the trees. I focus on a leaf. I watch it move with the wind.

I hear the howls, the crackles. I feel the heat. My skin grows red with it. But I do not look, not even when the sky burns black and the ground turns to blood.

The leaf falls off the branch and swirls downward to the bloody ground.

I turn and look at the darkness. Its teeth drip with butterfly blood. I look down its gaping mouth. The dark red glow has been replaced with shimmery fluttery ghosts. I watch them dart here and there, frantic to escape their fate. Then the mouth closes, and they are gone.

I tell the darkness I want to go home.

I feel at home and accepted and okay in the Sims community

it only took me eight years to find the good people

but I did eventually find them

Sometimes the darkness and I talk about death.

I wonder if the Grim Reaper is nice, with a warm bony hand extending from the black robes and gently guiding you into the afterlife.

The darkness says that actually the Grim Reaper puts your soul on a flimsy wooden boat, does an intricately choreographed demonic dance that opens a blue and red void of despair, and shoves your boat off into the gaping maw. Then he waves madly as your soul is consumed by the corrupted spirits of everything you ever loved.

I tell the darkness that I like my version of death better.

It grins and begins to do a demonic dance.

But I really do want to continue Moonfall

Sometimes the darkness and I go walking along the railroad tracks.

I think of twirling mustaches, of title cards, of grayscale damsels mouthing the words “Oh no.”

I ask the darkness how the idea of tying a person to the railroad tracks became so ingrained in our culture, and what does it all mean?

The darkness says that it would be much more efficient, and also likely to kill more people, to tip the water towers over on to a passing train. It says that it would be very easy, that the towers are as matchsticks against its strength.

I hear the whistle of an oncoming train.

and also of course Surreal Darkness is an ongoing thing, and I guess I will update it on the WordPress again when I get enough pics done

Sometimes the darkness and I go walking on snow-covered bridges.

The snow glows yellow and pink in the setting sun. I can see my breath hanging in the air.

The darkness flows over the bridge. The snow turns dark gray beneath it.

I sit on the railing, looking at the frozen river below. The darkness says, what if someone jumped off the bridge on to the ice. It describes broken limbs, twisted and wrong. It speaks, slowly and lovingly, of brains dashed against the river.

I look out across the hills, where the snow is still yellow warm. My breath puffs out in front of my face.

I shove myself off the edge of the bridge.

My brain is filled with dashes.

and they even put up with me not having gone in the game in several months ;)

Sometimes the darkness and I go hiking.

The darkness pulls itself up a steep hill. It says that everything is red, and red is dead, and the dead are rising, and with the rising of the sun we will join them in their revels inside the red lifeless rock.

Birds fly above us. One drops out of the sky. Dead. It lands in front of me, and its body turns red. One red eye looks at me.

“See?” says the darkness.

I see.

The sun is rising.

Guess I should go check SST's rules. I say this has a plot! It does! ;)

Sometimes the darkness and I go birdwatching.

I look out over the hills of Monte Vista, and I imagine being a bird. I imagine lifting off into the sky and flying over the trees and the roads and the people, free and uncaring.

I glance over at the darkness. It is standing in the sun with its eyes closed, its arms spread wide. It too is imagining being a bird, flying on the wind.

I tickle its underarms.

It gasps and falls to the ground, helplessly laughing. I go for its feet. It squirms and laughs and tries to roll away from me.

That is when I make the secret bird signal, raising an index finger to the sky, and the birds fly towards us. They descend on the darkness. They rip into its shadowy skin and peck out its eyes.

I fall to the ground and roll around, laughing and screaming, as the birds drop bits of the darkness all around me.

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38 Responses to Surreal Darkness

  1. Scribbles says:

    Hmmm… do you win by shredding it, or is that losing?


  2. ishtarjmd says:

    Its been a while dear. Welcome back. Reading your work is like reading poetry.


    • medleymisty says:

      Yeah – I’m having trouble finding the motivation to go in the game and take the pics I need for the rest of the next Moonfall chapter. I do have the introductory few pictures done, and I do plan to continue. Maybe this weekend I’ll actually boot up the game.

      Plus we went and played World of Warcraft for a while, but our raiding team somehow died a couple of weeks ago. We’re not sure how. But that should give me more free time on the weekends! 🙂

      Awww, thank you! I’ve been writing these little things on my Tumblr to go with my scenery pics just for fun and as quick easy writing.


  3. That was really really beautiful :O

    That’s just wow, you’re amazing.


    • medleymisty says:

      *hugs you A LOT* Thank you, so very much! That really means a lot, and I’m so happy that you enjoyed it. 🙂

      I will post another bit once I have enough – this is an ongoing thing on my Tumblr where I just add little captions to my scenery pics when I feel like it.


  4. Spooky says:

    I’ve read pretty much all of your stories so far, and have liked/admired all of them, but this series (?) is (so far) my absolute favorite. I love everything about it. It’s got a kind of proper horror survival feel that I adore in all things, but especially in writing. This was just exceptional. I really hope you’ll either continue it or do something similar in the future.


    • medleymisty says:

      I like it a lot too! 🙂 And yes, I am going to continue it. It’s a thing I do on my Tumblr with my scenery shots whenever I feel like writing a bit just for fun – which means that this is all very off the cuff and random and not edited to death like usual. And it’s all been spread out over months, and when I put it together like this I was surprised by how the narrator’s voice is consistent through all of it, considering.

      Yay thank you! 🙂

      Today I’m going to post some other random older stuff, and then – well, I am sure I can find another scenery shot in my Tumblr pics folder and visit the darkness again here in a bit.


  5. Spooky says:

    Reblogged this on white claudia and commented:
    You gon’ read this. Don’t try to fight it.


  6. marsar2 says:

    I really liked the lyrical tone underlying this whole piece, both in pics and writing. Nicely done! 😀


  7. Shannon says:

    Yes, very poetic and existential. You had me at “Multiverses.” And I was identifying with the speaker, how the darkness comes to him and reminds him he’ll be dead one day, and wants to go to a slasher film instead of a romantic movie, and wants him to lighten up, and then he started talking about throwing rocks, and burning, and I thought, I didn’t want to go THAT far… but beautiful piece about the human condition.


    • medleymisty says:

      Yay thank you so much! 🙂 And the darkness can get pretty dark, yeah.

      Really though, thank you really really a lot for reading and commenting and now I am all happy and yay! *hugs you a LOT*


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  9. Beth says:

    It has been a long time since I have written you a comment, and for that I’m sorry. I love, love this. It’s frightening but in a knowledgeable way, a wary sitting down to dinner with someone who might rob you but isn’t likely to murder you. And oh wow your imagery is gorgeous. It always has been.


    • medleymisty says:

      *hugs* Thank you! And I don’t do a whole lot of commenting myself these days, so that’s fine.

      Yeah, I really like the relationship between the narrator and the darkness. If you keep reading, I’ll be interested to see what you think about it as the story progresses. 🙂


  10. RipuAncestor says:

    Wow, that was so beautiful! I love surreal stuff, and this was very well done surrealism with very nice pictures, and pretty thoughts. I especially loved the parts about death, railroad tracks, and cupboards. You are amazing.


    • medleymisty says:

      OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! *dances around a lot*


      *hugs you very much a lot*

      The tone and style changes as you go and the narrator and the darkness develop more of a relationship, so I hope you still like later chapters. 🙂


  11. theplumbob says:

    This is so creative! Also makes me want to go back to playing Midnight Hollow!


  12. Niura says:

    Wow, this is awesome!
    I don’t normally like stories with no actual story (i.e. action) but this was beautiful! Gave me the creeps – in a good way! I loved your pictures too. They got me very nostalgic because they reminded me of The Secret World, specifically the map of the Savage Coast with the Academy. The slowly creeping darkness you can’t seem to get rid of…


    • medleymisty says:

      Awww yay thank you! There is more action later – it started out as these little vignettes but later on it developed sort of a plot.

      I am very grateful that you gave it a chance. 🙂

      I haven’t played The Secret World. I want to check out more MMOs but it’s already enough balancing Sims writing with my WoW raiding guild.


      Liked by 1 person

  13. Sharae says:

    The cadence feels like a children’s story. With “sometimes the darkness and I” followed by a new setting and a lyrical tone throughout. This is the type of story that can be read aloud and easily imagined by an audience. As the narrator is nameless and not pictured, one can project the self onto the narrator and the story becomes very personal.

    I haven’t read the other chapters yet, but the narrator’s relationship with the darkness grows and shows complexity even here. The narrator’s struggle with the darkness– embracing it and pushing it away, wanting to please it and wanting to hurt it, trying to understand it and both repulsed and awed when learning about it– reflects the human struggle with the needs to create, protect, and destroy often being simultaneous desires. In the end, the only way to defeat the darkness is to become the darkness which is really just a victory for the darkness. But to not fight against it is also a victory for it. However, there were moments when the darkness seemed almost jealous of the things of “light” when the narrator would choose to admire and focus on such and the darkness sort of barreled its way in to suck, eat, rip these out. It always found a way to bring the focus back to itself.

    Lovely gruesome story. I enjoyed each smaller arc within the larger. And I love that you didn’t picture the darkness or the narrator as being able to “fill in the setting” (which had an otherworldly dreamy-reality feel… I know… surreal, haha) was fun for the imagination. The settings were a third character as it had so much impact on the way the darkness and the narrator interacted and, thus, the direction of the plot.
    I thought about this story long after I had read it. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • medleymisty says:

      Hello. I love you.

      I don’t know how the “sometimes the darkness and I” thing happened. I just did it with the first couple of pictures and then decided to continue with it. I play with it some in later chapters.

      I hadn’t thought of that angle of the narrator not having a name or a gender. Or a physical representation in the game. 😉

      Oh wow, that’s something I didn’t see, a changing relationship in this chapter. Thank you for that insight!

      And also all I can say about the rest of that paragraph is that a friend told me the other day that Surreal Darkness seems very personal, and wow. You saw things in it about me that I didn’t know were there, but now that you see it and say it I’m like “Oh. So that’s what was going on in my subconscious.”

      That last bit, about the darkness sucking and eating and ripping out the light and bringing the focus back to itself…yeah. I recognize where that came from.

      And oh my gosh, the bit about the scenery – you totally get why I just use scenery pics! And how, despite only using scenery pics, it is still very much a Sims story and the story is still shaped by the pictures.

      I will be extremely interested in your thoughts on the rest of the chapters. Thank you, really really a lot.

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Anonymous says:

    This chapter was more than just poetry it was like a song of visuals and words just breathtaking!


  15. raerei says:

    Very nice! I feel like while the narrator is more “like us” than the darkness is, I’m not certain I could call them human (or sim or whatever). I feel like they are more because of their relationship with the darkness.

    I like all your pictures, they only half look like they belong in the game. Half the time, I could be convinced they are pictures of a non-game building. (Like the one they were going to throw rocks at.)

    What I really loved about this chapter was all the sensible insanity (Where would we get zombies to throw in the fountain) to the utterly surreal (turning into bones behind a statue). And everything in between. There’s just the barest layer of reality over this whole thing and it’s wonderful the way you slide between the layers. The darkness swallowing the children could just be night falling or perhaps its more of a moral darkness as children lose their innocence.

    A lot of time passes in this, it feels like more time than a single person has…but then time, like reality is quite slippery and not to be trusted. I have no idea where this is going, but I’m eager to learn more about the narrator in this! Who are they and how do they have this relationship with darkness. How “real” is the darkness? How sane is our narrator?


  16. This is such a fascinating story. I was supposed to be sleeping and I couldn’t stop reading. I found myself wondering the whole time who the darkness was. Then I went back and reread the chapter (because yes, I thoroughly enjoyed it) and I wondered who the narrator was. I wondered: is the narrator insane? Is he/she losing his mind? Is the narrator even human?

    The relationship with the darkness was intense and eerie. Okay, what am I saying, downright creepy, but that’s what sucked me in and kept me reading and rereading. I couldn’t tell the difference between reality and imagination. Sometimes it seems like the darkness and the narrator are just playing together, almost like companions who’ve known each other for a long time, but aren’t quite friends, and have a love-hate relationship with one another. Other times it feels like the narrator is a prisoner of darkness, bound to its bizarrely twisted world.

    Your photos are surreal and awesome, almost making me forget their origin in a Sims game.

    I like the passage of time in this story. In college, I took a Latin American lit class and the professor stood up on his desk the first night of class. He opened a water bottle and shot water straight into the classroom. We were all startled. He explained this is how we, Americans, think of time. Linear. Straightforward. Then he sprinkled water all over the carpet in every direction. He explained this is how Latin Americans think of time. Fluid. Non-linear. Chaotic. Anything goes, he explained. You could be in the present and suddenly elements of the future are floating along side you and then maybe you aren’t really in the present, but now you’re in the past. Delightfully confounding and complex. That’s how I felt when I was reading your story. You get this sense that time is passing, but that time is also standing still, and at times, you wonder if years have passed in the span of days or days in the span of hours.

    I can’t wait to read more.


    • medleymisty says:

      Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!!! *jumps around in a circle*

      Thank you so very very very much forever a lot.

      Those are good questions about the narrator! Later in the story the darkness calls the narrator “the human”, so at least the darkness thinks the narrator is human. Who even knows though really, right? 😉

      I LOVE that description of their relationship!!!!! I love it very much a lot and I shall treasure it always. I think it fits, particularly for this chapter. Things change as the story goes on, and I’ll be interested to see what you think of that.

      Awww, thanks! The pics are really important to me and I love editing them. And Midnight Hollow is such an interesting place! I’d go play it more if Sims 3 was more stable and smooth for me.

      I’m Appalachian, and I’ve read that we have more in common with Latin American cultures than mainstream American culture when it comes to sense of time. So that makes sense to me. 🙂 And I love that imagery of the water.

      Also the darkness references the time thing later on in the story. 😉

      I can’t wait to read more of your comments! 🙂


      • You’re welcome. Midnight Hollow has always been challenging for me since the world is so dark. I’ve never really been brave enough to play there all that much.

        I thought it was cool how my professor in Latin Lit was so quirky and used really unusual ways of teaching us about culture and literature and life. It was one of my favorite classes. His demonstration definitely stuck out to me and has stayed with me. I don’t know much about Appalachia but it sounds like a fascinating culture.


  17. Very interesting story. Am thinking that the narrator is a ghost who is exploring the different Sim 3 worlds. Wonderful photos to add to the mystical mood of the storyline.

    Liked by 1 person

    • medleymisty says:

      Awww, thanks! I like the theory of the narrator being a ghost! I hadn’t heard that one before. I shall have to think about it. 🙂

      And also thank you for the bit about the pics! They are very important to me, so it’s good to know they work. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  18. chealsycat says:

    I love your story! ❤ It is marvellous!
    I've nominated it for Spirit Animal Award.


  19. chealsycat says:

    You’re welcome. 🙂
    I really enjoyed reading your story (I would even call it a mystic poem). ❤
    Among other moments I love how narrator conquers the darkness by tickling it. An unusual way. And so funny! 😀


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  21. samasasim says:

    Wow, words can’t really describe how interesting this is! I can’t really read it without thinking on every concept and question, which I like. You capture the landscapes beautifully as well.


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