Surreal Darkness

Sometimes the darkness and I tell stories.


This story is currently on hiatus.

Sarah Morrigan’s husband Seth hasn’t been the same since he was injured in a fire years ago. He ignores her. He obsesses about his garden and his alchemy. A shadow grows up around him. It fills their house, separating him from Sarah, choking her off.

One day he comes back to her. The shadow is gone.

Or is it?

Warnings – the usual death and angst and horror ones, plus also now sexual themes!

In the Valley of the Sun

This story is completed.🙂

Lilith Parker is working at the local paper, announcing births and birthdays and deaths. One morning her boss Shannon gives her a more exciting assignment – research the local haunted house and write an article on its history. Nice flavor for Halloween, right?

But then Shannon turns up dead the next day, the local townspeople seem intent on keeping the story of the haunted house a secret, and Lilith is being haunted herself. Will she survive?

Bits and Pieces

These are stand alone one off short stories, inspired by challenges and prompts at the LJ Idol writing community. Some are Sims stories, some are full text, some feature familiar characters, some have new characters.

Note – in pretty much everything I write there will be occasional curse words, non-gory violence, and DEATH!!! Also you may be eaten by grue.

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Void Where Prohibited

04-10-16_10-01-34 PM

Sometimes the darkness and I burn in the lights.

The ghost says it is sorry. It says, “I cannot control these lights. This part of the garden does not belong to me.”

We walk by giant plantcakes. Green leaves and red flowers sit atop them like frosting, and my stomach rumbles.

The darkness crackles. The ghost asks, “What did your friend say?”

I tell the ghost that the darkness said that it’s okay about the lights, that they don’t really hurt all that much. But of course that’s not what the darkness actually said. I try to not think about what it actually said, because I think that maybe the ghost can hear my thoughts too.

My stomach rumbles again.

The ghost says, “You can’t eat the plantcakes. Well, I mean, I guess you could, but then you would have to answer to Her.”

The ghost’s stomach rumbles too. I’m not sure where it keeps its stomach, but I definitely hear the rumble.

The ghost says, “I really am not going to eat you. If I did, I would have to answer to Her too.”

The ghost says, “I do want to, though. Quite a bit. I mean, no offense, but you look very tasty and I haven’t eaten anything in hundreds of years. The void in you would taste like death, but well, maybe I could just eat around it.”

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Ghost Walk

02-28-16_3-15-12 PM

Sometimes I am sitting on a bench, and the darkness sits next to me. It is wearing a skin of ash and embers.

The darkness says “I am sorry.”

The darkness says “I did not want to lose your universes.”

I think about asking the darkness what it’s sorry for. But I don’t.

I think I already know, anyway.

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The Unswallowing Place


Sometimes I search for the unswallowing place.

I think maybe if I can find it everything will go back to how it was. The darkness and I will be back in Midnight Hollow. It will be wearing the shadowskin and I will still be wearing my humanskin, and everything will be all right.

I look down at the skin I am wearing now. It still looks human, on the surface. But underneath the skin the black pulses.

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Still Waters

Over at the official Sims 4 forums, they have a short story challenge every month. Here’s the thread: Short Story Challenge.

This month’s theme was “lost”. The rules are only 12 pics and only 1500 words. Those limits were hard for me, but I stuck to them. This story comes in at a cool 1499 words.😉

And here it is!

Still Waters

11-28-15_5-46-48 PM

Daddy could tell they were coming. He said it was in the shape of the waves.

I said, “There ain’t no waves.”

He nodded and called me “astute”, and then he said, “That’s how you know. When the water gets real still and calm and the fish don’t bite. The fish know they’re coming too.”

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Liebster Award

I don’t usually do posts like this on the WordPress, but hey. Found me a new group of WordPress peeps who will hopefully become nice friends.🙂

So someone who I just met yesterday but who I hope will become a good friend nominated me for this. RipuAncestor, who writes The Fey of Life. I haven’t been able to check it out yet, but it’s next on my reading list. I think it’ll be good.🙂

Thank you so much for reading my little stories and for saying such nice things about them! I’m glad we found each other.

Here’s the part where you’re supposed to nominate other blogs. I usually don’t like doing things like that because I always worry about people feeling left out. But I’ll try.

Dear Cosmos – a lovely Sims 3 story that is very creative and unique and awesome, and the characters all look great, and well – you should go read it!

Uhhhh…none of the other stories over on my sidebar qualify, really. Either they haven’t updated in a while, I know they were just nominated to do this thing by someone else, or I don’t have a close relationship with the author and don’t feel comfortable tagging them.

So….if you’re reading this and you have a blog and you wanna answer my 11 questions I’ll post at the end, do it!

And here’s the point of the meme – answering 11 questions about my work!🙂

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The Spaces Where I Am Not


Sometimes there is no meaning.

Other times there is.

Sometimes I eat the apple. Sometimes I don’t.

Sometimes the darkness never came, not through the mail or the toilet or the window or anything.

Sometimes I bleed to death, down in the blue brightness. Other times I fade into the black, and that’s just it. That’s all there is.

I am inside the black.

The universes blink on and off.

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The Black


Sometimes I am not quite all here, which is something. It’s better than definitely not being here.

The screaming stopped. Eventually.

The skin came back. Some of it. Slowly.

I often tell the human that I want to wear a humanskin. I like the noises it makes in its brain when I say that.

Also it’s true. There are whole universes inside the human’s skin.

I saw the universes disappearing when it was sick, after it ate the apple.

I gave it too much. I think I am the sick one now.

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