Smack a Werewolf

hellozors again!

The cab stops in front of a small run-down bar. It’s getting darker, and colder, but so far you haven’t grown claws. And you aren’t feeling a wild hunger for raw flesh. Still, you could do with a hamburger. You see one on the sidewalk sign. Your stomach rumbles.

Glitterface speaks, for the first time since she told the cab driver where to go. You sigh. You knew the peace wouldn’t last forever.

“Lus is the bartender here. She hears everything that goes on in this town. She’ll know if something’s up. Also, she makes the most awesome pollen punch you’ve ever had the pleasure of imbibing. Come on!”

sorry this update has taken a while

Your stomach sinks. The hamburger sign is a lie. You can’t imagine this place having any food other than peanuts in ashtrays. It looks like a pool table, all green felt and wood edges and yellow lights hazy with smoke.

Smoke. You shiver, remembering the dream with the fire.

there were weddings and emotions and broken feet and motivation issues

“Hey come on, don’t be scared. Lus doesn’t bite. I promise. She is a fairy though, so she might make your teeth chatter. But you know, if she does, you can just turn into a werewolf and tear her throat out or whatever. Although I’d rather you didn’t do that, ’cause I kind of like her and so I’d be upset. Like, if you killed her, we might have to become mortal enemies and then I’d flit through the forest on full moon nights, chasing you. And then we’d see who’d win, your sharp teeth or my wings and glitter and tricks. Oh, and my army of undead minions, ’cause I am a necrofairy and all. Which my army would probably include Lus, flitting around with her head hanging at a weird angle. And you don’t want that, do you? I mean, undead fairies don’t taste very good at all. I hear from my werewolf friends that they taste like rusted glitter and burned out husks of rainbows.”

You stare into the yellow light just inside the door of the bar. It just hangs there. Shining at you. It’s a bit dull and smoky, but still, it shines.

“Burned out husks of rainbows, huh? All right, I’m coming.”

ah, Lilith and a fireplace. It's like old times.

You walk by the fire. You’re too far away to feel the warmth and you can only barely hear the crackling of the flames, but you can imagine. You have no trouble imagining it, the heat searing your skin, the fire roaring in your ears.

You try to think happy thoughts instead, like about pollen punch and making new friends and not ripping their throats out.

Then you hear a new sound, much louder and more intrusive than the fire. Loud squeaking noises punctuated with heavy thumps. You wonder if maybe there’s a secret basketball court hidden in the bar and the fairy team is practicing for their upcoming game against the werewolf team. Then you realize the sounds are coming from the right corner of the room.

haha look! And in his zombie apoc clothes. :)

You look. You see messy brown hair. A comfy worn hoodie. Jeans that you wish were tighter. Strong authoritative thumping of any little gnomes that dare to show their heads.

You wonder if Lus will tell you about him. If she doesn’t, then you might have to rip her throat out.

I like this pic. But I think the new shape of the pics misses something from Valley, even if those pics were so much smaller

You follow Glitterface to the bar. She’s already talking to the bluey-purple fairy.

“Yo Lus, what up?”

“Not much. Slow night.”

You see the legendary Lus at the bar, pouring drinks. Apparently fairies come in many colors. You wonder if they all have tattoos, and what the rose tattoo means. Glitterface has a skull tattoo and she’s a necrofairy. You would think that Lus would have a bar or an alcoholic drink tattoo, but maybe bartending is a part time thing for her and really she grows roses. Do roses produce pollen? Maybe her pollen punch is rose-flavored. Or maybe behind the bar there’s a giant rose patch, and she throws the people who don’t pay their tabs into it, and the roses stab them to death with their thorns and then eat them, somehow, and turn them into the pollen that she uses to make the pollen punch.

Also you seem to be picking up habits of thought from Glitterface.

Like there's that pic of Seth coming into the house, with the moon behind him, and the open door, and it's such a perfect picture

“So he’s still here?”

Glitterface is looking at the man playing Smack a Gnome. Your ears perk up.

“Yeah. He comes every night now. It’s kind of sad, really. He doesn’t talk or get any drinks. He just goes over there and smacks things.”

Oh. So he’s silent and troubled. And he likes to smack things. Hmm.

The squareness is part of the perfection. With these rectangular pics, I could set up the same pic but I don't think it'd quite have the same punch.

You slide into the seat next to Glitterface. Lus gives her a look like who is this random person you have brought with you to my bar this fine evening, and blood swirls in your cheeks. But you aren’t going to pass out again. You are going to stay here on this chair and you are going to learn who you are, and also who the guy whacking gnomes like they personally insulted his honor and the honor of his house and his family and his cows is, or the claws will come out and you will tear out everyone’s throat.

Is okay. I just have to learn new things and learn how to get rectangular pictures to have the same punch. When we get to the epic bits.

“I found her outside the fairy house down by the cabin by the ocean. She was all fally down and stuff, and I took care of her, and I brought her here because maybe you might know what’s up with her. Oh, you better watch out. She’s a werewolf.”

I feel alone and sad and empty and like no one likes me or likes my stuff

Lus gives Glitterface another look. You think maybe you’re not the only one who thinks Glitterface is a bit of a loon.

which I know is really silly, okay?

Lus picks up a glass and slides it down to the bar to Glitterface. It looks more like liquid ice than pollen punch, but then you’ve never seen pollen punch or even heard of it until today, so who are you to judge?

Indeed, who are you to do anything? You have vague memories of being a savage monster thing and eating raw meat of some sort, which you still hope it wasn’t human meat or anything, or fairy meat, or anything sentient and two-legged. Well, unless it was maybe a tyrannosaurus rex, but you really seriously doubt that. And do dinosaurs count as sentient? How do you even know what dinosaurs are? You can’t remember anything before the beach this morning really but there seems to be a basic knowledge of life and the world in your mind. It’s just your personal life that’s a blank. You’re alone and untethered, but you weren’t always. You went to school. You had parents. You maybe had a boyfriend, even. You think you like the boys. You look over into the corner.

man I love me some skrillex

Yeah, you like the boys.

I wonder if anyone reads these anymore

Lus may have given Glitterface a drink but she doesn’t seem too happy still. Angry fairies are kind of cute, really. You almost reach out to touch her wings to see if they feel like old paper, but you don’t because probably a badass bartender fairy wouldn’t like you being in her personal space.

“So you find a random unknown werewolf passing out in front of your fairy house and you bring her here to my bar? Where she could turn at any second and rip the throats out of all my customers? How do you know she’s not working for him?”

God look at Lilith she's beautiful and fierce

You feel the need to speak up at this and defend yourself.

“I’m not working for anyone. I just kind of woke up on the beach this morning. I do remember eating something, but I’m not sure what it was, and that was a long time ago so do you have any food here? That’s pretty much all I remember about anything, though. And I don’t think I’ll turn into a werewolf and rip anyone’s throats out now, or at least I don’t seem to be growing claws or anything. I’m not sure how it works, really. Also who is the guy in the corner whacking at things, please?”

I have no idea what I'm doing or why this is so long

Lus considers your plea for understanding and caloric intake and information on the hot guy standing in the corner whacking at things.

well we hurt each other than we do it again

“Yeah, there’s not any fancy werewolf food here, like no bleeding steaks or nothing, but I might be able to find you a bowl of cereal or maybe brains, if you want. I keep the brains of all the people who tried to make trouble at my bar here in the refrigerator. The guy over in the corner lost his girlfriend a while ago. She was killed by a werewolf, who was working for this nasty witch dude. He likes to take his anger out on the smack a werewolf game, and I let him. And you had best not bother him, and if I find out you’re lying and you’re working for the witch, your brain’s gonna be in my refrigerator. All right?”

I lost a follower on Tumblr tonight and I figured out who it was! Eh - wasn't someone I really think I'd mesh with anyway

Wait, so those gnomes he’s smacking are werewolves? But they really looked like gnomes. Maybe they just told him that it was werewolves, and he believed them, because he wanted to. So maybe he’d believe you if you told him you weren’t a werewolf, totally, and you’d never kill anyone, but hey if he was single now anyway would he want to go out for a nice steak or something?

Your stomach growls.

I do have some teenage fans, but in general I think maybe teenagers aren't my target audience

“Hey Lus, chill. It’s cool. She’s nice and she honestly doesn’t remember anything and she’s not working for the witch. She didn’t even know she was a werewolf until I told her. I thought maybe you might have heard something, have some idea of who turned her. Maybe it was the witch, but if so something went wrong. I thought maybe we could get her on our side, you know?”

plus I tend to spam my stories on Tumblr, lol, and I guess maybe some people just can't handle the spam! ;)

You hear a deep growl to your right. You didn’t even hear this new person sit down, but then you were thinking pretty hard about cute guys in hoodies and jeans who apparently like to smack down small plastic representations of werewolves, and how that little prejudice could crush all your hopes and dreams of getting into those jeans.

The new person has fangs. And claws. And that deep growl. She speaks, and her voice shakes your bones and makes an ancient ancestral part of your brain quiver and draw in into itself.

“Well, look what the drunk necrofairy dragged in. We’ve been looking for you, girl.”

anyway I don't know, I get emo sometimes

“You’ve been looking for me?”

And I'm learning to not care so much about the opinions and reactions of others

Across the bar, in his dark corner, the cute guy in the hoodie slams his mallet down on the poor little plastic werewolves.

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18 Responses to Smack a Werewolf

  1. Jessie says:

    AAAGH! Cliffhanger!! Not nice!!
    But very cool. Why is it always the lunatics who infect us with their crazy thought processes and not the other way around?


    • medleymisty says:

      OMG I totally have not been on Facebook lately and I’ve been so busy and distracted and I don’t even know, but now I’ve got something up, even if it wasn’t a Christmas story chapter like I planned, so maybe I can sit down and write you a nice email this week. Did you figure out the picture thing?

      Also, come on, when do I not end on a cliffhanger of some sort? 😉


  2. inujade says:

    So when you said you were going to try and post this tonight, I decided to stay up until it appeared so I could read it. 🙂 Then I gave myself some time to think about it, now I’m commenting.

    I like Lustereye’s design very much, and it amuses me that Lilith thinks she’s cute –seems like all of Lus’ patrons sit around thinking about how cute she is. 😉

    Oh– anyone else reading this, spoiler alert for Valley, and such. Analysis of certain main characters to follow!

    I’m very interested to see Jason. I…dislike. Jason. That’s a feature, not a flaw. I’ve never been able to trust him, not since the first few chapters of Valley where he exhibits the signs of an emotional abuser. The early signs, the ones a broken person like Lilith wouldn’t be able to recognize, much less defend herself against. I study these sorts of things in a lot of depth, so when he tries to make her feel like the bad guy when he was the one who violated the trust and privacy between them –yeah. It gives me shivers.

    But for Valley!Lilith, that makes perfect sense. In “Alone” we saw how they first met, and it’s clear he speaks on her level (and hers is a lonely level, I should say. With thoughts like ‘bloody ice cream’). She wouldn’t want to risk losing that. In fact…if Lilith is the mirror of Seth, then I might even go so far as to guess that Lilith has similar abandonment issues to his. If she could keep someone who liked her, who could even begin to understand her, she probably would…even if it meant handing over her strings.

    Ah, but that was then.

    She isn’t so vulnerable now.

    And I’m excited to see how Jason deals with a Lilith who needs no white knight.


    • medleymisty says:

      Oh wow! I feel all blushy and happy and fuzzy now! 🙂

      Glitterface has a more normal face and ear configuration because of her hat, but with Lus I went for a more pixie like look, all sharp and angled. I’m glad you liked it. 🙂 And oh, does that mean you remember the Shimmerhands story?! 🙂

      That’s a very interesting observation about Jason. Especially considering that at the time I was writing Valley, the person who I thought was my best friend was an emotional abuser, and I’m fairly broken, and oh, he was an expert at making me feel like a horrible person when he’d done some not-nice thing to me. Lilith didn’t take the bait though – she stayed mad at Jason, IIRC. Until he came to get her from the Goth house, and she was all sorts of messed up by then and just looking for some sense of security. Which I didn’t really like Jason in the beginning either – he wasn’t meant to last past that breakfast scene actually, but man, Valley changed on me as I wrote it. By the later parts, he’d grown on me. I still don’t think he really truly knew Lilith though. He was more in love with an ideal in his head than with the real actual Lilith. He was so emo – one of my picture folders is named “emo Jason scene”, lol. And a later one of course is “manly Jason scene”, but even there – he was playing a role, the role of the white knight saving his lady, and I don’t think he was real big on the reality of said lady.

      Umm. How much of me is in my characters, lol? Well, okay, so a lot. It’s just I was talking to a friend earlier tonight about my abandonment issues and how I could be emo at the moment because of the time of year – my father died on January 25th. Of 1988, when I’d been seven for about five weeks. So yeah, I have abandonment issues. And I thought the ex-best friend could understand me, and I gave up my strings.

      But I took them back. Like Lilith, I grew claws. 😉 Which maybe that’s why I wanted to write a sequel, to explore all these issues now that I’ve grown and changed, through Lilith’s growing and changing.

      Other characters have also grown and changed. Jason’s not the only Valley character who’s alive and walking around in Moonlight Falls. 😉 I’ll really be interested in hearing your thoughts on the next Valley character reveal.

      I really love your comments. Thank you for being you and for being awesome. 🙂


  3. swiirl73 says:

    Wow. New reader here, and I find myself sucked into your world already by the first pic. Now I have to look at your other stories too. And can’t wait for more of this one 🙂 Love it!


    • medleymisty says:

      Yay hi woo! I am all happy times now! 🙂 I’m glad you liked it! 🙂 I have a LOT of stories here, lol – this one is a sequel to In the Valley of the Sun, my Sims 3 Great Work, so I’d definitely recommend checking it out. It was my first Sims 3 story, so I got better at things as I went along. Also in general I think the feel of Howl is a bit different than the feel of Valley, but there are so many Valley references here and of course the events of Valley will end up playing a large part in the plot of Howl.

      Yay new friend reader person! *hugs*


  4. Dez Klein says:

    Argh! Clifhanger much! I Want to know more about whack-a-gnome/wolf guy, and why did the new person want with Lil….Ack so many questions flying around in my mind.

    I’ve only JUST got the Supernatural EP so I’m going to take out my intruige out by making a wolf or fairy or three. 😀 ❤


    • medleymisty says:

      Aww man – you didn’t recognize Jason? Was the hoodie a bit too much of a change? 😉

      We’ll find out what’s up with the new werewolf in the next chapter. Well -more about what’s up with her, anyway. I’m not one for quickly revealing things. 😉

      Wolves and fairies are fun! 🙂 I hope you like the EP.


  5. Vupii says:

    Wow 🙂 This was thrilling 🙂 Glitterface is an interesting character, not sure if Iike her or not. Lilith I, love her, and I loved to see that she’s grown and is somehow more stronger now.
    Jason, hmmm, cute guy with a hoodie…hmmm I don’t like Jason even if he has some good things but we’ll see , opinions change:)
    Thanks for the lovely chapter to enjoy with my morning coffee 🙂


    • medleymisty says:

      I like Glitterface! 🙂 But yeah, I can see how she could be annoying to some people. And this is a Lilith who has been through the fire already. 😉

      This Jason is different from Valley Jason. Well – I like think that their essences are all still there, but other than Lilith they’ve all led different lives and they’ve had different experiences in Moonlight Falls, so they are different in some ways from their Sunset Valley counterparts. We’ll see what Moonlight Falls Jason is like.

      Yay thank you for reading it! 🙂


  6. This is just wonderful! I think my favorite moment was at the bar, turning to see a werewolf sitting there calmly (as if calm really applies to werewolves) ordering a drink. And then the piano man smashing plastic werewolves with a mallet. I mean…WHAT? How completely fabulous! Lovely chapter and what a cliffhanger!


    • medleymisty says:

      Woo yay I’m glad you liked it! And well – Elizabeth is a ninja werewolf, you know! 😉

      You didn’t recognize Jason? 😉 That’s Jason over there playing whack a gnome, and it’s going to be fun when he finally notices all the talking and looks over. or Lilith goes up to him and says hi, whichever way it wants to go. Very fun. 😉

      I’m all about the cliffhangers! 🙂


  7. Blu Paws says:

    Lilith’s facial expressions were really funny. O__O I bet she’s still wondering how the heck to process these peculiar fairies. Now she has to deal with a fellow werewolf. This should go smoothly.


    • medleymisty says:

      My babies always give me good faces. 🙂

      Well, we already met Elizabeth at the end of the last Christmas with the Morrigans chapter. 😉 This is a different universe than that story though. Someone’s tampered with the spacetime continuum in this universe.

      As for going smoothly – I’m interested in seeing what happens when Jason finally sees her. 😉


  8. I need to go back and read so much of your stuff. I love this! Love Glitterface’s ramblings, they are infectious.

    Out of curiosity (and because I delight in lists) do you have a list of all your story-bits and how they fit together?

    Trying to get caught up on reading, so expect to see more of me soon.


    • medleymisty says:

      Yeah, I quite like Glitterface. 🙂

      Take your time. I’m not updating any Sims stuff at the moment – trying to finish a story to submit to a contest for new writers, held by a respected literary magazine. And yes, the main character is Seth. So I expect to win! 😉

      I will have to think about the list thing. I’m not that organized, lol.


  9. shvana6 says:

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssse update! I NEED to


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