Surreal Darkness

Sometimes the darkness and I tell stories.

Moonfall Story Index

Sarah Morrigan’s husband Seth hasn’t been the same since he was injured in a fire years ago. He ignores her. He obsesses about his garden and his alchemy. A shadow grows up around him. It fills their house, separating him from Sarah, choking her off.

One day he comes back to her. The shadow is gone.

Or is it?

Warnings - the usual death and angst and horror ones, plus also now sexual themes!

In the Valley of the Sun Story Index

This story is completed. :)

Lilith Parker is working at the local paper, announcing births and birthdays and deaths. One morning her boss Shannon gives her a more exciting assignment – research the local haunted house and write an article on its history. Nice flavor for Halloween, right?

But then Shannon turns up dead the next day, the local townspeople seem intent on keeping the story of the haunted house a secret, and Lilith is being haunted herself. Will she survive?

Bits and Pieces Story Index

These are stand alone one off short stories, inspired by challenges and prompts at the LJ Idol writing community. Some are Sims stories, some are full text, some feature familiar characters, some have new characters.

Note – in pretty much everything I write there will be occasional curse words, non-gory violence, and DEATH!!! Also you may be eaten by grue.

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Not Quite All There

oh gosh I have a headache

Sometimes the darkness and I hide from color devouring aliens in the hold of a cheaply made boat.

I ask “Do you think that they are going to enslave us? Or eat us?”

The darkness says “They will probably eat you. I can’t imagine that you would be a very good worker.”

I sigh. The darkness is probably right.

It says, “If it helps you feel any better, I think I will take one of their skins. I would like to be a nocolor.”

I think about this for a bit.

I remember the silence and the hissing and the cracked bones, and I ask, “What happened to you? In the blue brightness?”

The darkness does not answer, not for a long time.

Finally it says “If they do eat you, you may not die.”

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I have been playing the new WoW expansion quite a bit

Sometimes the darkness and I walk under purple willow trees.

The bridge and the river and the giant blurry death lights are all behind us. I feel better now.

I ask “How did your bones get wrinkly? I know that my skin gets wrinkly from being in the water, but how does that work with bone?”

The darkness does not answer.

I ask “Are you going to get a new skin now? It could be fun to wear this willow tree! Or these streetlights. They give me a nice warm comfy feeling. You could wear a streetlightskin.”

The darkness does not answer.

It walks a little ahead of me. The warm light from the streetlights shines on its skull.

I am so homesick.

I ask “Are there butterflies here? You could wear a butterflyskin. That would be pretty neat.”

The darkness does not answer.

Its bones are wrinkly and its red eyes are dull, and I wonder what else is behind us now.

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Deep Blue Howl

Hello yay more darkness!

Sometimes the darkness and I wander by my hopes and dreams, which are dangerously close to my regrets.

The darkness picked me up, after the apple.

It hisses, but I can’t make out the words. I say “What?”, and it hisses again. I still can’t hear it.

I hear the howling, though. It’s muffled, like traffic on a highway out past the neighborhood, but I hear it. I think it’s coming from me. But I’m not sure. Maybe it’s coming from the freight containers. Maybe it’s my hopes and dreams, all dying a terrible death.

I stumble, and the darkness picks me up.

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Glitterface and The Three T’s

Glitterface was an angry fairy. The Fairy Queen had taken all her friends.

She climbed up out of the grave she’d been hiding in.

The queen’s goons had come that afternoon, looking for beauty. All the beauty in the world must belong to the Fairy Queen, they said. Beauty was wasted on the fairies who lived outside the royal court, like the biker fairies and the farmer fairies and the bartender fairies and the religious recluse fairies and the fairies who dabbled in the magic arts.

It was definitely wasted on the necromancer fairies, like Glitterface.

She fluttered her wings, trying to shake off the bits of grave dirt that clung to them.

Some gravestones were toppled and broken. Others were gone, taken to the castle. Glitterface had heard the stomping of the goons above her, and she’d also heard the screams of the fairies who had come here to protect the memories of their loved ones.

Glitterface had no such compunctions about memories. She went through the graves, picking up bones. A femur here, an ulna there. She put them all in her pack.

There was one last thing to do. She flitted over to the final resting place of Goldenbones. The old fairy’s stone was still there, unbroken, plain as she had been plain in life.

But now she was dead.

Glitterface spoke in the ancient tongue, from the days before there were queens and goons and palaces, and her wings moved back and forth through the still evening air. Small dark red blobs of light fell from them.

She grinned as shining golden finger bones broke through the ground.

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hello I am here AGAIN omg!

Sometimes the darkness and I wear many skins.

The pig is still oinking, somewhere behind us. The darkness says, why’d you bark for, you idiot, and it says that now the pig will oink until the end of this universe.

I notice how it says “this universe”. So this is not Reality.

But I am beginning to think that maybe that’s the point.

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The Endarkening

back again woot!

Sometimes the darkness and I sit under trees and try to become enlightened.

Or, well, I do. The darkness looks at me sitting cross-legged under the tree, and it says “I am already endarkened.”

I close my eyes and try to breathe and be still.

The darkness roams around the trees. I hear its claws scraping against bark. Then I feel the trunk of my tree vibrating, and I hear small branches snapping and leaves shaking. It is climbing the tree I am sitting under.

I say “How am I supposed to become enlightened if you won’t leave me in peace?”

The darkness hisses from the branches above me, but the noise stops. I think it has settled down.

Time passes.

More time passes.

I sit with my eyes closed and I feel a slight breeze and I feel the trunk of the tree against my back and I feel the dirt beneath me and I feel the sap running through the tree and the worms moving in the earth and the birds flying through the sky and then there is no me, there is just the tree and the dirt and the sap and the worms and the birds and the sky.

“Worms are going to eat you one day, you know.”

I open my eyes and look up above me, and there is the darkness in its gatorskin, its red eyes peering down at me through the branches and leaves.

I say, “Yes, I know, and that is okay.”
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Even More Surreal

focus on the past your ass will be a has what

Sometimes the darkness and I go to the swamp.

The darkness wants a new skin. It says that alligator skin will do quite nicely, that it will be dark and rough and scaly and cold, like my soul. It says that once it has taken the alligator’s skin, I can eat the meat and absorb the alligator’s predatory power.

I tell the darkness that I don’t want to eat an alligator.

It says that it doesn’t care, that I will eat the alligator or it won’t let me have the shadowskin back.

Maybe I don’t want the shadowskin back.

The darkness says it heard that, and that I should watch my thoughts more. It says that it might like to try wearing a humanskin one day.

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