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Hello Anya. I am glad to hear from you. I always enjoy your letters. I am sorry for the lives where you tried to find a door. I don’t imagine they were very pleasant. But at least the door eventually … Continue reading

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Inside the Walls

I am safe inside the walls, and the sun cannot get to me. Hello, Anya. Earlier today the computer chair was in shadow for a time, and I read your letter. I had to read it quickly and then get … Continue reading

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The Swallowing Sun

The sun is trying to eat me. I go outside sometimes, and I walk in its light. It shines in my eyes. It gives me headaches. This morning I am safely inside, protected from its rays by layers of glass … Continue reading

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Still Waters

Over at the official Sims 4 forums, they have a short story challenge every month. Here’s the thread: Short Story Challenge. This month’s theme was “lost”. The rules are only 12 pics and only 1500 words. Those limits were hard … Continue reading

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